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The DA/UB Monday 8est/1gmt Blood and Iron event
« on: July 24, 2016, 04:25:30 pm »

This is the DA/UB 8est/1gmt  Monday Blood and Iron Event Hosted By Major Gen Museal of Union Brigades. the DA will look into hosting a EU one if requested and shall find a time and date that dose not conflict with its current schedule. if you are interested in a EU event come speak to Museal on the suggested ts3 to show your support or state on this forum here

Signup begin 30 mins before the event all regiments attending the event must attend this or message the Head Admin on Steam if the regiments cannot send a representative.
TS3 ip =


General Rules

- Firing in charge is allowed
- May have 1 medic
- May pick up and reuse medkit if medic dies
- No team killing.
- No Ramboing.
- No trolling.
- No abusive behaviour.
- No Spamming, no global chat except officers or leaders.
- Officer aiming is allowed.
- Obey the admins.
- Firing in charge is allowed
- You are only allowed to reload in a melee while on cover (Such as fences/buildings/ect), however, you may not reload while charging another unit or a counter charge
- If a line drops below 3 soldiers they must join another line
- You must have 3 or more persons to sign-up for any class
- No reloading without a line
- Splitting lines is allowed unless either of the lines would drop below 3 soldiers
- No firing from horse back
- No Racism/Slurs/Homophobia or disrespecting other regiments
- All units can use cover
- Bonuses will be turned off
- Sapper points will be set at 100 points for each team
- no Partisans
- no reload in charge
- All units can use cover

Unit Specific Rules


- min 3
- If you have 2 or less men, go to friendly arty, follow another line
- Fire in charge is allowed
- Max 2 man spacing
- Must form lines to reload and fire
- one officer, Sgt and medic per line
- Line can crouch
- cannot take lights class


- 3 min - 20 max
- Fire in charge is allowed.
- 5 man spacing
- Under 3 men you have to join a line
- one officer, Sgt and medic per line
- can only take lights class
- Must be roughly the same amount of Skirms as on the enemy team


3 min - 15 max
- Dismount to fire
- Dismounted Skirmish line of reasonable spread may be formed
- Must dismount and join a friendly line if under 3 men
- If less than 3 mounted Cav they must dismount.
- If less than 3 people total they must join another line
- Cavalry can be any unit in the cavalry selection tab
- Once all Cav dismount from same unit, they must follow skirm rules.
- If one person is dismounts, he must join a nearby unit and follow that unit class rules.
- No General staff
-Max of 1 officer


- 3 min - 10 max artillerists
- May have sapper per reg
- May have arty guards (same rules than Light)
- 4 cannons max per side
- No Forts
- Must have the same number of Artillery as the other side
- Max Arty Trains is as many cannons/howitzers your regiment may have
- Arty may capture enemy Guns that were in use by the enemy however cannot use any additional guns if more have spawned on the map on the enemy side only those that were former enemy cannons.
- Max Officers 1 per Gun
- arty must specify if it is going to take a Gatling gun  in sign ups you cannot simply take one during the event as its up to admins discretion.
- Max 1 Gatling gun  per team

General Staff

- General staff is limited to 5 max per staff unit. There is no min amount, however the head admin must approve
- General staff may only bring a MAX of 3 pistols. The rest MUST bring rifles, music items, or flags.
- General staff may only be assigned to ARMY groups, BRIGADE groups, or DIVISION groups. This isn't a unit anyone can just sign up for.
- Must engage with a friendly group. You are NOT cavalry!! If you are acting as Gen Staff and are engaged, you may not counter-engage, you MUST be with a friendly group to partake in any combat activities.
- Gen Staff MUST bring a general staff unit, NOT cav.

*page in working progress
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