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Regiment-Name: 16ème Régiment de Dragons
Steam-contact: Rhen
Class: Lights
Expected attendance: 8-10
Permanent?: Permanent if we like it
You know the rules and promise to pass them to your men: Yes (pass them ON to your men, btw)

Declined, no free Light spots at the moment
Off Topic / Re: The Euros 2020/2021
« Last post by Chainsor on Today at 09:59:25 am »
hungary is such an underrated team holy. Germany played like shit yesterday
Deutsche Fantasy Liga / Re: Deutsche Fantasy Liga 4.0 x DTM
« Last post by Dusbled on Today at 09:53:42 am »
Teams: DarkSchmemplar's Team vs mein Team
Datum & Uhrzeit: Freitag, den 25.06.2021
Schiedsrichter: wenn sich wer bereit erklären würde, andernfalls machen wir das

Match: DarkSchmemplar's Team vs mein Team
Datum: Freitag, den 25.06.2021
Server: egal
Schiedsrichter: wenn sich wer bereit erklären würde, andernfalls machen wir das

Falsches Template genutzt.

~ Chainsor
Regiments / Re: 1tes Infanterie-Regiment Prinz Friedrich August Sachsen
« Last post by Marceaux on Today at 08:54:57 am »
IVE GOT ICE IN MY VIENS! Don't forget to leave a like, comment and subscribe! ;)

Other Games / Re: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
« Last post by Marceaux on Today at 08:45:36 am »
Tried some new effects on some of my more recent clips. ;D

Groupfighting Teams / Re: Amaterasu 正道 | Groupfighting Team
« Last post by AchillesTheOne on Today at 08:44:55 am »
Achilles du är fan äcklig hur du hoppar lag från lag. Men hoppas att du inte gör som Jakob och blir first pickad och lämnar.. IGEN

@achilles @jakob


Är inte med laget än, jag sa att jag var intresserad så… kanske du vill komma och vara med?
Competitive EU Events/Tournaments / Re: 2v2 Tournie format discussion
« Last post by pieter on Today at 08:18:17 am »
Its hardly any flame, but funny enough all the options mentioned like oh just team up with 45e is sadly not possible due to the summer vacation, Nr13 not possible due to the summer vacation, the only option that is still left is 19th and you have two regiments now without a team both being 92nd and 55th.
Either way we all know that whoever is going to team with the 19th will easily fill up the power vacuum that we have right now and challenge straight away the 15thYR&77y resulting in a dashing victory for the 19th and friends…  ;D

Should have complained about 77y and friends in the first season but unlike some people in this community I like to see a fair challenge and don’t mind the some what more favorable teams which you always will have during any tournament.

If you really wanted to have a rule against stacked teams then you should have followed Boboy his idea.

Best with worst regiment
Second best with second worst

Events: EU / Re: 1Rhein Friday-Siege [EU]
« Last post by Johann on Today at 07:22:45 am »
Name of the regiment: The Freikorps [FK]
Preferred Unit: Line
Expected attendance: 6-12
Sign-up period: (Once/Weekly) - Weekly
Team Name: TBA
Team Players (Max 1 Sub) (Max 1 Coach): NickCole, Runepkyz, Wastee, Mr.Whalefish
Captains Steam : You got me
Agree to the rules? : Yee

Ref App

Steam: You got me
Nickname: Hick
Why would you like to become a referee: Experience/Incase you need help
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