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Forum Français / Re: Service de location de servers de jeux et TS 3
« on: March 20, 2015, 11:56:15 am »
Ah merci pour ces retours !!

Good luck :)

Thank you !

Are you going to participate in the tournament ? :)


I have updated my thread (check post #3 here) with a great announcement. Check it out ! ;-)


Oh thank you Mack !

Long time no see ! :D

Thank you for your loyalty !

Forum Français / Re: Service de location de servers de jeux et TS 3
« on: February 06, 2015, 10:16:45 am »
Merci pour vos retours les gars !

Cela fait vraiment plaisir :D

Thank you all for your great support.
Warband & FSE Community really is awesome :D

I just hope now people start to get interested in my services  :P ^^

Good luck from me too mate

Thanks !

It's great to see people wishing me luck :D

Good luck

Thank you I appreciate your incentive ! :)

Good luck.

Merdi Dodo :D
Good luck to you too ! Although you do not seem to need it ;)


Servers / Re: Mackovich Server Hosting : [NA + EU] TS3 / M&B
« on: February 03, 2015, 02:36:31 pm »

                                             click on the banner ;-)

Greetings everyone !

I have the greatest pleasure to announce that my servers will be hosting Hawkes famous Groupfighting Cup.

For that purpose two servers, completely free of charge, are available for all participants. Please, do use them to your heart's content !

Finally, for that matter, anyone who is currently participating or will be soon participating in this cup can order servers (game servers) with a unique one-time discount of 20%.

Servers / Re: Mackovich Server Hosting : [NA + EU] TS3 / M&B
« on: February 03, 2015, 02:36:20 pm »

This post will be dedicated to my Teamspeak 3 Hosting.

Current prices are set to 0.15€ per slot and per month.

I do not apply forced usage restrictions on my server at the moment

No forced limits on channels and groups although disproportionate excess will be dealt accordingly so that everyone can enjoy a smooth experience.

My Teamspeak provides low pings and is currently located in Germany although it is about to move in France soon.

Finally, I provide the following services:
  • a guide to use the advance teamspeak permission system in order to create, as an example, an untouchable Super Server Admin (contrary to the default Server Admin preset) ;
  • full backup & restore support : there are weekly-based backups but you can request some whenever you want & you can export your backup if you want to leave me ;

My Teamspeak hosting is also eligible for the one week free of charge no strings attached trial.

For those of you who really wants to know, I do own a Teamspeak Hosting License.
On all my servers, you can see the label for
License: Licensed hosting provider

Contacts :


Hello everyone !

My name is Mackovich and I host M&B servers as well as Teamspeak 3 servers at very good prices without sacrificing quality !
2015 just started and for me it is my 5th year as a server hoster.
You may have noticed I already have a thread regarding my offer.
Since my servers changed a lot, I decided to have a fresh and proper start to show you how awesome my services became.

Server Specifications
Server specs :
- Windows Server 2012 64 bits
- INTEL Xeon Quad Core @3.8GHz
- 32 GB of RAM
- SSD or HDD
- Bandwith : 1Gbps.

Server Locations
Paris, France
Canada, North America

Control And Customization
Yes we all enrage because of Windows' quirks and bugs, but don't well all love it for its desktop and its friendly user interface?

All my servers are running Windows Server 2012 64 Bits.
Mount & Blade games are  developed under Windows environment for Windows. Then what better operating system than Windows itself ?

Windows Servers are light, stable, enhanced and powerful versions of Windows.
They are dedicated to run server-based applications with performance and control in mind.

Have a look!

No you did not just hallucinate: you just saw a full Windows Desktop with all usual windows and controls

-Starting your server is like starting an app on your computer.

-Stopping your server is like killing an app on your computer.

Really easy to use! What is it?

This is Windows Remote Desktop and it is really awesome, you can ask my customers!

You can access ALL your files WITHOUT any restrictions whatsoever.

What more can you do then ?

Here is a non-exhaustive list of features :

 -a great deal of modules you can install simply by copying and pasting
 -manage your ban list files directly
 -install custom maps by copying and pasting them over the Remote Desktop Access (yes, that easy)
 -switch in less than 10 seconds between configurations for training, fun events, official events and other

Server Prices!

You would think that the performance of my servers and all of Windows Server features will cost you a fortune.

I am happy to inform you that you are wrong.

My aim is not to empty your wallet.
My aim is to provide you with servers that satisfy your needs while sticking to your budget.

This is why, as before I do not really have prices.
All you will want to know, is that a 200 slots server should never cost your more than 25€ per month.

Other hosters show you prices and you have to stick to them.

But what if you need 100 slots sometimes, like two times a week but the rest of the time, you will be using less than 50% of its capacity ?
Would it be fair to charge you a 100 slots full time ? I think not.

So i basicallly set a price depending on how you will use the server (Events,Public Usage,Private Usage)
and how much you will use it ( The population of the server everyday).

Also you can have a server for a week for free just to test it out!

Try it and lov' it !

Payment Methods

Contact Me :

Design by Nicos

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