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Sign up for Wednesday
Regiment-Name: 77y Regiment
Class: Lights or rifles
Expected attendance: ~10
Permanent?: Perm
You know the rules and promise to pass them to your men: Ye

Regiment Name: 77y Tenginsky Pehotniy Polk
Preferred faction: Any
Class (Line, Guard, Skirmishers, Cavalry, Artillery): Skirms/Lights
Expected attendance: ~10
Do you want to attend once, or weekly ?: Weekly
Regiment leader's Steam name:
Do you have read and agree to the rules ?: Yes

Please slap us on the waiting list :3

U know you fucked up when Aztir tells you off :-[

Really didnt wanna do this but, bump

Don't lie, we all know this is how you get your rocks off

Community / Re: How Many Hours Have You Played?
« on: March 12, 2021, 08:28:09 am »
2808 hours atm, only been here for 7 years

Big credit to Sync for sharing the love and making a pretty cool lookin Trench Battle Map!

You guys in the 77y Arty have been coming to my Trench Battle event for years, I appreciate y'all :D

Glad i could help out, its the least i can do for all the effort you yourself put into the event over these years.  :-*

Thank you to Matues for hosting this map on this event. Was good fun and im glad to help out.
The map will receive a little update for both fixes in the terrain and adding cover over certain areas of open spaces to help encourage more charges.

Quality screenshots National  ;D

We still got those funny moments :D

Media / Re: Syncmaster677's Youtube Channel
« on: February 26, 2021, 08:21:56 am »
These video's make me remember how fucking amazing i am
Aren't all dutchies amazing tho?

Are we cool kids now?

Dab dab, 21 bois

I remember this regiment from the old Malakith Skadi videos, glad it's still around.
Since I haven't seen any 77y people around lately for some reason?

They all play Holdfast now

Fake news, banned

We all know sync will never leave 77y.

we all know but we all hope  ;)

Sync is cool leave him alone Rikus!

Think you got me mixed with someone else :o

When we reach 100 pages im disbanding skirms. Who wants a new recruit?

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