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I'm blaming it on the xmas break, was right once again! Many such cases!!!

I don't think not taking a break would've changed anything cause we'd still have only 20% of the regiment willing to attend 1v1s

GF attendance wasn't the problem

Dont get my hopes up
You weren't even born when this existed ?

Gi has nothing on the prowess of Nock during a groupfight. His Sultry deep french voice commands instantaneous adoration from his hordes of loyal followers known as les ogres. He is truly a mastermind tactician despite only acquiring his first leading experiences in the 13e. I will be sending loving-kindness your way during my meditations. (p.s make sure to send me a sexy pic - it helps me visualise)

Higen, thank you for your du'a, without which i would have never converted to the one true faith - Buddhism (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam). And your rapping skills.

Congratulations kraz for cracking your cocaine habit and finally going out into the world. I have many Belgian women here ready to party at your piscina.

Thank you verox for playing with my new and unique tristana support class. I will see you at kraz's, dont be late!

Merci à tous les français qui ont écouté mon français cassé. À part tardet, c'est un gobelin.

Thank you louis for letting me die.

Thank you narrow for believing

Thank you xaos for

Thank you vlad

Thank you


And thank you everyone else for attempting to make this regiment into something. If i took the time to write a heartfelt post including everyone it just wouldnt be right for that to come out of phailur now would it, ill leave that to Nock.

Also im joining the 15th for the palmares you guys failed to give me

I love you

I never kept it a secret I didn't like what you guys did before the start of the RGL.

Can't keep yourself from throwing shade until the very end, typical  ;D

Thanks for the other kind words though

And thanks for everyone's kind words, especially those from my own members. Knowing I managed to create a friendly and fun environment for most truly warms my heart.

Yea look what you done fucking made everyone upset writing paragraphs, I hope you feel sad someone might hang themselves cos off this

Shut the fuck up you dog, I'll put you back on a leash !!!

Regiments / Re: 13e Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne [EU]
« on: January 16, 2022, 08:44:58 pm »

The End of a Journey

Welp. That's an odd post to write.

As some might have expected (or hoped for), the 13e drew its last breath tonight during our last groupfight, our last event, against the 15thYR.

It has been an incredible journey. We started this project as a merry band of brainless french monkeys, it was basically Grouped but as a regiment. Then a merry band of british monkeys joined us, and so on so forth. But it turned out to be more than just that. It was incredibly fun at times, and incredibly tough also. I have honestly grown fond of the regiment and its people, although they seriously gave me brain damage sometimes.

As head of the Commanding Staff for several months, we tried our utmost best along with the current NCOs to save the regiment from disbanding but the disregard for the regiment from a certain part of our community is something that is beyond our grasp. When even our most inactive players come to events, while a few of our active ones feign interest, there is just nothing more to be done.

That's also quite unfortunate, given we would have had our anniversary in a bit more than a month, but it was a good run. I didn't expect us to go this far, didn't expect such loyalty from certain members, and I can 100% say that this regiment will be part of my best NW memories and that I consider every single one of its member a friend.

Truly sorry for the people that wished us to continue, whether they're from the regiment or they simply didn't wanna see competition to disappear.
I wish all of our ex-members the best, and I hope to fight alongside you guys again one day.

I'm no Tardet but I'd like to thank a few people.


Dash - Undeniably the one that made all of this possible. It would not have been the same without you and you were a huge support until your PC died. I had the opportunity to know you better, and let me tell you that you're one of the few remaining 100% honest and true person in this community. You're legit a great guy. And your Yasuo is garbage.

Tardet - Obviously, how could I not mention you monkey. You were the one that actually went forward and made things possible with Dash. You were the one that had the balls to be in charge of everything when nobody else could. I can't thank you enough for allowing all this adventure to happen. ration

Clash, Troister, Dren, Narrow, Higen, Kraz, Axiom - You bunch of dumbasses are the ones that made this journey fun and enjoyable. You always attended as much as possible, and brought with you your experience, skill and brain damage. I do not thank you for your moans on TS though Axiom !! Obviously, we'll keep in touch through the Grouped discord no matter what, but love you guys  :-*

Verox, Vladdleco, Darkk, Kadiozze, JLB, Plantaquatix, Phailur, Ruler - Thank you lot for trusting us idiots in this journey. You have been there since the beginning and it truly means a lot. Some haven't always been active, but it has always been a pleasure to have you with us and I'm happy I can call a couple of you actual friends now.

BlackBeard, Louis, Shadey, DOMI - Much like the above, I can't thank you guys enough for trusting us. Alongside Herishey and Hertz, you've been with us for almost the entire lifespan of the regiment. You heavily contributed to the good atmosphere in here and it has always been fun to have you guys and talk to you lot.

Voluble - I genuinely thank you for your time spent in the 13e, although it was short. You taught me a lot about regimental GF leading and I was glad you were a part of this adventure at some point. I won't lie, I had never interacted with you before and I blindly listened to gossips about you. We gave you a spot in here, and you definitely proved me wrong. You always had good tips, great insight and had a positive spirit for the most part. You definitely helped me and the regiment grow a lot in multiple ways. Thanks a lot.

Herishey, Hertz - You two are the ones that allowed the regiment to pull through at tough times. Much like the other bunch of Brits I mentioned, you have been there for almost the entire lifespan of the regiment, but you contributed in ways no other have. It wouldn't have been the same without you guys honestly. Can't thank you enough.


I will thank all the other members as a whole. You guys are what made the regiment so fun and enjoyable. Although I did whine about it at times, I don't regret spending so much time for the 13e and you lot. It was worth it in the end. I can't thank you all enough for trusting us, trusting me. This is the end of an era that surely means a lot to me, and I will truly cherish it.

Thread will be locked later.

Chef de Bataillon, Nock

no post tournament review when we do well, gg rigged

Off Topic / Re: CS:GO: NW Pickup Games?
« on: January 15, 2022, 07:18:58 pm »
if i get to play with you then i'm definitely NOT in

Competitive EU Events/Tournaments / Re: NW Paralympics
« on: January 14, 2022, 05:16:59 pm »
i expect massive toxicity tomorrow

amazing thread lads <3

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