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I'm very happy with my team and they are very friendly and positive.
I am learning a lot about melee through the positive messages from fellow team members and time played in scrims with the rest of the team
Thanks so much to hawkinces for drafting me for his team

Community Name: Hunteh
Steam Contact Link:
Have you read all the rules closely?: Yes.
Do you have any prior experience?: Basically every regimental tournament in the past year and a half + most other tourneys
Why would you be a good referee?: I enjoy sitting at my computer typing "Go!" when leaders say r. also I have admin on most servers so I figure I might as well put it to use at some point and do stuff while I ride the bench. I will also use the exclamation mark when typing Go! for the pleasure of all involved.
Will you be fair and unbiased in your decisions?: Yes.
+1 can confirm proper usage of exclamation points

Cool. Whens RSL reforming?

take my flag off. i dont want people to know i live in michigan
Detroit lookin ass

Where’s your Turkish flag Pikkletons?
I was contemplating it

Pre-Season Update

  • Thanks to Mikey, Horse, VetroG, James and Anthony I have added in state flags for each player. If you don't want your state flag featured or if yours is missing message me on steam or fse.
  • Added in missing players from the draft league as well as shifting around a few players around the list.
  • Added a special category for my favorite noob Shinto.

stay on your side of the ocean EU, Tired_Jake must be the one to deal with this!

Wheres our CR when we need him

Off Topic / Re: BAN ANIME
« on: August 06, 2021, 12:15:04 am »

The Mess Hall / Re: The Man Above's Current NA Player Rankings
« on: August 05, 2021, 08:18:50 am »
will list be updated after this league?
Prob work on changing the list throughout the course of the league and at its end

Yeah I will be leaving in 4 days @cytiuz @vetro @hawkince to the great nation of Canada
You thought someone was gonna draft you anyways? Lmfao bozo

Groupfighting Teams / Re: {RNG} Ramen Noodle Gang [EU]
« on: August 02, 2021, 10:52:43 pm »
My guy really couldn’t find a better Top Ramen photo. Feelsbadman

Name: Grand Admiral Tiberius Water
EU or NA?: Imperium of Martian Systems (IMS) [NA]

Are you aware that the position of Community-Community Representative is one of trust and confidence, and do you understand you can be punished for breaking that trust?: Traitors and nonbelievers shall burn for their transgressions

Why should you become CCR?: Since the dawn of humankind there have always been those who fear belief. Those who fear the inexorable progression of human evolution and by doing so doom not only themselves, but everything their ancestors have labored to create. When the first prehistoric progenitors of man dared to stumble forth from the caves of their creation and elevate themselves to the light, there were those who stubbornly wallowed in the primordial darkness of their own ignorance. As man bent the elements of the universe to its whim and harnessed lightning from the sky there were still those who doubted. Those who clung to an existential dread which promised the annihilation of any who tampered with the building blocks of creation. Even as we took flight on ungainly metal wings and soared towards the heavens there were those obstinate few who resisted, who pitifully groveled to their fanciful gods, praying for the salvation they did not have the strength to bring themselves.

Now they are lost to time, trampled into extinction by the unremitting advancement of humanity and relegated to historical manuscripts as a scholarly curiosity. Since the First Great Cataclysm devastated the human population of Earth and forced a relocation to the outer colonies there has been no room for doubt. Only those of unfaltering belief and steadfast heart have survived the harsh reality of a rapidly deteriorating solar system, and led humanity onwards to our next evolutionary stepping stone. With the assured destruction of our Sun close at hand, we must all look into our hearts and steel ourselves for what comes next. As we venture forth into the great unknown our fate as a species hangs in the balance, perched on a razors-edge above the unfathomable pit of oblivion. So I plead to every man, woman, outlander, and child of the Martian Systems; dare to survive. Dare to leave your cave of ignorance. Dare to take flight into the heavens. Dare to ignite the ember of humanity and blazon the stars with the crimson red of blood. Qui audit, adipiscitur, 'Who dares, wins'.

We stand united. For Mars, for humanity.

      Transmission from Grand Admiral Tiberius C. Water to the Martian Flotilla on Interstellar Calendar Date 2362.71

What are one or two things you commit to doing as CCR this term?: Finding a planet suitable for resettlement. Leading the human race into an evolutionary golden-age.

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