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Forum & Website / Resigning
« on: January 09, 2017, 09:40:54 pm »
I have decided to resign as a forum moderator from FSE.  I have been apart of the team for several years now, involved in trying to grow and better this community alongside my other moderators.  The reasons for my resigning come as my own community is expanding, I do not have time to contribute towards the responsibilities on FSE, and for other personal reasons which I will not go into detail here. 

I would like to thank Blobmania for the opportunity early on to get me involved in the community moderation, and Duuring and Vincenzo for their continued support and guidance.  Obviously I will still be around on FSE, but more so on the events/regiments side of thing, rather than getting involved globally on the forum.

If you would like to get in touch with me you can do so over steam, or just message me on here. 



The 63eme Regiment d'Infanterie de Ligne was founded in 1805 by Regis Barthelemy Mouton-Duvernet. The regiment became a garrison for the central west side of France in Limogoes which was one of France's most popular cities outside of Paris at the time. In 1806 the 63eme finally got put into action. A List of a few of the Battles the 63e were involved in. The Battle of Hena-Auerstedt, one of the main battles in the campaign to occupy Prussia by Napoleon. The Battle of Eylau, a 2 day battle fought between the French and the Russians which is now seen as an undecided battle. The Battle of Friedland, abother one against the Russians. The 63e in this battle were seen to play a vital role. The Battle of Wagram occured after 2 years of rest and being garrisoned in Germany for 2 years. A battle which was crucial against the Austrians and which eventually lead to another great victory.

Enough of the actual 63e. What about this 63e? This regiment was founded by Diplex and continued by Karth back in September 2012. The 63e for years has provided a highly structured yet enjoyable realistic regimental experience for Napoleonic Wars. In the 63e we expect those wishing to join to have the expectation of getting better at the game, to be disciplined and follow orders of your superiors. The Regiment accepts both EU & NA players. Even though there are players which are from the 2 different regions we see ourselves as one regiment. Everyone is given the same treatment and respect. The only difference being the time of the events the person is expected to attend. No matter where you are from you can join any of the events which happen regularly usually everyday.

L'Etat-Major du Régiment

General Karth
CdB Zen


Compagnie de Ligne
AdjC Munj
Adj William
SgtMaj Yorkshire Pudding
Sgt Umbra
Sgt Icks
Cpl Dreadlord
Cpl Gaius
Gdm MrJohnson
Gdm Chemie
Gdm Grimz
Gdm Mandacek

Compagnie de Grenadiers Impériale
Sgt Curtis
Entr Tallest

Batterie d'Artillerie
Sgt Lionblade

Compagnie de à Cheval
Mchl Squirtz

Compagnie de Grenadiers Impériale

GrdP Foggin
PA GrdV Spudgun
PA Grd Mus Bobmikbooboo
Grd Tuna
Grd Thundercock
Grd Mus Avon
JGrd LikeTimo
JGrd SexyPizza88
JGrd Driesd
JGrd Thimo

Compagnie de Ligne - Fusiliers

Note: No SoP’s, SoD’s or Cad’s are shown.
FusP Thornor
FusV Shirreff
FusV Kaien-a-cole
FusV Zeysh
Fus Dr Lio
Fus Alaskan
Fus Nitroxide
Fus Mattbob
Fus Lufter
Fus McGillipollas
Fus AltorBG
Batterie d'Artillerie

MdC Funk
CnrV aaron
CnrV z0mbie
CnrP Gortho
Spr attacksalot
Spr SoutherVeg
Cnr Joshua
Cnr Aryton
Cnr Boone
Cnr Biodonner
Cnr Snowba

Compagnie de Cheval

CvlV Corneless
CvlP LtFranz
CvlP Dvhf18
CvlP Spartan
CvlP Halfpoisoned
CvlP NovaDragon
CvlP HydraOG
Cvl spartanred
Cvl DavidP1533
Cvl Alex33001
Cvl GeneralButterfield
Cvl Fred

Last Updated: 07/01/17 by 63e SgtMaj Yorkshire Pudding

To Apply to the 63e you need to do the following

1. Go to and sign up for an enjin account.
2. Log in and fill in the enlistment form.
3. Await a 63e NCO to add you ON STEAM and accept his friend request.
4. Make sure you have teamspeak downloaded and the 63e contact will set you up.

