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Community / Re: Clan wars website for Napoleonic wars and others mods
« on: July 24, 2015, 10:16:36 pm »
New Mbwar tiser video

Community / Re: Clan wars website for Napoleonic wars and others mods
« on: July 24, 2015, 10:32:06 am »
Very promising event! Unfortunately the 5te can't attend it as we are already going to the 59th event, nevertheless good luck :)
Maybe you can join in another day

Community / Re: Clan wars website for Napoleonic wars and others mods
« on: July 21, 2015, 04:00:58 pm »
I signed up on this forum. With everything right, and I didn't got an activation e-mail. Wuuut.
Its not a forum! ;)

If spam check doesnt help add me in steam and I will activate you manually.

Community / Re: Clan wars website for Napoleonic wars and others mods
« on: July 20, 2015, 08:11:37 am »
Good work, will transfer to the Finnish?
You mean translate? Maybe if we will have someone who knows it.

Servers / Re: Cheap server hosting from mbwar project.
« on: July 18, 2015, 07:11:56 am »
Cause of many questions in steam I will explain here. Now for near $1.2 you get server. You can start server on any of 6 preuploaded mods. You get acess to panel automatically. Also you can get server for free. You can integrate any your vds server with our panel for free.

Community / Re: Clan wars website for Napoleonic wars and others mods
« on: July 18, 2015, 07:07:30 am »
Good Luck :) I remember you lot from pirated :P I see you switched to legit now

Btw we are looking for admins) or write to my steam:

Servers / Cheap server hosting from mbwar project.
« on: July 17, 2015, 08:01:46 am »
About service

Service is fully automated, you can rent a server without the participation of third parties. Also, the book provides game servers on the appropriate day and time, access to the control panel server will be provided in due time.

Terms and features

We present to you one of the cheapest and at the same quality VPS. All game servers there is protection against DDoS-attacks up to 480 Gb/s. Servers are located in France and Canada in the best data centers.

The technical capabilities of servers are not great: 1 core, 1 GB RAM - guaranteed correct work with the server online to 80 people. In spite of the technical limitations of the server, the user can configure the leased gaming server as it is convenient.

Rent price

The price is formed on the basis of the server lease time, at the moment, we offer 50% discount on all server rented for two weeks. Please note that the cost of the servers listed in the currency of the site. No slot limit and no price per slot. You can rent server for website money - ingots. For registration you get 20 bars bonus +1 for everyday visit so actually you can rent server without real money donation.

10 ingots = 5 rubles
100 ingots ≈ 1 USD

    3 hours 30 15 (ingots)
    5 hours 40 20 (ingots)
    24 hours 50 25 (ingots)
    7 days 90 45 (ingots)
    1 month 240 120 (ingots)
Sale till September 2015

About the Control Panel

Control Panel game servers of integration with the site and game currency. Allows you to quickly launch the server at the right time and as a very redktirovat server configuration, or individual files.
Feature List
    Start the server
    Stopping the server
    Restart the server
    See rgl log
    See the daily server logs
    Restrict access to logs
    Edit ban list
    Edit the script (scripts.txt)
    Upload maps
    Edit scenes (scenes.txt)
    Check server status
    Edit the server configuration (config.txt)
    Save modified configuration for all game modifications
    Restore server configuration from preset patterns
    Restore server card preinstalled by default
    Restore data file scripts.txt
    Restore data file scenes.txt

Available game modification

    Napoleonic Wars
    With Fire and Sword
    Bear Force 2
    Full Invasion 2

** You can launch the server for other modifications to clarify the administration site.

A fully configured server configuration preset modes admin Admin Tools, WFaS Admin mod by Paul.





More info -

Server rent list -

As a special offer you can order a very powerful  server just for 9€/10$ per month.

Server characteristics:
SSD 10Gb
Сore x4
RAM x2

Location in France or Italy.
You get access to our administrative panel(screenshots in first post).
Server can easily handle 200 people online.
You can look ping and try similar server - MBwar_Event_EU

You can contact me in steam for more info -

Community / Re: Clan wars website for Napoleonic wars and others mods
« on: July 16, 2015, 08:35:20 pm »
Tnx. We ivite regiments to join. Also you can add other mods that you want to see at the site.

