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Developer Blog 12 - Text Compression & Music

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Developer Blog 12 - Text Compression & Music
In the previous developer blog we talked about the Battle of Bull Run but today we have gone for something a little bit different! Development has been great and progressing swiftly, as such we would like to show you what we have worked on these past few weeks.

As it is always hard to show people how games work behind the scenes through code, we haven’t shown much in this area yet. Though from now on this will be different! We found a simple way to show you our progress in this area with the help of mini-programs.

In this developer blog we decided to show you something that may seem simple but is a must in any game, communication! What would a game be without the ability to chat with your friends and foes alike? Behind the scenes this means that text needs to be sent to all clients in certain teams or even globally. With that in mind we created a system that compresses text very well, supports any language and on top of that it will come with a bad word filter, which can be turned on and off client side according to the player’s preference.

Herby some screenshots of the code in action:

During these past few weeks we have also asked Sven Gerlach, the creator of the Napoleonic Wars soundtrack to make some music for us and it turned out to be great. So turn on your speakers and listen to this epic piece of music!

To listen to the soundtrack please take a look at the developer blog on our Website, here.

Thanks for reading the twelfth developer blog.
Flying Squirrel Entertainment

Sweet! Finnaly, thought we would  never see a 12th blog. :)

Also, that new piece of music is truely brilliant! My compliments very enjoyable to listen to!

The intro to that piece of music is really decieving. Good work!

Hell of allot better than NW's soundtrack.



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