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Events: EU / Re: Active NW/Modifications Event Schedule [EU/NA] (New Owner)
« on: February 05, 2014, 04:04:31 pm »
Hey there, as sine if you know and I'm sure a lot may not, after Marceaux switched his event from NaS to BaI we decided to host our own event on Tuesdays at 8 PM EST. Yesterday we had our 3rd battle for the event.  I personally have had a lot of fun with the shootouts and the epic melees that we have had. our next event will be on 2/11/14 at 8 PM EST. If you wish to apply or just to check it out here is our post Thank you for looking at of this, I hope some more people next battle :)

Events / Re: Grimsby Chums Thursday Siege!
« on: February 04, 2014, 02:16:42 pm »
Regiment leader's steam: mad_shot36
Regiment Name: DA_26thNC
Class: Line/skirms
Preferred Faction: None atm
Numbers: no idea cause we are mainly NA but i think about 5-10
Do you agree with rules: Yes

Events / Re: What day would you guys like an NA event to be hosted?
« on: January 31, 2014, 01:56:36 pm »
:P I voted wrong I would like it Sunday at 4 EST as you already know :P

Events / Dixieland Army North and South NA Tuesday Line Battle 8 PM EST
« on: January 23, 2014, 10:14:39 pm »
Hello, and welcome to our weekly Tuesday Line Battle post. If you have any questions just post it or send me a steam message, my steam name is mad_shot36. For the event, all regiment leaders are expected to sign up on the DA TS ( anywhere between 30 minutes before the event up until 5 minutes before the event.


For each event there are 2 maps and 2-3 rounds on each map. The first is usually a stock map or one made by someone in the community, the second map is usually random. Each round is 20 minutes long, at 5 minutes a charge is called.  If it ends with one side winning the first map and the other side winning the other map if the event has not gone on to long there may be a tiebreaker if requested.


General Rules

Firing in charge is allowed
You may reload on the charge but not with a weapon that can reload on the move or in All Charges
If a line drops below 4 soldiers they must join another line
Splitting lines is allowed unless either of the lines would drop below 4 soldiers
No firing from horse back period
No Racism/Slurs/Homophobia or disrespecting other regiments
All units can use cover
All regiments except for sharpshooters and cavalry can have 1 sapper
Bonuses will be turned off
Sapper points will be set at 100 points for each team
Round limits will be 20 minutes
At 5 minutes left whoever has the larger amount of people alive will be forced to charge if both sides are not moving
(all charges may be called also)
DonĀ“t complain about anything, except if you are a regimental leader

Unit Specific Rules


Min 6 soldiers
No Max
Max of 2 man spacing if in the open (when in cover 3-4)
Crouching is allowed when not in combat, I you are shooting at people or they are shooting at you, it is combat (and in cover)
Max of 1 officer and 2 sergeants per line

Infantry can be any Infantry unit that can take a Springfield of some sort


Min 6 soldiers
Max 15-20 soldiers (depending on how many people are there)
Can be spread out more in cover
Max of 5 man spacing in the open
Must be roughly the same amount of Skirms as on the enemy team
Max of 1 officer and 2 sergeants per line

Skirms can be any Infantry unit that can take a Lorenze or Mississippi rifle


Min 6 Cav
Max 15 Cav
If less then 4 mounted Cav they must dismount. if the Cavalry have more than 4 dismounted they may play as skirms
If less then 4 people total they must join another line

Cavalry can be any unit in the cavalry selection tab


Max or 2 cannons total (including a howitzer if you take one)
Max of 1 Howitzer
Max of 8 Arty Guards
Can be spread across a max of 2 regiments per side
Must have the same number of cannons/howitzers as the other side
Max Sgts is as many cannons/howitzers your regiment may have
Max Officers 1


Min of 6 soldiers
Max of 15 soldiers
Union sharpshooters may not reload while in retreat
Must be roughly the same amount of sharpshooters as the other side

Confederate Sharpshooters can be 2nd KY
Union Sharpshooters can be IL Militia BUT NO SPOTTERS

Application to sign up

Regiment Name:
Regiment Tags:
Preferred Role:
Expected Number:
Leader's Steam Name:
Do you plan to show up every week:

Link to our Friday Line Battle: (yes they are the same just different days)

Link to our Saturday Line Battle: (yes they are the same just different days)

Link to our Sunday Siege

Link to our Grifball League:

Confederates / 26th North Carolina
« on: January 23, 2014, 09:25:52 pm »

Regimental Introduction

The 26th North Carolina is a North American and European regiment for the mod North and South. We are dedicated to maturity and professionalism. We have events through out the week and many friendly active members. We have many special companies that we offer. We offer Skirmishers, Line infantry, Artillery and Calvary. The leader of this regiment is Chad and the second in command is Frogg. We hope you read on and check out this great regiment.