To Contact the 63e about Linebattles, Events or any Enquiries

1. Add one of the Officers/Sous Officers on Steam and ask over Steam.
2. Post on this forum or the related forum about certain subjects.
3. Come find us on our Teamspeak and ask us.


The 63e Tuesday Conquest Event was created as a competitive style unique weekly event. We provide excellent servers, a professional organisation and good admins to make this an event that is enjoyable for everyone who participates.

This is a North American based event, all reference to times will be in EST. The server itself is located in Texas. This should give all American players a decent ping. Our usual aim is an attendance of around 150-160 players each week.

We will utilize a selection of custom made maps that provide both challenging yet fun battle grounds for the best experience possible.

The event time is weekly on Tuesdays at 8:00 pm EST. The details will be given around 10-15 minutes before the event starts. We expect attending Regiments to be on the server at 7:45pm EST. Please sign up before 7:30 Tuesdays(excluding weekly attending regiments), else we cannot guarantee to have slots for you!

IMPORTANT: We also expect that a representative of each regiment is in the 63e TS from 7:30 till the end of the event. If your representative is NOT on the 63e TS by 7:30/35 your spot will then be given to another regiment. 

If you have any questions, feel free to add any of the Organisers or 63e Representatives, you are also invited to join the 63e TS regarding these things.


Regiment Name:
Regiment Leader's/Representatives Steam:
Class applying for:
Numbers attending:
Would you like to sign up weekly?:
Do you agree to follow all the rules stated?:
Make sure once you have signed up to add one of the organizers on Steam!


63e Representatives:





Regiments Attending & Slots Taken

Team 1 - (77-85)

Line: 63e (70/75) (Weekly)
Arty: 63e (7/10) (Weekly)

Team 2 - (77-131)
Line: USMC (20/40) (Weekly)
Line: 21st Royal North British Fusiliers (12/18) (Weekly)
Line: 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment of Foot (15/18) (Weekly)
Line: 79th Cameron Highlanders (20/30) (Weekly)
Line/Arty: 74th (Campbell Highlanders) Regiment of Foot (20/30)

2nd Server Regiments:
Line: AEF - (13/19)
Line:  45ème Regiment d'Infanterie de Ligne  (18/25)
Line: 87th Royal Fus (15/20)

Can Reject the Offer if Asked


General Rules

1. No Ramboing.
2. No Slurs.
3. No Purposeful teamkilling.
4. No Insulting other regiments.
5. No Fire in Charge.
6. No Officer Aim.
7. Keep pub chat at a minimum
 800-1000 points for each team

Conquest Rules:

1. Must move as line.
2. Must fire in line.
3. Must reload in line.
4. Must use line infantry unit.
5. Can't aim for enemy officers.
6. If 3 or less MUST join another line but NOT join Artillery.
7. Can enter the LB with Min 6 people, Max 35 per Line.
8. May only use single rank lines.
9. Every line and artillery unit may have a sapper, do not hoard the points or abuse.
10. Both sides have a base spawn, they are only allowed to spawn there and need to have a minimum of 5 men to move out from spawn to the Battlefield.
11. Spawning on any other Flag will result in a warning and possibly a ban, you really have to push it to get this far with us though.
12. Fortifying a flag is allowed, you can spread out a bit within a small radius of the flag, do not spread out in an area 400 metres wide, for example.
Admins will keep an eye on this, lets keep it cool and within common sense.

1. Max 2 Cannons/Howitzer with minimum 3 artillerymen allowed to man each. Maximum amount of men is 10, which also includes guard units and a sapper.
2. One Sapper allowed.
3. Arty may not fire at respawn points

Artillery Guards:
1. Can only shoot 5 man spacing from an active Cannon.
2. If not accompanying an active Artillery MUST join a friendly line.
3. Must NOT reload/fire when an all charge called.
4. Must take the Guard unit for the selected nation.
5. Max 5 Arty Guard.

This event is hosted by the 63ème Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne!

Regiments / 63ème Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne [Recruiting EU/NA]
« on: February 18, 2016, 12:17:31 am »

63éme Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne Roster: ()













After seeing the Napoleonic Wars League successfully established in the European community we thought it is about time to bring some life and action into the North American community too. The North Amercian Napoleonic Wars League (NANWL) has the exact same principles and - mostly - the same rules as the European one. Contrary to the European league, we know that less regiments will probably be interested so we will wait to see how many regiments SIGN UP and how many leagues we can make.
If other regiments would like TO SIGN UP while the league is already running, feel free to do so. You will be put on a wait list and we will either stick you in if possible or wait until the next season and try to get all the wait listed regiments in by either forming another league or simply adding them to the existing league.
The regiment placed first in the top league will be crowned champion of North America.
Please do not mistake this for a show off competition though. The main focus is on having fun while being competitive and seeing where your regiments is compared to others. If any sign of disrespect is shown you might be booted from the league. Remember, this is only a game and even if one regiment is better at killing off virtual opponents than another, it is not something the regiment should brag about. Be proud but not condescending!


