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Regiments / 34-ya Pehotnaya Divisia [EU]
« on: February 15, 2014, 10:00:00 am »
34-ya Pehotnaya Divisia



Mladshiy Unter-ofitzer[Muo]
Starshiy Unter-ofitzer[Suo]

Podpolkovnik [Pplk]
About us:
We're the divisional type community, created on purpose to gather international group of players,
acting as russian army World War I military unit.
Our main purpose is to gain a good, relaxed but disciplined community.
We will be using different tactics on the battlefield, such as trench defensive,
light infantry flanking tactics, artillery and MG support teams and many others.
We're always opened for new ideas and thoughts, just feel free to show your opinion.
To join us - submit application on this thread.
Division consists of two infantry regiments and artillery brigade (for now).
Currently recruitment is on

Recruitment application:

Steam name:

After completing the application, me (or someone of recruiting officers)
will have a conversation with you.
133-y Simferopolskiy Polk
Lieutenant - Eugen

Other Games / World of Tanks
« on: November 11, 2013, 11:49:40 am »
Searched on forums, didnt find any topic about it.

Well, is there anyone playing this game?
I'm playing on EU server:

If anyone want's a platoon - feel free to ask.

Populares / Legio VIII Gallica [EU]
« on: September 21, 2013, 01:06:22 pm »

Legion's staff:
Legatus Legionis - Aulus Hirtius
Tribunus Laticlavius -
Praefectus Castrorum -
Aquilifer - Cheifgandalf

Cohors I (Prima):
Centuria Prima:
Primus Pilus -
Optio -
Tesserarius -
Decanus -
Tirones -

Centuria Secunda:
Centurio -
Optio -
Tesserarius -
Decanus -
Tirones -

Centuria Arhitecti:
Optio Architecti -
Tesserarius -
Immunes -
Milites -

Auxilia Germanica:

Legio VIII Gallica (primary named Augusta). With the seventh, ninth and tenth legions, the Eighth was among the oldest units in the imperial Roman army.
They were with Julius Caesar when he invaded Gaul in 58 BCE.
The Roman commander mentions the eighth legion in his accounts of the battle against the Nervians and the siege of Gergovia.
It is possible that at some stage, Gallic warriors were accepted within the legion's ranks. An inscription mentions a Gaius Cabilenus "from Gaul".
During the civil war against Caesar's fellow-triumvir and Pompey, the Eighth saw action at Corfinium and Brindisi (49), and stayed in Apulia for some time.

In the spring of 48, it served at Dyrrhachium, and suffered heavily. In the battle of Pharsalus (9 August 48), it fought as one unit with the Ninth.
After this battle, the soldiers were sent back to Italy to be pensioned off, and received land in Campania.
Although many veterans were now living on farms, in 46, they participated in Caesar's African campaign. In 45, these reenlisted soldiers received land at Casilinum.
Currently - ON
Steam ID:
Location, Timezone:

Servers / 54e Cavalry Groupfighting Server
« on: August 21, 2013, 02:29:14 pm »
54e Cavalry Groupfighting Server

The new cavalry groupfighting server, hosted by 54e regiment cavalry detachment.

Number of Slots:
Current status:
                            No Shooting
                            No Trolling
                            No Teamkilling
                           Unban Requests:
                           In-game Name:
                           Admin Who Banned You (If Known):
                           Reason For Ban (If Known):
                           Apology/Statement Against Ban:

Current Admin List:
-Tactical Retreat
-Anthony Venison

We're recruitng mature players for an admins. If you feel, that you can be good and active admin, fill out this form:
In-Game Name:
Steam Name:
Regiment/Rank(If Any):
Admin Experience:
Reason Why You Want This Role:

Special Thanks to MrSt3fan, and his server hosting
Thanks to Presidente, zeroskilled and Felix.

3y Narvskiy Pehotniy Polk "Prince-General Vorontsov"

Regiments / 29y Chernigovskiy Polk [Recruiting] [EU]
« on: May 27, 2013, 05:01:01 pm »

Chernigov regiment was created in 1708-1709 year by the Peter I reform.
Regiment took part in Northern War with Sweden (1700-1721) took part in Poltava battle (1709).

