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Developer Blog 5 - Napoleonic Wars Upcoming Patch & IndieDB

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Developer Blog 5 - Napoleonic Wars Upcoming Patch & IndieDB
Welcome back to our fifth weekly Developer Blog. This week we decided to release it a bit earlier and instead of showing you a Battle Cry of Freedom update, we will show you a small sneak peak of our upcoming Napoleonic Wars patch. The reason for this is that Napoleonic Wars reached the IOTY 2012 Top 100!

Indie Of The Year 2012 Top 100
We are very happy to announce that Napoleonic Wars has reached the IOTY 2012 Top 100! For that we would like to thank you. But the real trial has not even started yet, its just around the corner, and we need your help to get Napoleonic Wars into the top 10 games of 2012! So please head over to IndieDB and vote on our page, get your friends to do it too! We know that we have a great community behind us, and we think that together, we can get into the top10! You can vote as a guest, but we suggest that you register or log in, to achieve a greater result. Registered member votes count more than guest votes.
Please note that generating publicity for NW can only help our new project Battle Cry of Freedom along in development, so by voting you are helping its production!

Click here to vote!
The Upcoming Patch
So, many of you have wondered whether or not we are going to patch Napoleonic Wars one more time and if so what such a patch would bring, well here is your answer. We are indeed going to patch Napoleonic Wars one more time, and its a big one. We decided to shower you with some pretty nice things that many of you have been asking for!

So, first things first, here you can see screenshots of one of the new maps we will include in the next Patch, maybe you still know it from Mount & Musket. The first person that can tell us the name of this map in the discussion thread, will receive a special award!

While giving you all of these nice scenes to brutalise your friends in is pretty fantastic enough, we decided to take a few steps over the awesome line and give you some more. On top of these new scenes, and to go along with our new naval scenery, here is a sneak peak of some of the the units we have added into the game, plus a mighty frigate!

All aboard the HMS Neptune!
- Sailor: Keep her afloat, board the enemy, and finish off the Gin!
- Marine: 1st Battalion Royal Marines
- Post-Captain: Command your boat to swift victory on the high seas!

Watch out for the Intrepide!
- Sailor, show those scurvy ridden British scum how to handle the seas!
- Marine, 24e Bataillon des Equipages.
- Capitaine de Vaisseau, Intrepide.

Although we have moved onto our new project Battle Cry of Freedom we still want to show support for those that have enjoyed our previous work and supported us in its creation. We announced our new project very early to our community, and we are releasing this patch in the hopes that this shows you that we really do value our community. Your support, your feedback, and your gameplay is what makes this all worthwhile.

To vote for the IOTY 2012 Awards, click here!.



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That patch omg!!!

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New patch looks really good.


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