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Modifications / Re: *Scripting Thread*
« on: November 11, 2018, 01:50:42 am »
What exactly are you looking for? Actual new skins, or a way to give/equip current uniforms for players?

Modifications / Webserver
« on: November 01, 2018, 01:19:53 pm »
 I'm trying to look into setting up a webserver for warband, to save player's gold, and return it to them upon re-entering the server.
I'm having difficulties getting it to work probably. I am basing it off this tutorial:

The two main issues i'm having are first, it only seems to work when i use the "host game" option, but not on the server (rented server through Oasis). I was wondering, does having a online rented server change anything compared to if I was using a dedicated server? Or is there something different I would need to do to make it work on the server?

Second, even when I do it on the "host server" option, it keeps returning me only 1 gold. It syncs with the php, as i can see the gold change there, but it just won't affect the game itself.

If anyone could help I''d really appreciate it. I noticed with The Village RP server that they have it working fine + saving clothes data and so on. Maybe the people who set that up would have an idea on how I could fix my issues, or set up something that works?

Modifications / Re: *Scripting Thread*
« on: October 23, 2018, 12:30:30 am »
For headquarters mode it should be similar. Look for the section where you see triggers written such as this for an example:

(ti_on_agent_spawn, 0, 0, [],
and splice your code somewhere in that section, though check not to put it before a ]),  as that would be interrupting another trigger script. I think the agent set ammo should work, though check that the "10" doesn't have "" around it, just have a plain 10. Other than that, place it in the mission templates file same way you did for the other one.

For this code though, you may want to change a few things, as i think every time an agent spawns it will give all the players 10 ammo...which you probably don't want. Again, if i'm wrong someone can correct me, but I think it should be something like this:

(ti_on_agent_spawn, 0, 0, [],              #Trigger fires every time an agent spawns. (Found in header_triggers).
(multiplayer_is_server),                      #Is server
(store_trigger_param_1, ":player_agent_id"),  #This stores the specific spawned agent id.

(agent_is_active, ":player_agent_id"),
(agent_is_alive, ":player_agent_id"),    #Check the agent is alive
(agent_set_ammo, ":player_agent_id", 10),

I think this should work, as it will only take effect on the recently spawned players...though probably best to test it on the server and see how it goes since i'm not 100%. Hope this helps.

Modifications / Re: *Scripting Thread*
« on: October 21, 2018, 12:28:54 pm »
First up, look for, as this is literally like the dictionary for modding M&B. It has all the most important commands in it.

To do what you want to do, you want to go to The "module" files are the main ones you normally edit. So mission_teamplates is basically covering everything to do with missions, gamemodes, and most importantly triggers. You can check out header_triggers for some triggers you can use, but normally in mission templates you will see something like this:

(1, 0, 0, [],

That is the beginning part of a trigger which fires every 1 second. I put together a quick version of what you probably want, though other people can correct it if i messed something up:

(ti_on_agent_spawn, 0, 0, [],              #Trigger fires every time an agent spawns. (Found in header_triggers).
(multiplayer_is_server),                      #Is server
(try_for_players, ":player_no", 1),       #Loop through all players on the server
(player_get_agent_id, ":player_agent_id", ":player_no"), #Get player's agent id
(agent_is_active, ":player_agent_id"),
(agent_is_alive, ":player_agent_id"),    #Check the agent is alive
(agent_set_reload_speed_modifier, ":player_agent_id", 999), #Set reload speed (between 0-1000)

All these commands are found in the header operations file. Anyway, all you have to do then is find the right place to put this piece of code. Look through the mission templates file using the find tool and you should find different gamemodes looking like this:
    "multiplayer_bt",mtf_battle_mode,-1, #battle mode
    "You lead your men to battle.",
Thats the battle mode section.  Somewhere after this bit:

You'll see some triggers. Just splice your code in between one of those, compile the module, and you should be done. Then you just upload you mission_templates.txt file onto your server and it will work in battle mode.

....long reply i know...but hopefully it helps get you started. Check out some of the modding tutorials in these and the taleworlds forums on modding for other stuff. The are really helpful.

Modifications / Re: *Scripting Thread*
« on: October 21, 2018, 07:59:37 am »

A script which makes it so you either shoot 5 rounds with a musket without having to reload it and then have to reload and it takes a while.

If you wanted it to be a client and server side mod this could be pretty easy, though i'm assuming you would probably just want it server side?

OR you can reload fast. As I said I'm new to the modding scene I did ask for advice; Kanade Tachibana suggested to just boost up the reload speed from the officer, but again, still don't know how to do that either...

