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Servers / Re: Re: Cavalry Groupfighting Server
« on: January 21, 2013, 06:44:20 pm »
In-Game Name: IVe_7e_Huss_Mchl_Erik

Steam Name: amon234 ( )

Regiment/Rank(If Any): Sergeant (Mchl = Maréchal des Logis = French Cavalry word for "sergeant").

Admin Experience: As a sergeant, I do a lot of trainings for my regiment, and I have to use the administrator panel very frequently. I am also the leader of a regiment on N&S, so I have to organize some events, and I know how to use the administrator panel without any problem.

Reason Why You Want This Role: I already talked about it to EwJack, but here is my presentation and my reasons: I am Erik le Rouge, a sergeant from the 7e Hussards, one of the best cavalry regiment, and perhaps the best light cavalry regiment. I am in this regiment since one year and a half, I played on MM Russia3 before Napoleonic Wars, and I always played as a hussar. Everytime I launch the game without any LineBattle to do, it's to play on the Cavalry_Groupfighting. I think it's a very good server to train, and a lot of members of 7e Hussards are often on the server. Unfortunatly, there is a lot of trolls and some other annoying players, like some guys who shoot on horseback, or some guys who do wall hugging. And there is not always an admin to slay/kick/ban these trolls. I can stay on the server until very late in the night. My native language is French, and I can obviously speak it perfectly. I think I can speak a good english too, and I haven't any problem to say the standard admin sentences. I speak a little bit German too, and I have a few Italian words ^^
I am a good horseman (especially on hussar), I never troll on the server, I am frequently on this topic, so I can see the ban/unban request, you can join me on steam easily, and on a very late time.

Thank you for reading my post, with the hope to be an admin soon :D

Great LB today! Too bad the team balance was fuuckked, though we did have some awesome cav!

Thank you very much, the 7e Hussards was happy to fight by your side too ;)

I added you on Steam Delta ;)

Regiments / Re: ♞ 14. Pułk Kirasjerów [Cuirassiers] ♞
« on: January 06, 2013, 01:25:12 am »
We had serious fun as guests in you regiment tonight, thank you very much ! We were 3 guests of the 7e Hussards, and the orders in Polish, the ambiance and the skill of the 14pk make us love it so hard ! :D

We must to do another cavalry linebattle between 7e Hussards and 14pk I think, because the last one was a 5-5, so you have again a revenge to take :P

I will find a Cavalry linebattle where we'll can invite some of your guys to our French beloved 7e Hussards ;)

Just... woh, AWESOME !
Your job is perfect Hinkel. This looks very epic, I can't wait to see the Update :D

Please continue like that, you rox ! ;)

Thank you very much, hope it will be great ! :D

Hello sir :)

Regiment Name: 7e Régiment de Hussards.
Faction: France.
Unit: Hussars, Light Cavalry.
Leaders Steam Name: Pierrus21 (Steam name = IVe_7e_Huss_Col_Pierre) and amon234 (It's me).
Estimated Attendance: ~15.

With the precision that I am susribing my regiment for the next week linebattle (not tomorrow), we will come (if you want to) at the Friday January 11th Event.

Thank you very much :)

General Discussion / Re: What units would you want to see?
« on: December 27, 2012, 06:16:32 pm »
French 18e Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne (Line Infantry Regiment), a.k.a. "Les Braves" ("The Braves" ;D).
It was a pretty cool regiment, with great uniforms, and less if I'm a hussar, I'm in love with these guys :P

Events: EU / Re: 15th Regiment Of Foot Saturday Linebattle
« on: December 24, 2012, 01:25:58 am »
Thank you very much, it will be a pleasure to come again ! ;D

Events: EU / Re: 15th Regiment Of Foot Saturday Linebattle
« on: December 23, 2012, 08:40:49 pm »
Hello guys, great LB this week, we'll be very pleased to come for the next event too ! :D

REGIMENT NAME - 7e Régiment de Hussards
TROOP/CLASS - Light Cavalry

With the hope to come again to this great battle, thank you very much ! :)

Events: EU / Re: 15th Regiment Of Foot Saturday Linebattle
« on: December 15, 2012, 01:35:00 am »
Hello :)

REGIMENT NAME - 7e Régiment de Hussards
TROOP/CLASS - Light Cavalry

With the precision that we subscribe for the Event of the December, 22nd, 2012, not the tommorow event ;)
Thank you, add me on Steam for more informations: amon234

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