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Re: The Forest - Alpha version 0.14!
« Reply #30 on: March 07, 2015, 10:40:23 pm »
Patch 14 Released

Patch Notes
v0.14 completed:

(Custom Building)Procedural foundations now auto fill with experimental floor making structures simpler to build.
(Custom Building)Added valid angle & distance gizmo to Foundations, Floors, Walls and Roofs
(Custom Building)Added option to auto fill points of walls, and roofs from in snapping range (press C)
(Custom Building)Added no wall option to experimental walls segment rotation
(Custom Building)New buildable item: Experimental Roof! Once placed aim upwards to select height. This means it is now possible to build complete structures!
Reduced log cost of foundations for all buildings
Added monitoring system to alert players if their save game has been corrupted beyond repair
Save script now uses the grabber system (adding items to item holder next to a shelter no longer saves the game unexpectedly)
Fix for vanishing items in weapon/explosive rack when picking up items while already having the max amount
Fixed white log with missing texture in world
Fixed bug where breaking apart coneflower would spawn a broken chicory plant
Cave stalagmites now have collision
Lethal starvation system ! Be aware of your food supplies as staying hungry too long will eventually cause you harm.
Lethal thirst system ! Stay hydrated and healthy by finding a clear water source every day, failing this may result in death.
Lethal frost system ! Cold will now eventually kill you. When you feel yourself shaking and the screen frosting over, build a fire!
New buildable item: Rain Water collector. Requires 4 sticks, 1 turtle shell.
New item: Carryable pot. Found at campsites around world. Can be used to boil dirty water.
Can now drink at ponds and lakes. Ponds can be polluted and thus require water to be boiled.
Blue berries now give small amount of water
Fixed bug that would block an explosive holder slot when attempting to place a small rock/tennis ball on it
Fixed bug that caused the full screen to turn frozen after having a lag spike or pressing alt-tab while being cold
(audio) Added timeout before re-triggering ‘Sighted by enemy’ sfx to avoid issue where it’s called dozens of times in a row as new enemies see you
(audio)Startle, hit and die sounds added for deer, rabbits, raccoons and squirrels
(audio)Advanced tree wind effect added! Tree leaves will rustle as you move past them.
Fov slider added to options menu!
Dead mutants will sometimes have loot (meds, chocolate bars, soda)
Fixed bug where explosives wouldn’t affect distorted enemies
Rope trap now requires rope to construct
Improved regular mutant reactions to explosions
Increased inventory bomb carry limit to 5
New buildable item: Trip wire explosive!
Survival book traps pages reorganization. New small traps section (moved rabbit trap here, and renamed to ‘animal trap’ Food section in book renamed to Food and Water and water collector moved to old position of rabbit trap.
Home & yellow hammer overlay icons now disabled while in caves
Added option to always disable home & yellow hammer overlay icons to options menu
Any object that can’t be stashed now has G to Drop hint
(multiplayer) Fixed issue where lizard armor wouldn’t show up for other players
(multiplayer) Fixed player climb rope animation not showing for other players
(multiplayer) Fixed Log sled position and contents not syncing correctly
(multiplayer) Fixed bug where after time passes player avatar moves away from actual player location, while players name stays with players true location.
(multiplayer) Fixed Issue with screen re-positioning and orientation bugs that could occur after time
(multiplayer) Fixed walls disappearing after too many placed
Enemies will now switch to a burnt material when set on fire
New item added: Rebreather! Equip to dive underwater (there are several hidden throughout world)
New recipe added: Waterskin, 2x deer skin, 1 x rope
Bombs will now also explode dead bodies
Optimized fish a.i. and fixed some instances of no fish appearing in ponds
all animals can be killed with explosives now
Player can now swim underwater for a brief period of time (look for rebreather to swim underwater longer)
New item added: Turtle shell! Can be taken from killed beach turtles. May be used in crafting structures or as a makeshift shield to block attacks! (or even as a weapon)
Turtles now provide 2 delicious pieces of generic meat
Improved various bugs with noose trap
Fixed issue that would eventually cause a massive lag after burning trees down
Optimized a bunch of physics objects over time. Should fix general performance slow down after cutting down hundreds of trees and plants.
Optimized billboard script to improve cpu usage by roughly 10%
Improved cave physics use – which was causing some major performance issues even outside caves.
Optimized work scheduler to reduce lag spikes in greeble intensive areas (areas with large concentration of ferns)
Timer on title screen switches to yellow text that reads NEW PATCH RELEASING TODAY when time runs out (just in case we miss deadline by a few hours like last patch)