A win counts as 3 points
A draw counts as 1 point
A loss counts as 0 points

1. - No shooting while charging or out of formation! That means your line has to be stationary! Also, no reloading whilst you are engaged in melee! Officers are allowed to fire their pistols in the charge, however no ranker can fire a pistol in the charge! Officers cannot reload during the charge or in melee though either!
2. - Only 1 line per regiment (it can be single, double, triple etc file). If a line is down to 2 people, the line has to charge!
3. - Lines must act as one! If one man in your line is engaged in melee, the rest have to engage in melee too! This means, you cannot split off some men to stall the enemy line in melee and have the rest form up, waiting for those who stalled to die in melee, so that the lined up rest can shoot!
4. - No bonuses activated
5. - No musicians or ensigns
6. - Only 2 officers allowed! Officers MUST choose the Officer class!
7. - No officer targeting! (Officers charging are fair game!) If a regiment chooses to use 2 officers, shooting either is officer aim! Shooting an officer can result in anything from a warning or if vital to the round, to a repetition of the round. If officers are targeted continuously, even after warning, you can be kicked from the event. If the line is stationary and the officer moves behind or in front of his line, it is his own fault. Officers should also try to move off to the side of their line, leaving a gap to their line thus minimizing the chance of them getting shot, however if they stay in the line it is still officer aiming. Don't aim for the front of the line, simple as! If the officer is shot and the round is not reset immediately but a ranker takes over acting as an officer, you cannot shoot him either. That new officer is identifiable by being the person in the front of the line.
8. - Addressing gaps while in a fire exchange is not mandatory. However when you line up at first, you cannot have ANY spacing! Officers are allowed to move around the line freely and can stand next to the line or behind, however can not move forward on their own to get closer for shooting.
9. - 10 rounds that have to be played, after 5 rounds spawn swap
10. - Both leaders have to agree on a map
11. - The playable maps are only: Random Medium Plains, Desert, Steppe, and Snow. If both regiments agree, custom maps can be used aswell.
12. - The number of players per team is limited from 10 minimum to an open maximum (If a regiment fails to bring the minimum, they will have to play as if they had 10 or forfeit the match. Hence the opposing regiment could bring 11)
13. - The difference in numbers may only be 1 man!
14. - The home team (Team on the left) may choose its faction first
15. - The battles will take place on the home team's server. Naturally if both leaders agree on playing on the away team's server, that is allowed.
16. - Only line units are allowed; no light infantry, guard infantry, marine units, militia, or skirmishers.
17. - The battles must be fought before a certain deadline, the deadline will not be extended unless under special circumstances. Before the deadline also means, that if you are uncertain about being able to play a match during its designated week, you can play that match a week or weeks in advance.
18. - If one regiment does not appear on time (15 minutes grace period, then the battle must start), the opponent will get a 10-0 win
19. - If both teams do not appear, they will get a 0-0 loss (no points)
20. - Invites are NOT allowed; if we find out that a regiment played with invites, we will remove a win and 3 points and the opposing regiment, if it lost, will be given the win
21. - The results of a match will be posted here, take screenshots to be sure your oponent will not try to cheat you out of your victory
22. - If a regiment has something to complain about because the opponent did not follow the rules, it has to prove it (video or screenshot); there might not be referees!
23. - If the accusations are correct the organizers will decide how harsh to punish them, which can range from a warning to a kick!
24. - If a regiment complains repeatedly and then does not turn up any evidence or this evidence turns out to be false, they will be subject to the same procedure!
25. - Be respectful and use common knowledge and courtesy. Insulting or any other sort of verbal abuse will be punished!
26. - Camping is naturally allowed, but if rounds take too long and the camping becomes excessive, you will be forced to engage! Excessive camping is considered by us to be holding one position (hill for instance) for roughly 5 minutes! Forcing to engage means, you have to leave your position and get close to your enemy (close volleys or melee). You are NOT allowed to return to that position again that round!
27. - If regiments are tied in points, the regiment having a better "rounds lost and won" ratio, will receive the higher place in the league. (For instance: Regiment 1 has 3 points and Regiment 2 has 3 points too! Regiment 1 has a ratio of 9 rounds won, 1 lost and Regiment 2 has a ratio of 8 rounds won and 1 lost. Regiment 1 will then receive the higher place, since they have +8, wheras Regiment 2 has +6! If the ratio is equal too, the direct comparison will be drawn, meaning the linebattle the regiments had against each other will be looked at. The winner of that, will be placed higher. If that too was a draw, there will be a another match between the two regiments in order to determine who will be placed higher. That match cannot end in a draw! If it is 5-5 at the end of 10 rounds, one last round will be played!
28. - Referees are to be treated with respect! Their decisions count and are supposed to be accepted! If someone is a referee, that means he has earned the trust of the organizers and should not be treated any different than the organizer. If you do have a complaint about a decision a referee made or the referee himself, let the organizers know via steam or this thread and PROVIDE evidence! If you fail to comply with a referee you will be punished according to the violation (warning up to booting from competition)! So accept the referee's decisions, no matter if he is abusing and AFTER the linebattle you can complain to the organizers!
29. - Referees can enact rules or punishments during the linebattle that are not mentioned on this thread. If you feel the rules were unjust or simply not to your liking, complain on this thread and provide evidence. Do not simply ignore and undermine the referee's authority, which would mean you are breaking rules (Rule 27). Instead make a case after the linebattle!
30. - Having members that are in 2 or more regiments is against the rules! Those people who are in multiple regiments will be banned and if the regiments knowingly accepted someone from another regiment just so as to play the person, they can be banned too! European and Australian players are allowed however, seeing as they are in a seperate community! Being in multiple regimental steam groups is considered double-reging! You can remain in regimental steam groups of regiments that are inactive/disbanded, but not in active ones!
31. - The regiment coming in 1st place in League 1 will be crowned "Champions of North America". The two last regiments in League 1 will be moved into League 2. The first two regiments in League 2 will be moved into League 1. The third of League 2 will play the third last of League 1 for the spot in League 1, the loser is moved/will stay in League 2. There has to be a winner, so if after 10 rounds the score is 5-5, 1 more round will be played!