Seven Years War
In 1757, the regiment took part to the campaign in East Prussia under general Apraksin.
On August 30, at the battle of Gross-Jägersdorf, it was part of Fermor 1st Division and belonged to Saltykov brigade.
When the Russian army deployed, it was placed in the third line of the centre.
In January 1758, 2 battalions of the regiment took part in the invasion of East Prussia.
At the beginning of August, the regiment took part in the invasion of Brandenburg.
On August 25, the regiment fought at the battle of Zorndorf where it was part of Uvarov brigade in the first line of the infantry centre. About mid November, the regiment took its winter quarters in Culm (actual Chelmno) and surrounding villages as part of Rumyantsev's 3rd Division.
On August 12 1759, the regiment took part to the battle of Kunersdorf.
In 1761, the regiment took part to the siege of Colberg.

1799 campaign, War of 4th Coalition

In 1799 year regiment took part in Suvorov's Swiss Campaign. In 1806-1807 years in Russian-Prussian war against France. Regiment took part in battles of Pultusk, Eylau, Heilsberg and Freidland.

War of 1812 and Campaign of 1813-1814 years

During war of 1812 Chernigovskiy Pehotniy Polk was in 2nd Brigade (General D.I. Mesheriakov), 3rd Infantry Division (Lieutenant - General P.P Konovnitzin) under 3rd Infantry Corps (Lieutenant - General N.A Tuchkov) which was the part of 1st West Army (General of Infantry M.B. Barklay-de-Tolly). The commander of the regiment was Podpolkovnik (LtCol) I.M. Ushakov, at 10th of September 1812

The campaign for Chernigov regiment began with famous "Barclay's Retreat Campaign".

19th (26th) of July 1812
Battle of Kakuviachino

At 8:00 Marechal Murat with Ier corps de réserve de cavalerie (Genral Nansouty) and 13e Divison a Pied (General Delzon) encountered regiments of 3rd Infantry Division (General Konovnitzin). Positions of russian troops were protected by ditches in front and by river Dvina (which had fords in this places) on right flank. Left flank was covered by swampy forests.

French began the battle. Their artillery opened fire at russian position and French 8e Regiment de Chasseurs came closer to ditch and started a skirmish with russian chasseurs. In the same time the Division of General Delzor started to advance: General Gyuar with 1er Regiment de Croates, with help of 84e Regiment de Ligne crossed river Dvina and attacked right wing of General Konovnitzin, meanwhile General Russel with 92e Regiment and with battalion of 106e Regiment advanced on left wing. With cover of artillery french troops attacked both flanks. The attack of the left flank was successfully was repulsed. But on right flank General Gyuar overturned Russian battalions. Konovnitzing recinforced right flank with troops from reserve, that reserves flanked enemy and turned them back. Second attack made by Croates was successfully repulsed too, but russian some battalions were passionate by pursiut and crossed the ravine. In this moment Marechal Murat advanced with 8e Regiment of Polish Ulans and overturned that battalion. General Delzon reinforced his troops with three battalions of 106e Regiment and attacked again.
French charge

Chernigov Regiment fighting french cavalry
General Russel with 92e Regiment and with battalion of 106e Regiment tried to flank Konovnitzin by crossing forest on his left flank. The russian artillery battery was attacked by a french cavalry. Enemy cavalry captured battery and General Choglokov of 11th Division sent infantry reinforcements (Kexholmskiy and Pernovskiy Regiments). Chernigovskiy Regiment received order to advance too, but came there faster. After brief skirmish soldiers recieved order to fix bayonets and advance. Enemy cavalry suffered some losses (5 officer, 28 NCO's and 63 rankers) and reatreated. Battery was re-captured by Chernigov Regiment.