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Re: The Forest - Alpha version 0.15!
« Reply #31 on: March 25, 2015, 07:41:09 pm »
Patch 15 Released

Patch Notes
Version 0.15 Changelog:

 Fixed bug where raft would no longer float
Fixed bug where arm effigy wouldn’t be lightable
Lowered damage drinking polluted water does to players
Added hint text to dying screen about finding pots at camp sites
Added sheen highlight to pot pickup to make it easier to find
Turtle Shell now fits in backpack !
Holding pot while it rains now fills it with water
Enemy bodies can now be transported via the log holder!  (SP only)
Fixed bug where player could sometimes climb down rope out of world if tree house was placed on a slope
Spider lady a.i. improvements and additional animations added. Now has more attacks, can jump attack, can dodge players. Will react to explosions and can be killed with 2-3 bombs now.
Fixed FMOD bug that would cause memory to climb up over time
Animal footstep sound effects added!
Fixed held plane axe upgrade visuals positioning
Fixed booze upgrade visuals
Fixed loading upgrades from saved games (not retro-active)
There is now a limit to the total amount of upgrades per item (currently set to 30 for all weapons. You can choose to have either 30 teeth or 10 teeth + 20 Feathers, or 10 teeth + 10 Feathers + 10 booze etc)
Visual added to show item upgrades distribution when crafting upgrade recipes
Bonus per upgrade now decays as you use a single upgrade type
Dying no longer resets fullness to zero
Collision fixes/improvements for caves
New item/weapon added: Climbing axe! (check caves!)
New climbable (with climbing axe) cliff rock added to overworld (currently limited to only 1 type of cliff rock)
New climbable area added to cave 2
Fixed bugs that would sometimes cause log sled to fall through world. log sled should now collide with boulders and cliffs. Fixed log sled audio playing drop noise when in its trigger or being pushed. Log sled now casts a shadow
New art added: Hanging skull lamp
New art added: Skull floor pile
New art added: terrified skeletons (check deep caves)
New art added: (removed*SPOILER* – Check deep caves)
New art added: Eerie tribal fishing stands
New art added: Cannibal village props (small cages, fire pits)
(multiplayer) Fixed sitting on bench not lining up correctly
Tree sap, skulls, blue and orange paints are now part of the construction system
New buildable item: Skull lamp
New buildable item: Deer Skin Decoration (as floor carpet or hanging on walls)
New buildable item: Skull wall Decoration
New buildable item: Arrow Target – shoot arrows and improve your aim!
New buildable item: Bed! build inside a custom building to allow saving and sleeping
New system added (rough) Player point at map. When holding map in cave player will point to his current rough location
When the game is already started and an MP invite arrives, player can now choose to either start a new game or continue with his saved MP character
Drowning now causes instant death, without respawn in cave
Fixed underwater bar appearing before character’s head is underwater
Fixed hydration icon fill values not set properly after loading a saved game at full thirst
Player can now suffer brief knock down and damage from explosions
Bow and arrow improvements! will no longer fly through enemies without damaging them. Arrows now stick in trees and other static objects correctly. Arrow pick up icon added and better positioning, and will now turn on pick up trigger when it sticks to any object
(multiplayer) Water Collector now works for clients in MP games
(multiplayer) Fixed infinite item/log from holder buildings in MP
(multiplayer)  Fixed bug where Sometimes when someone else completes a build, it says it still needs materials, then just eats the materials.
(multiplayer) Fixed issues with some built buildings not working correctly for all players.
(multiplayer) Fixed bug where clients could be kicked from host after 5-10 minutes
(multiplayer) Fixed bug where after being kicked out by the server, every single door placed in world would duplicate
(multiplayer)Fixed bug where items from cabinet/racks/shelves could vanish when host ends session, at random, or on loading the game.
Dead bodies around world no longer respawn after being picked up/moved when moving back near them
New creature added: Wild pig!

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Re: The Forest - Alpha version 0.30
« Reply #32 on: August 04, 2016, 07:37:06 am »

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Re: The Forest - Alpha version 0.30
« Reply #33 on: August 04, 2016, 11:34:29 am »
This is still in alpha?

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Re: The Forest - Alpha version 0.30
« Reply #34 on: August 09, 2016, 01:13:13 am »
alpha v.44

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Re: The Forest - Alpha version 0.30
« Reply #35 on: May 07, 2017, 07:33:41 am »