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Community / Argie's Recruiting guide
« on: March 01, 2021, 07:10:35 pm »
This guide ,that was originaly made from the same guy that learned me how to do it on the 53rd and eddited by me, will teach you guys how recruit in a proper manner that is not taking too much time out of your life and actualy brings active recruits (even tho you can say less skilled ones :3 )   

You may ask how does one recruit, well daddy Argie is here to save you from making a fucking fool of yourself!

Step 1. You need to find a steam group or community, personally myself i leech the shit out of call to arms so i wanna see most of your recruits from there.

Step 2. Find the profiles that are worth adding. Now we have 3 types of people autists,active good members and full of themselves cunts i only wanna see ACTIVE GOOD MEMBERS. For example look at this piece of shit chances are he's a bush pirate or a troll, do not ask people who are located in syria or Holy sea.

Chances are they are a bunch of 11 year olds who get bullied at school.

Step 3. Add them, because of the new steam update you cant see steam games they own so its now a gamble because some retards who don't even have m and b join a mount and blade steam group (Common sense). BUT check there steam groups if they are a in a reg steam group but is inactive then add them if its active and they have tags in their name don't even try.

Step 4. Patients, some people will take days to accept and some second even hours but you need to be patient don't freak them out with spam or by stalking them let them add you when they feel like it remember the recruit is the main priority you don't wanna make a bad impression. Have a small friends list so you can see who has added you back.

Step 5. They have added you! Now's the time to strike send them a recruitment message

Send them this:
 Hello would you like to join my BANNERLORD and NW regiment for mount and blade, we are lights and line, and have our own teamspeak server. (You can ofc make your own personal copy paste messege that goes with the way you speak as long as it doesn not seem robotic.... try to be a good jehovah's witness)

Now if they say no just unfriend them or block them, If they say maybe keep them in your friends list and do not make contact until a week or so. If yes then good job you have a new member for us, Only add them to steam group if they say they are joining in teamspeak or discord. make them add Leader X  and Leader Y on steam then messege said boys to tell them your acomplishment , get them to teamspeak or discord once in give them their ranks and the other roles they would need  . Talk through the schedule the company's and basically everything good to know AT ANY POINT DO NOT TALK ANYTHING BAD ABOUT THE REG! This will make the reg look shit and put them off attending.

Community / Free regimental cheems pic (Recuests open)
« on: July 19, 2020, 07:16:11 pm »
Hear YE Hear YE ! anyone can have his own cheems all for the small price of 0 $ or 0.00  euros ;)

just ask for and give me a photo and i will make your regiment troop in to the most loved dog in the world.

Examples :

1st GLI



request form

Reg name:
Pic or painting depicting a regimental member (the picture must have a hat) :
Your name:

Regiments / 1st Greek Light Infantry [EU]
« on: July 01, 2020, 06:54:21 pm »

The 1st Regiment Greek Light Infantry (1810–12) was a light infantry regiment, founded as a local establishment in British service consisting mostly of Greek and Albanian enlisted men and Greek and British officers that served during the Napoleonic Wars. Later it became a regular British Army regiment as the 1st Greek Light Infantry ("The Duke of York's") (1812–16). It had no official association with the modern state of Greece or the Filiki Eteria or any Greek War of Independence groups; however, several future leaders of the War of Independence fought in its ranks.

About Us
The 1st GLI was created with the intend of being a relaxed regiment wich does not force it's members to be active.We got a specialty slots on every event we go to mostly being light's or arty.We don't have a single leader. Each of our 2 leaders has the same rank and power to make choices after fruitful debade.Even though most of our members are from EU we also got a big amount of people that are from Asia and the US

When one joins the regiments he is moved to the englisted corp while he can join at any time after a test the guard wich will allow him to participate on competetive events.
Administration is a assignment consisting of officers  who's job is to do all the paper work the regiment needs to operate at it's finest. Officers of the Enenglisted corp have a task of recruting people and Officers of the Guard have the assignment of Training the members.


*Consists of Co's & Nco's*

Participates in:

-Main LB Events
-Basic Trainings

Participates in:

 -Competitive Events
 -Extended Trainings

The 1stGLI Light Infantry Regiment has Plenty of scheduled events threw the week. Even though we have scheduled events every week, we don't force people to come to every single one of them nor force them to be active.
If interstead on calling us on an event don't even try to persuade us to come if we alredy got a event at that date



Tuesday -

Wednesday -

Thursday -

Friday -

Saturday -

Sunday -

No event 

No event 

No event 

No event 

1erArt Line Battle (Arty) 7:30 GMT

19th Line Battle (with Cav) 7:00 GMT

92nd Sunday Line Battle (with Cav) 7:00 GMT

Interested in joining the 1stGLI? If so then add any of the contacts below on Steam!

« Leaders »
Colonel Argie
Colonel Kostas

«CO's »

Admin. Corporal Misaka
1st Lieutenant Open Slot

«NCO's »

Sergeant Open slot
Corporal Larry
Corporal Saki

The Officers assign members to detachments before any Event.
Members can also sign up before hand to any detachment of their choosing.

Light Infantry

-Used to Skirmish
-Max 13 Per Event
Line  Infantry

 -Bigger Size
 -Forms in a Line
 -More Fire Power

«Artwork »

artist ;) :AXDG


1stGLI Officer
1stGLI Soldier

Artist: Montejean Monte jean de Lorraine#1550

Artist: ♥ Ralki Desu! ♥

Artist: solip04231319

 Artist:Wintry -


Youtube Channels that post our events :
and him :

P.S if you see anything that can be improved do tell ;3

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