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+1. I'd recommend there being no prize pool and it all going to for the raised money. I hope NW players are not greedy enough to win a small prize pool for a good cause.
great idea

Competitive NA Events/Tournaments / Re: Stryker's Pit
« on: April 25, 2020, 10:17:30 pm »

Name: Derps9
Agree to Rules? Yes
Steam Link:

Wanna be a Team Captain? No


Name: Derps9
Steam Link:
Experience: idk

I want to submit an unban appeal, please.


Ill srsly be a good boa.
look at the audacity of this dude

Community Name : Dersp9
Do you agree to all the rules? : yes
Do you want to be a captain? : no
Steam URL :

Name of Team: Order Of The Bayonet
Team Captain (Steam Profile Link): Derps9
Team Members (6 members; 2 subs): Derps9, Awesome, Pedro, Rico, Disabled Doggo, Zeus
Do you agree with the rules?: Yes

Regiments / Re: ♛1a Svea Livgarde♛ (NA)
« on: April 18, 2019, 07:44:03 pm »
Have fun wardop, in the future if you need mercs you know where to find me. :) good luck.
I am sorry i couldnt join you  the HRE still needs me.
-Derps9 (your still bad at melee btw)

Community / Re: Wardop's Graphic Workshop
« on: April 17, 2019, 10:44:57 pm »
hey big sauce wardop make me something too pls
autism 10/10
(something related to capone, thanks)



Don't take this personally please.

In today's breaking news, PUBLIC GROUPFIGHTING has finally given up. Moraine respectfully closed down his server in which Superb*Pedro will allow those admins who didn't backstab him during the process of BoB GF's fall. 

This victorious event is significant for Pedro and those supported him since people named Dan, Pickle, Unitater, Fartknocker, Fireboy, Jolly, Vetro, and most of the CR representatives wanted BoB_GF to die.

Here's a list of the nice comments of what they said about BoB_GF in rememberance of server competitveness :
  • MAR 1 - 8

    Ongoing #1 - Rise of Public Groupfighting and fall of BoB Groupfighting
    Recently since BoB pretty much dissolved it saw the rise in popularity of Public Groupfighting which brings back NA_Groupfighting style administration with little tweaks and pretty cool scripts involving assists, no kd resetting, etc. Dallas Groupfighting seems to be kind of an absent placeholder but it's kind of hard to tell what's going on with that server. For now there is a central groupfighting server which is a good thing and a decent change for the community as it does also have better administration that BoB was somewhat lacking.
  • When the troll regiments are excited their troll server is alive omegalul

  • Honestly people just go on whatever server has people. There seems to be a more appriciation with the public groupfighting and BOB is more for not caring and just playing a bit or screwing around.

    Just my opinion don't eat me

  • A. You literally stole from me. You were at the end of your leash and you had run BoB into the ground and once I confirmed that kick backs were more prevalent then I thought, I took your privilege of using my server away from you.
    B. Moraine is doing alright with his server. Why would I contest his server if I don't see that much wrong with it? The only thing I have against it at the moment is that he has an ass server but if he can get another host sorted out he'll be fine.
  • This is my personal opinion. 

    Pedro you fucked up. It happens, you fucked yourself so bad that no here who can support you will support you.  I admire that you want to keep BOB running but the time has come to just let it go and allow for a new gf community server to start.  There's no point in continuing this argument.

    It was your lack of administration that led to the lack of support for you. You didn't deal with issues, you didn't make a proper admin staff or maintain the admin staff.  Sure you were on the server playing but that's not enough when you are the one who is responsible for what happens. 

    When you don't take responsibility or even take steps to fixing an issue is you have lost all ability to properly administrate.

    I don't really care who runs the gf server so long as they take charge and deal with running the server right away.
  • I didn't pay him at all. Also we don't have a prize system. You're a joke. Making false accusations. Bullying members of my admin staff and supporrt staff. You and people like you are the particular reason Competitive has been on a decline.
  • Moraine disbander of BOB
  • It's over pedro you are acting like an irate spoiled little brat

    you literally said "im just gunna ban moraine cuz i feel like it" then put up a poll and the community witch hunted him because this community is full of people like that

    thats the most blatant abuse of power ive ever seen and you should not be trusted with the gf server
  • BOB was legit fucking sad. You had people just team hit each other at the start which was fine at first but when it's all they fucking do its retarded. I also hate when admins were fucking clueless half the time. You had fucks who would just team hit with the musket and say sorry every fucking round. I mean fisting is funny and stuff but when fucking some guy follows you the whole 15 rounds fisting you while an admin is present your server kinda goes downhill from there.
  • It's actually so sad how much better this game would be without people like Pedro, lol.
  • This server is dead.

After 2 months and those who stand beside BoB_GF, I thank you for your support and efforts to make this victory possible.
It's now time to unite the community from two different servers into one. A UNITED SERVER.

Alright Epic Gamers, I come in representation of Pedro to tell you that he challenges Moraine to a FT50 to determine the fate of THE GROUPFIGHTING SERVERS!!!!!

Servers / Re: BBG Public Duel NA *Admin Apps OPEN*
« on: April 01, 2019, 07:31:20 pm »
Nickname: Derps9
GUID: 1635470
How long have you played on the server?: For a long time idk how long but most likely almost 2 years pretty active
Current weekly hours on the server?: maybe 2-3
How active can you be?: Pretty active most days other than Tuesdays and Thursdays when i work
Age: 15
Timezone/Location: I am Eastern Standard Time
Current Regiment/Clan: HRE
Admin experience: BoB Groupfighting, BBG  Zombie Survival
Any Active Admins that can be a referral?: Capone, Awesome
Why do you want this role?: I play on this server alot and notice that there aren't many admins on and would like to change that

Please reply to the poll, its urgent to see your opinions whether I should continue or not.

I accept any comments or suggestions if the server should be revived.
i really dont want this server to die forever cus moraine is a cuck and we cant allow it to have more power

Community Name : Derps9
North or South side? : South (I'm a Virginia boy i can't let my folks down)
Do you agree to the rules? : Yes
Would you want to be a Captain / Assistant Captain? (Y or N) : No

Community Name: Derps9
GUID: 1635470
Steam Link:
Do you agree to all the rules (also have you read them) and league conduct?:  Yes
Interested in captaincy or will you if necessary?: No

Community Name: derps9
Steam Link:
Admin History: appl zombies and like small siege and like reg server.
Reason for applying: cus i want to be admin and that pedo told me to (also so i can get more experience
GUID: 1635470

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