The 26th Regiment - North Carolina Troops was organized from companies raised from the middle and western portions of the "Old North State". Originally commanded by Zebulon Baird Vance, who later became North Carolina's wartime governor, the regiment first saw action at New Bern, N.C. in March 1862. Here they attempted to resist an assault by forces of Union General Ambrose Burnside. After this action, the regiment went north to Virginia and soon distinguished itself in battle. During a portion of the Seven Days' Battle, at Malvern Hill, the 26th charged to within 25 five yards of the Federal positions, further encouraging McClellan's departure from the York-James Peninsula. Upon returning to eastern North Carolina, the unit helped keep Union forces located there in check, protecting the "back door" to Richmond and the vital supplies coming from Wilmington to the Confederate capital.
Returning to service in Virginia again in 1863, the regiment was attached to Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia. Moving into Pennsylvania with the ANV, the gallant 26th saw action at Gettysburg in Pettigrew's Brigade, Heth's Division, Hill's Corps. On 1 July 1863, the 26th would forever etch its name in history.
On this first day of the Battle of Gettysburg, the regiment was called upon to assault Federal troops of the Iron Brigade (specifically the 24th Michigan) posted in Herbst's woods on McPherson's Ridge. After brutal fighting, which saw the 26th break through three separate lines of resistance, the regiment forced Union troops to withdraw from the position of strength which they had held. Though the 26th achieved its goal, it was at a tremendous cost. The regimental colors were shot down fourteen times; the regimental commander Colonel Henry King Burgwyn, Jr., was killed; and his second-in-command, Lt. Col. John R. Lane, was seriously wounded. Out of 800 muskets taken into the fight by the 26th on that bloody day, 588 men were killed, wounded, or missing. Sidelined to regroup and tend their significant number of wounded, the regiment rested on July 2nd on the slopes of Seminary Ridge.

Ranks and Roster of The Regiment


Lieutenant Colonel



First Lieutenant

Second Lieutenant
Sergeant Major

Quartermaster Sergeant

First Sergeant

Staff Sergeant


Lance Corporal

Private First Class

Veteran Private


Company A: Artillery
Artillery Captain  1   Arty_LtCol_FroggyDA


 Artillery Engineer  1        ArtyE_Sgt_Scots
 Artillery Engineer  2        ArtyE_SSgt_Cookieman
 Artillery Engineer  3        ArtyE_Sgt_Daytimed

Cannon 1

 Arty Train                       Arty_Col_Fidelis
 Arty Loader                   Arty_2ndLt_Yampa
 Arty Loader                   Arty_LCpl_Ian

Cannon 2

 Arty Train                       Arty_Cpt_Incog
 Arty Loader                   Arty_SgtM_Max_Voltage
 Arty Loader                   Arty_Pvt_Wesley

Cannon 3

 Arty Train                       Arty_Sgt_Ardan
 Arty Loader                   Arty_Pvt_Beowolf
 Arty Loader                   Arty_Pfc_Morloc

Cannon 4
 Arty Train                       Arty_1stLt_Facepalm
 Arty Loader                   Arty_Pvt_Rusty
 Arty Loader                   Arty_Pfc_Shefnaz

Arty Guards

 1   ArtyG_Pvt_guilegp
 2   ArtyG_Pvt_Jester
 3   ArtyG_Pvt_BlackPanda
 4   ArtyG_Cdt_Coolrex

Total Members: 18

Company E: Infantry


Company C: Cavalry

Cpt Incognitoandahalf



Company G: Guards
~~~~~Head Guard~~~~~


~~~~~Guard 1~~~~~


~~~~~Guard 2~~~~~


~~~~~Guard 3~~~~~


~~~~~Guard 4~~~~~


~~~~~Guard 5~~~~~


~~~~~Guard 5~~~~~


Total: 18
Total amount we can have: 25

Company D: Skirmishers

1stLt Yampa

2ndLt Dukey


SSgt Ezio

Sgt IronPally

Cpl LFCJames


LCpl Irish Brony

VPvt Edd
VPvt Mauler
VPvt Dixie
VPvt Frank Jackson
VPvt Wesley (This is his secondary Comp)
VPvt Iulius Rufus

Pvt Youngwolf
Pvt Mason
Pvt Soda
Pvt DangerFox
Pvt Lonewolf
Pvt John Marksten
Pvt WolvenSpirit
Pvt Champ
Pvt Deathlight
Pvt ChaBoy
Pvt Wolfhunter (This is his secondary Comp)

Cdt Cyberlegend
Cdt Hulu
Cdt Treyz
Cdt Dennizjoon
Cdt Carson

Regulations and Other Information

(Sometimes the times are messed up do to Day Light Savings Time)
Sunday: 4 PM EST (9 PM GMT) Siege
Sunday: 8 PM EST (1 AM GMT Monday) Line Battle
Tuesday: 8 PM EST (1 AM GMT Wednesday) Line Battle
Wednesday: 6 PM EST (11 PM GMT) Training
Thursday: 4 PM EST (9 PM GMT) Line Battle
Friday: 4 PM EST (9 PM GMT) Line Battle
Friday: 8 PM EST (1 AM GMT Saturday) Line Battle
Saturday: 4 PM EST (9 PM GMT) Line Battle

Brigade Information
Units: Skirmishers Artillery Cavalry Sharpshooters Infantry
Faction: Confederacy
Based: NA/EU
Army: Dixieland Army
Brigade: Bragg's Brigade


If you would like to join this regiment or you are interested in mercing add these people on steam or click our steam page links.

Steam Group:
Huge thanks to Carson for making this thread and header 1000 times better then it was :)

Events / Re: Official Saturday Event - Starting 28/12/2013 - 8 GMT
« on: December 28, 2013, 10:28:37 am »
Regiment Name: 26thNC (Haven't decided on a BaI name yet)
Preferred Faction: Prussia
Preferred Class: Light Infantry/Arty
Expected Attendance: 5-20 (Just found out when its gonna happen so no idea who will be on)

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