Community / Clan wars website for Napoleonic wars and others mods
« on: July 16, 2015, 12:24:08 pm »

Hello. We are old M&B players and we decided to create site to make game more interesting and easier in community sense. I m glad to introduce you Clanwars website for Mount&Blade – Mbwar (Links are adedd for visual example).
Below I will write about main features what have been done what we are planning to do and what we are looking for. Lets begin.

MBwar is not a forum and it was written from scratch by experienced coders.

You can add any game or module to our website and become it administrator by one button clicking. You can create and be leader of member of clan at all games that are represented at site at the same time. There are no limits.

Clans are the main element of website. We made clan creation as easier as possible. You don’t need to write a lot of information or get nervous to create good post like in forum thread. All you need is to click one button that’s all. Everything is atomized. Only trouble that you can face with is to upload good looking banner, logo and anthem(any audiofile).

What clan creation gives to you? You will get bunch of new abilities that you haven’t even thought about.

Short list:
•  clanwars for rating and ingots
•  simple members management
•  news and adverts creation for whole site or just clan members
•  clanchat and clanbalance
•  ranks
•  relations between clans
•  alliances

Clan battles, duels, mixfights and alliance fights are all atomized. You can play this battles with anyone you want to. You can play for rating and for ingots. Winner gets part of losers rating. You can choose who from your clam members will fight at this battle and as well as they can join battle themselves. You can comment battles, chang it date, upload screenshot when it ends and set score of battle. If other side disagrees  with result moderator can solve this problem. There is also statistic of all battles and duels so you can easily see the best clan or dueler. You can sort battle with comfort menu.

Member management and ranks. We made clan member management very simple. To add person to roster to kick person from clan or to give higher or lower rank you don’t need to edit forum thread all the time. All you need is to hold persons profile with cursor and put him up or down in rank ladder.  There can be not only one leader in clan. You can kick person from clan just with right mouse button clicking. You can easily edit ranks add as many ranks as you need to and change their places with cursor holding. You can invite any person to the clan just with one button clicking.

News and adverts. You can write news at the main page or in game page. You can write news personally from you or from clan  or alliance.  News can be public or for clan use only(only clan members can see them) All news can be commented.

Chat. There few type of chats at site. It uses unique technology and its very fast. There main chat of site, chat of game, chat of clan, chat of alliance, chat of clan leaders. They are all devided on  languages. You can easily switch between them. Clan chat and alliance chat can be seen by its members. They are moderated by clan leaders. After clan creation you automatically get access to leader chat. Clan chat is good for clan chatting.

Balance. There is site money – golden bars to make game more interesting. You can earn them from activity at site and spend them for some services(f.e. server rent). You can bidrag bars to clan and alliance balance. You can play battles and duels for bars. You can pay clan members salary from clan bank. In future this bars will be used at battles for map.
You can set relations between clans: Friendly Hostile Neutral . This realations matters when you want to join alliance. It shows scale where you can see summarized opinion of all clans at alliance to you. If its bad you cant join alliance.

Alliances. Any clan can create an alliance. You can invite other clans to your alliance. You can play battles between alliances. Fun staff.

Forum. Forum was written by coders as well. Its simple in use.

Languages.  Now there is only Russian and English localization of website. At September will be added Polish, German, Turkish, French, Spanish languages. You can easily switch between localization lesser then in one second. We done language separation so if you for example choose English localization you wont see news chat or forum on another language but you will see all clans and battles no matter on its language. When you create clan you can also choose clan country or clan preferred country.

Time zones. You choose your time zone and all event at site are happening at your time. Clan time is tied to its leader time.

Servers. You can always rent M&B server for golden bars. Everythin is automatic so you wont be nedded to deal with people. You can manage server with comfort admin panel integrated to site. No slot limit. Also if you play clan battle through site you get server fo this battle for free.

Administration. There are global administrators and moderators of every localization.  There are also administrators of every game om every language. Game administrators are like little kings. They can appoint administrators ban rules breakers solve battle conflicts. In future administrators will be votable by automatic function.

Our future plans. In September will be done tournaments with bunch of new fun staff. After this we will make battles for territories.

So if you liked this presentation join our site and see all this with your own eyes.

P.S. sorry if this post is in wrong thread or breaks forum rules.

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