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Community / The way they receive you in the 75e
« on: March 02, 2013, 01:28:13 am »
Hello Folks,I have made this topic to explain how those guys are cute and nice.In fact they banned me of their Ts with out purpose.I'm talking about those guy :
Basically,here begin the story:I've been the captain of their light infantry in the previous form of the 75e(LV and LI) and I retire from this sonce 7month now.2 days ago,as one of my friend ask to,I joined him to Teamspeak with the main purpose to salute my old comrades.I did so but suddenly I get banned and "back stabbed" by my follower,the new Captain of the light-inf with this reason:

?<23:33:12>  You were banned permanently from the server by "75e_CieV_Cpt_Eralorn" (Au revoir Bud :))
?<23:33:12>  Disconnected from server
?<23:34:37>  Trying to connect to server on
?<23:34:37>  You are banned permanently. Reason: "Au revoir Bud :)"

If you use a translator,you'll see that the reason of my banishment is  : " Goodbye Bud :) " with this light sarcastic tone proper to this regiment.Of course you must be questioning:"Why is this retarded talking about things,we don't care"
I'm here to open your eyes about the truth of the French community which is only composed by trolls and guys we can called as dictator.If you want,you can compare it to USSR.It's the same thing,the High Command is composed by guys who's got too much influence.
Just reflect about that they banned just because I was on old member and because I was knowing few guys.
I'm also talking about this regiment who made a Troll play-list on youtube:
How dare them consider them serious as in the description : we still have the same values that we carry on the battlefield: Respect, Discipline, Serious.
In addition of that someone in this regiment told me that I couldn't do anything about this because the 75e is in partnership with the 91st and many others regs.
I've been playing Full Invasion 2 today and some of their soldiers didn't stop to harass me about this story !
As Eralorn the guy who banned me said : "Internet is not a non-right area ! "
I hope I have opened your eyes on this community that we could consider as the worst !

Q/A:Why have you done this ?
To open the mind of people and to forge your own mind

Forum Français / De où venez-vous ?
« on: November 12, 2012, 12:09:38 pm »
Ce topic est génial parce qu' on peut trouver plein de nolife dans votre ville  ;D

Région:Nord Pas-de-Calais

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