Battle Times

The battles themselves will be fought on days arranged by the two leaders of the opposing regiments. They will receive a deadline and have to fight before it or it will be counted as a 0-0 loss for both. Deadlines will not be extended! Remember, you play on the HOME SIDES server or NA NWL Official Server (If it is up)!


For those who played the previous season you do not have to sign-up again nor do anything else. You will be counted in for the next season. If you do not wish to participate in the next season though, then please make sure to tell the organizers!

The sign-ups are open from June 17 until July 10, and the tournament itself starts July 12, 2015. We will try to accommodate the regiments SIGNING UP by putting them in their preferred Leagues, however if we need to equal out the Leagues number-wise you may be forced into a League not of your choosing.

Once sign ups are closed you may still sign up but may not receive a slot in the league until the next season!

You will receive an invite to the steam group, be sure to accept it!


Estimated attendance:
Leader's Steam:
Accept rules?:


Steam group

Referee's group

NA_NWL Server name (Dallas)

Head Organizers




Veteran Referees



Feel free to contact any of the administrators with any question, comments, or concerns. Also, with any complaints or allegations against another regiment.

Referee Application

Community Name:
Steam Profile (link):
Why do you want to be a referee?
Why do you think you would be a good referee?
Admin Experience:
Did you read all the rules thoroughly?
Will you admin fairly and unbiased?

Complaint about referee

Which referee/s failed his/their duty?:
What match was this in?:
What was the score?:
What did the referee/s do wrong?:
What would you like done about this?:
Show us some proof (screenshots, video):

Server reservation

League 1 or 2:
Steam link:

Ban List

(If any regiment knowingly plays these players, they will be punished!)


