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A few screenshots from the training


This is the only song to sum up the 15e

Pretty much quakt NA1 just now


I'm good at pronouncing French but my singing voice isn't the most pretty lol.

Oui capitaine!

Community / Re: A word on fire on the charge
« on: July 06, 2014, 02:12:16 pm »
Uhh shooting leads to more melee? Never heard that before.

Personally I love shooting, I think it's rewarding and fun, but melee can also be fun and is often necessary. That said, I don't see how shooting while charging makes melee more fub or common. If you want to melee without camping or whatever it is you were describing then just charge in and melee. Pretty much the whole NA community does it and it makes melee pretty clean and there's less arguing about fol

J'aime l'canard frit à l'huile, J'aime l'canard car il est bon. J'aime l'canard frit à l'huile, J'aime l'canard, j'aime l'canard.

Au pas camarades, au pas camarades, Au pas, au pas, au pas, Au pas camarades, au pas camarades, Au pas, au pas, au pas.


Really diggin our new Regimental Pet

C A N A R D   D E   L A   G A R D E   I M P E R I A L E

New 15e Mascot

The thread is heckla cute

That's hella cute

Happy 'merica day / Birth of Wafflestein-The-Coolest-And-Sexiest Dayy

Community / Re: A word on fire on the charge
« on: July 04, 2014, 08:59:33 pm »
It's up to the organizers of the event. The only time I've ever been upset about a regiment firing while charging is when the rules clearly state that it is not allowed. If Firing on the charge is allowed then I don't mind, even if it can be annoying. Having commanded line and skirmisher units before I will say that it can affect your regiment's performance in melee combat if you let them hang back and shoot or if they try to reload, or take too long to shoot, etc. It can turn a well organized and swift charge into a spread out mess. I've had linebattles where an enemy regiment fired on every charge but it didn't matter because of 3 factors: 1) They sucked at shooting 2) They were too spread out to help each other in melee, and 3) Guys who took too long to shoot were left vulnerable and bayoneted to death.

My verdict:

If it isn't against that event's rules, then fire while charging - at your own risk.

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