You can pretty easily speed up the reload speed with the module system (even to the point of making it almost semi-automatic). So if you are willing to get into that, i'd recommend getting the module system. Other than that, maybe someone else can come up with a better answer than me...

General Discussion / Re: Troops.txt File
« on: October 12, 2018, 03:34:08 am »
Hopefully someone with a better answer can come along, but from from my own experience the txt files (especially the troops.txt) files are very sensitive to change, and I think can only be edited so far. So perhaps renaming isn't possible within the troops.txt?...could be wrong though. In either case, you would probably be better off looking into the module system to do your editing. It is a lot more clear and dependable in changing things like that.

General Discussion / Re: Tea Cups and other things?
« on: October 06, 2018, 07:31:34 am »
You can either place them in the map editor (though you won't be able to use them), or have them scripted in so they can be spawned and you can use them.

General Discussion / Re: New patch, test it before it's out!
« on: September 29, 2018, 01:41:07 am »
Exactly the same for me. I've done the whole strings changing thing, and it works to a certain extent, but I've never seen it work for the main server list for me or anyone else.

I did experiment with your way EmielRegis, and it does seem to work, so thanks for adding that...never actually realized you could just add new maps...though i am having some difficulty getting the map to show up in the admin panel, so not sure what i missed.

General Discussion / Re: New patch, test it before it's out!
« on: September 28, 2018, 02:41:26 pm »
Also map names show always on server list.

Not sure if its my game or something then, because I don't think I have ever seen the map names show up on the server list...standard maps yes...but custom maps for me only ever show up as custom_map_1 and so on.

General Discussion / Re: New patch, test it before it's out!
« on: September 28, 2018, 01:13:50 pm »
Its not exactly what I meant. Modders are perfectly able to add things you meantioned themselfs. Problem I have with so small patch is that it will make all current server side mods  non-usable for some time. For rather little gain.

Yeah I understood what you were saying, was just adding on it  ;). I only mention new items because putting it in a patch would mean everyone could see them rather than just people with a mod.

As for maps, the "custom" stuff are dummy maps added to game, so users could potentially replace their files with own maps. This allows for selection of new maps in admin panel.   This should also allow for naming such maps, but I found such way not really working. Only adding such map to game via compilation seems to work in 100% cases.

So are these something different from the standard 100 custom maps?

General Discussion / Re: New patch, test it before it's out!
« on: September 28, 2018, 03:17:11 am »
While patch seem to be fine, I think you should wait till there is big amount of changes before sending it. Like the one before.  Currently this gonna break server side mods for majority of populated servers. For few small changes.

Btw, I noticed that custom maps names rarely work, unless you actually compile game with them included.

Sort of feel the same. While there have been some awesome additions, it is the last patch, and it would be nice to see as many new additions and changes as possible--especially modding wise--as this opens up a ton of new possibilities and ideas in the future. Personally I would really like to see more item additions (e.g maybe food items similar to native?).

I wasn't sure with the custom maps to what extent they are meant to work in terms of what clients can see...e.g are we meant to see the actual custom name instead of say "Custom_Map_1" in the games list? If not, is something like this possible? So far I only seem to see the custom name when selecting the map from the admin not sure if this is all it was meant to work for.

General Discussion / Re: New patch, test it before it's out!
« on: September 17, 2018, 04:10:10 am »

- We added some mod from Zauberfisch that will allow him and also other server side modders to add goodies.
Look for the screens here:
Server side modders could spawn training weapons and so on.

Thanks for adding that! I think it is often the modding scene which really helps keep NW alive, and adding this, and especially new items really adds a lot of potential.

Is the pop up menu thing something clients will also be able to see as well, or just a server side thing?

General Discussion / Re: New patch, test it before it's out!
« on: September 05, 2018, 09:08:20 am »
I know i already said this, but just checking....the string names for royale_musket_ammo and royale_pistol_ammo got switched i think in the patch, so just checking that also got fixed...only a minor error really, but would be helpful if it was changed. Also, and i cant remember this clearly, but i think there was a bug with the "royale_ammo" where it would only spawn one type of ammo--had to edit it in the files to make it work properly.

General Discussion / Re: New patch, test it before it's out!
« on: September 02, 2018, 08:43:45 am »
I'm not sure if this has been previously mentioned, but I think the royale_ammo props got their names mixed up, so pistol = musket ammo and vis versa....not sure if this has already been fixed.

Modifications / Re: Have a question about Modding? Ask Here!
« on: August 05, 2018, 02:05:00 pm »
Anyone got the latest version of the NW MS? All I can find is the MS from NW release, a tad useless now its been updated to the extent that it has been.

If you are still looking for this:

Down at the bottom.

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