Konovnitzin noticed the tactical advantage of French Forces and started to retreat with 3rd Division, french started to chase his forces. But when enemy came closer they've noticed retreating rearguard of 4th Corps (General Osterman-Tolstoy) behind Konovnitzin's division and stopped chasing. But Napoleon arrived and ordered to attack.
Russian forces reached the village Komari, where Konovnitzing took position and field the 9.000 of infantry with help of 3.000 of cavalry. He started a skirmish with advancing enemy. French General Delzon didnt advance because of Konovnitzin's position advantage. Russian General blocked enemies untill he received order to retreat to Village Dobreika. There he joined the 1st Grenadier Division, Count Stroganov's from 3rd Infantry Corps of General Tuchkov, who received an order to take command of rearguard. Tuchkov moved forces to a river Luchus. Also the 4th Corps of General Osterman-Tolstoy, 6th Corps of General Dohturov and 3rd Cavalry Corps of General Count Palen 3rd.

Adjutant of 1st West Army General Ermolayev said: "Neither courage of troops, nor the fearless of general Konovnitzin couldn't block them [french]. The overturned skirmishers retreated in crouds without any discipline. General Konovnitzin, indignant that General Tuchkov took over command of the rearguard, didnt care about restoring their discipline, the last one, did not understood the importance of the circumstances and didnot show any activity. I said them about need of improve the current situation in retreating forces..."

Murat, with vanguard of French forces stopped near village Dobreiki, having 8 kilometers left to Vitebsk, and Napoleon stopped for night in village Kukoviatchino.

General P.P. Konovnitzin

17th (5th) of August
Battle of Smolensk (The heroic defence of Smolensk)

In late night 16 (4) of August corps of the general Dohturov was at village Divas (near village Rakitno). Commander of the corps received an order to move to Smolensk and before dawn to change Raevskiy's corps.

3rd Infantry Division (general Konovnitzin) was placed near Molovskiy's Gates in reserve, consist of three brigades:

1st Brigade, general A. Tuchkov
Revelskiy Infantry regiment
Muromskiy Infantry regiment

2nd Brigade, general Mesheriakov
Koporskiy Infantry Regiment
Chernigovskiy Infantry Regiment

3rd Infantry Brigade, general Shahovskiy
20y Chasseur Regiment
21y Chasseur Regiment

3rd Field Artillery Brigade, Lt-Colonel von Tornau

Map of the Siege of Smolensk

Regiment banners with battle honours for War of 1812.

In-game nickname:
Do you have a TS3 Installed/Microphone:
Did you read the rules and ready to obey them:

Regimental Staff:
Polkovnik (Plk) Colonel
Podpolkovnik (Pplk) Lt. Colonel
Adjutant Chef (AdjC)
Line Infantry:
Tag: 29y_*Rank*_*Name*

Mayor (May) Major
Adjutant (Adj)
Kapitan (Kpt) Captain
Poruchik (Prk) First Lieutenant
Podporuchik (Ppr) Second Lieutenant


Praporshik (Ppk) Ensign
Feldfebel (Fdl) Seargent First Class
Portupey-Praporshik (PrP) Seargent Second Class
Podpraporshik (Pdp) Seargent Third Class
Mladshiy Unter-Ofitsier (Unt) Corporal

Ryadovoy (Rdv) Private
Rekrut (Rkt) Recruit
Light Infantry:
Tag: 29y_Jeg_*Rank*_*Name*

Kapitan (Kpt) Captain
Shtabs-Kapitan (Skpt) Staff-Captain
Poruchik (Prk) First Lieutenant
Podporuchik (Ppr) Second Lieutenant


Feldfebel (Fdl) Seargent First Class
Portupey-Praporshik (PrP) Seargent Second Class
Podpraporshik (Pdp) Seargent Third Class
Mladshiy Unter-Ofitsier (Unt) Corporal

Ryadovoy (Rdv) Private
Rekrut (Rkt) Recruit
Tag: 29y_Art_*Rank*_*Name*

Kapitan (Kpt) Captain
Shtabs-Kapitan (Skpt) Staff-Captain
Poruchik (Prk) First Lieutenant
Podporuchik (Ppr) Second Lieutenant


Feldfebel (Fdl) Seargent First Class
Portupey-Yunker (PrY) Seargent Second Class
Podpraporshik (Pdp) Seargent Third Class
Feyyerverker (Fvk) Corporal

Ryadovoy (Rdv) Private


Under revision


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