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Leaving for bootcamp tomorrow! Just came to say goodbye and also if you see someone on my steam account it's my sister, I'm giving her my laptop and my steam account so she can play the games I've got.

Forum & Website / Re: Leaving our Community?
« on: August 18, 2014, 03:20:15 am »
I left several months back for various reasons but decided to come out of retirement for a few short months. Well, this time I must go and it is rather final. In a week and a half I'll be shipping out for the US Navy. I'll keep this short because there's no need for long, dramatic paragraphs glamorizing my time in the community which I know isn't as well known as others' but this game - and MM - is special to me and has been a part of my life for 3 or 4 years now. I found MM through Crusader - we had been in a Native clan together (BrC) and I joined his MM regiment, the 5te Kurmark Landwehr. I loved the mod but the regiment disbanded. Not long after, I found the game with another BrC friend of mine, Sandman (some of you might remember him). Sandman wasn't the most polite person but his leadership skills left an impression on me that I won't forget. We rolled as the 13th Prussian Rifles for a while, with a leadership change later down the road. But after a while, I decided to strike out on my own and formed the 7de Belgische Bataljon Infanterie Van Linie. It was tough but I persevered and the regiment flourished with some really great guys. We were never the best - though we did have some of the best shots and some of the best melee fighters in our ranks - but we always stuck together and had fun. They were the greatest guys I've ever ran with. We ran for almost 3 years under a few different names. The 7de, the 36ste Belgische Bataljon Jagers, the Chasseurs Leloup. If you happen to pick up one of these guys in your regiment, hold on to him because they're the best guys to be around.

I want to thank Millander, for letting me run with him and the 15e for these last few months. I hope I brought my fair share of glory to the regiment, capturing flags, storming breaches and ramparts. Serving under Millander was truly an honor, I haven't seen such a talented leader since serving under Sandman years and years ago. I wish this game and this community the best of luck in the future years, it's a truly wonderful community and the experience has made a lasting mark on myself. Good luck guys, and keep the random deserts thundering with gunfire. The cardboard bird will be watching over you.


Add daftpoolio that's this guy

btw facebook confirmed illuminati

I see what you mean now. I did have to explain some things for it to make sense to readers on my facebook friend's list who weren't familiar with all of the terminology or reasons for things. If I were to write a novel I could space things out more and there wouldn't need to be as much explanation of things.

What do you mean, Alpharion, when you say you wouldn't want to read a full novel like that? Do you mean you wouldn't want to read it on a web page like that or that you wouldn't want to read that sort of writing in a full novel? Just trying to get a feel for what you meant :P

And thank you to those who read it, even if you didn't enjoy it, I appreciate it.

That officer is... just...

EdwardC I cried  :'( I cried so hard

Rip Millander

It's been an honor serving with you. In all my years of MM and NW I've never seen an officer of such quality.

I would also like to state that tonight's battle was my last. My ship date for the Navy is approaching fast and I want to spend these last couple weeks with my family and friends. It's been heckla real. Keep up the good work and remember, le Canard de la Garde will always be with you, staring ahead to victory. I would like to ask that someone pick up the Imperial Duck and carry it into further battles for me.

Le Baïonnette

The 15e: A History in Art
Vive l'Canard!
Le Canard de la Garde Impériale
La Défense
Rester en ligne!

The 15e: A History in Video

V I V E   L ' C A N A R D !

Millander you sexy swagmaster Prussian blue is one of my favorite colors, in fact its the color of my bedsheets.

Millander x Quacker I ship it

Also #turndown15what

Community / Re: A word on fire on the charge
« on: July 19, 2014, 12:45:40 am »
I think the best solution is to not allow it. In events where it's allowed there is always confusing and debate over whether a regiment fired while charging or fired out of line. If it is not allowed and a regiment fired while charging or out of line then there's no debate whether they broke the rules or not because the rules are simple and clear. Banning it makes for less arguing, less rule breaking because people won't ha e the excuse of "Oh it was fic not fol" and all around more fun.

Not the most dope lb ever but we did good and showed the enemy team what La Garde Imperiale can do.

I was working today, digging rocks and dirt and shit out of a caved in basement and I found it hard to focus so I imagined I was a voltigeur digging entrenchments before a battle with the Russians. Millander's voice in my head kept me going.

The training had a good turnout and the new guys did really well! I think they'll perform pretty rad in the days to come.

The Quacker Smacker faces down the blazing muzzles of promotion
Le Compagnie en Ligne

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