Unban Request

Steam Profile (link):
Date when banned:
Name the rule/s you broke:
How did you break this/these rule/s?
Do you see your fault and promise not to break the rules again?:

Community / MOVED: Twitch Napoleonic Wars League
« on: March 14, 2015, 12:28:00 am »

Community / MOVED: 103rd Regiment of foot
« on: March 10, 2015, 10:40:39 pm »


63éme Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne Roster: ()












1.  Groupfights will be in a first to 7, single elimination tournament format

2. No shooting

3.  No Foot Guards or Marines. Regular Infantry units of Great Britain and
France will be the only ones used.

4. Duels will take place on the 63e_EU_Server server which will be decided on who
can host/location.

5. No trash-talk or tea-bagging during your play. This will result in a -1 score
modifier to the offending team.  This includes in spectator, if a member with your
regiment tags is sluring against another regiment/insulting or with fake name
but same ID, then -1 will be deducted, first a warning will beg given.  If it
continues then a temp ban will be given.

6. Melee speed will be on medium.

7. Only 10 members in your regiment can play for your regiment. No "Mercs"
or Volunteers." They need to be fully devoted to your regiment.

8. Subs will of course be allowed, so long as they are in your regiment. (max 5)

9. Subs and listed players are inter-changeable beforehand and during the events.

10. No melee clans allowed, ONLY regiments.  Server will be decided on, 200 slots.

11. NA regiments are allowed to sign up for now, so long as they are willing to play
 on an EU French server. *IMPORTANT* If I dictate too many sign up and
 will make the tournamenttoo long, I may change this rule, or only allow some of
 the first that signed up.


77y WINS


1st Tourney:

84e Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne

2nd Tourney:
Nr. 24

3rd Tourney:
Nr. 24

4th Regimental Groupfighting Tourney
( 10 vs. 10 )
Hosted By

If you would like to sign your regiment up please fill out the application below.

Regiment Name:
Predicted Line-up:
Predicted Subs(5 max):
Team Leader's Steam(Link preferred):

If you wish to be an admin for this tournament please apply below.
Community Name:
Steam Link:
Why should you be admin?:
Prior Experience:

Attending Regiments for December 20th at 8:00 pm UK

63ème Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne

33rd Regiment of Foot

47th Regiment of Foot

1st Kings German Legion

23e Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne

15th Yorkshire "The Snappers"

7e Régiment de Hussards

91st Regiment of Foot


25th Regiment of Foot - "King's Own Borderers"

66. Peší pluk

5 pułk piechoty


78th Regiment of Foot

22nd Regiment of Foot

45e Régiment d'Infanterie

14th Regiment

57th Regiment of Foot

Off Topic / Stock Picks
« on: October 29, 2014, 05:20:39 am »
Hey Guys, decided to start this thread for any people wanting to get into stocks/bonds/ETFs, as an extra salary.  Also was bored and wanted to see if there were other people who dig into this sort of stuff.  Non-US nationals can also invest in the US stock market  :D (many brokers you can look into who have cheap commissions)  Even if you are not old enough to trade, I highly suggest getting into it, in some ways it is like gambling and gaming; especially if day trading with penny stocks which I used to do for fun with like $500.  Again if you do invest long term, even if its just with $500-$1000, you can still make a ton of money.  Although obviously the more you invest (be diverse with your investments) the safer you will be.  Oh and feel free to call me a capitalist.. I am using what my country is best known for..

My Picks ATM:

Apple- Pretty straight up buy, with over $160Bn cash on hand every single launch their stock goes up, I bought this at $99 not so long ago, and they always are profiting from every single product launch.  As their numbers go up = so does their stock.  Atm the stock is at $106.74 and I believe it will go at least $115 by the end of the year.  Even if this stock goes down $5 because of PR media related issues hold on to it, as it can make you a huge gain. Buy low, sell high.  Another bonus with the amount of cash on hand is that the company likes issuing dividends.

Gilead Sciences- As im in the industry this is one of the big stock picks atm.  Just this month it hit a low of $96, and after a HUGE earnings report skyrocketed to $113.  Sovaldi (their Hep C drug) costs $94,000 for a 12 week course of treatment for the pills.  Yea it sounds a lot but it also means that this company is making huge profits as people are buying it because of its 99% cure rate and because its just an oral pill.  Its projected $10B in profit, with only 2 other competitors who dont even beat it. 

I will post more when I can, these are for long term gains because you can get the federal capital gains tax down from 30% to 20% (they increased it) based on how long you hold it.  You should still be able to daytrade most of these stocks I post if you wanted, Apple especially can be quite volatile depending on media coverage.  If you guys also want me to post how to invest and such then I can post a guide on here.. feel free to debate my picks. 

Events: EU / MOVED: Forlorn Hope Wednesdays
« on: October 21, 2014, 01:08:29 am »

« on: October 21, 2014, 01:05:59 am »

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