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Regiments / 21st Northumberland Fusiliers Regiment of Foot (NA)
« on: April 07, 2021, 09:55:43 am »
"Nec Asperra Terrant", "We are Unbothered by our Hardships"

   The 21st Royal North British Fusiliers of Foot is a semi-professional, English-speaking group based around Mount and Blade Warband: Napoleonic Wars. Acting as an organized and disciplined unit of infantrymen, we serve to do our duty through thick and thin. We follow a simple code for our brotherhood: "Nec aspera terrent," or "Hardships do not deter us." No matter the difficulty ahead of us, we will persevere through any problem we come across because we do so together. We perform in events weekly, showcasing our good vibes and fun times for the whole community to witness.

   The regiment also partakes in other activities with one another, such as grand strategy games, Minecraft, other modules in M&B: Warband, and other games. The regiment has also conducted several occasions where members have met up to share drinks and ultimately just have a good time. Besides gaming, our members also partake in avid conversation regarding what interests them, including tabletop games, history, music, and more. The core concept of our regiment is a place for strangers to become friends and for friends to become brothers. Outside of events, members are encouraged to spend time with each other and to become friends outside of the game. We have had members from all over the globe, predominantly from the United States and Canada, and continue to encourage anyone who is interested to join and be a part of this community regardless of location.


   The 21st was founded in 2015, under Colonel Eireman, Lieutenant Colonel Dimefan, Sergeant Major Thomas. Soon Dimefan and Thomas decided to move on from the 21st and Lieutenant Hanover Stepped up to help lead the regiment. But soon Hanover would have to step down as he was joining the Marine Core the community was one that saw itself as a disciplined line infantry regiment and looked for perfection when it came to this. For this time the 21st history is recorded in the old forum post, posted here. Alexander and his brother Funnyfreak would soon take the reins of the regiment from Eireman and Hanover, ushering in a new age of the 21st. After this time. The 21st underwent some tumultuous time, with our third in command leaving with the majority of active rankers leaving the regiment small in number. From late 2016 to early 2019 the regiment had gone through tough times bringing only 5-6 guys per event if we could even muster enough to form a line. The regiment in this period took often month-long intermissions with Holdfast, Native, Persistent World, Arma, Paradox, and Tabletop games. In 2019 the regiment changed its recruiting policy. We recruited our friends, family, and anyone that we knew well out of the game. Forming a strong bond and changing the culture of the 21st. These days it is more of a family than it is a regiment. Certainly, the regiment has changed, and we like to believe it is better than ever.


Colonel Alexander
Lieutenant Colonel Funnyfreak
Major Truth

Sergeant Sensation
Corporal PFox
Corporal Gungadin
Corporal Stal
Lance Corporal Thulsadoomer
Lance Corporal Turdler

Private First Class Carter
Private First Class Everten
Private First Class Mariah
Private First Class Stryker
Private First Class Faded
Private Gaius
Private Artanis 
Private Alexsnap
Private Davis
Private Embrince
Private Vertildr
Private CommanderMalo
Private Horse
Private Soren
Private RRed

Thursday: RagingMozart's Raging Seas Thursday Naval Event
Friday: NickyJ's Corrupt Friday Linebattle
Sunday: North American Sunday Siege Event

Events: NA / 21st Wednesday Line Battle
« on: August 20, 2020, 03:55:22 am »
•   The server information (name and pw) will be given out on Feel free to Message (Steam) [21st] Alexander[21st] Funnyfreak, and [21st] JohnnyBoi
•   Be on the fse teamspeak by 7:30EST for your numbers, information will then be given out at 7:45-50EST.
•   Signup for specialty slots will open 9:30pm EST the night of the event (after it is concluded) for the following week on FSE, if signing up for more then 2 specs you have to make a separate post. 2 Arty, 2 Skirm/Lights, 2 Cav slots will be open to sign up for.
•   Specialties will be given first come first serve, given that they are after the 930pm est signup time

General Rules:
•   Any person who breaks the rules will be subject to slay, kick, or ban if the offense is serious enough to warrant it.
•   Admins may change spec caps should event attendance merit it.
•   Do not intentionally TK
•   Racial Slurs will not be allowed, you will be removed from the event.
•   Spamming will not be allowed, punishment will be up to the admin
•   Pistols will be considered melee. You may FoC, but may not reload, even during All Charge.
•   When an allcharge is called, do not delay. No firing on the allcharge.
•   No ramboing, units must act and engage together as a whole.
•   When one team is driven to 3 people or below(Ro3), all rules are void ( FoC/FoL/RoC/RoL is allowed ).
•   Garisoning is allowed, RoL/FoL/FoC/RoC is allowed while inside a building

General Rules for Line Infantry:
•   3 people is the minimum for a line. If you fall below 3, please join a friendly line.
•   Lines can use a maximum of half man spacing. Maximum of 2 officers per line.
•   No firing or reloading whilst crouched
•   Remain in a line formation when moving out.
•   Do not Fire out of Line (FoL), or Fire on the Charge (FoC). If any member of your line is in melee, your line cannot fire.
•   1 medic per regiment.
•   No Sappers for Line Regiments.

General Rules for Cavalry:
•   Max of 15 cav ( this includes the 3 officers ). No mixed cav allowed ( must all be same unit )
•   If it is a ranged unit, i.e. dragoons, they must line up to fire
•   As with everyone else, they cannot fire on the charge, or allcharge.
•   Cavalry must dismount if going into a charge with less than 3.
•   Cavalry can have a maximum of 3 officers. A general may substitute for one officer. Only the officers may scout, if a ranker is seen scouting, he will be slain for Rambo.
•   If Cavalry break officer limit a random officer will be slayed by the admin's.
•   Dismounted Cavalry can act as lights or arty guard.

General Rules for Skirmishers:
•   Maximum of 15 players including officers
•   All 15 players must be the same unit, skirms or lights not mixed
•   FoC is allowed during melee
•   Reloading is not allowed during melee
•   Maximum of 5 man spacing, but must maintain cohesion.
•   May crouch and take cover
•   Must be skirmishers or Lights.
•   Cannot fire in allcharge
•   If lights are chosen, the max spacing is 5 men.

General Rules for Artillery:
•   Artillery must bring 1 cannon and 1 howitzer.
•   Maximum of 15 arty personnel( arty train/officers/guard/rankers ).
•   Arty guard may act as skirmishers if they are within 15 paces of an active cannon. If there are no active cannons, they must act as line infantry.
•   An artillery piece is active if and only if it is being loaded, aimed, or fired.
•   2 sappers maximum. 250 bps for each team. Do not spam/waste bps ( no towers, crazy forts, tntspamming, etc)
•   Only the arty reg may act as arty guard (being like skirms within 15 paces of the active cannon). No other reg can act this way but dismounted Cavalry.
•   Artillery guard must play the artillery guard unit to take advantage of artillery guard rules.
•   Artillery may not fire during the allcharge.

Community / Memes
« on: September 04, 2019, 02:43:05 am »
Recently I took up the passion of making memes for my regiment  ( ) and was wondering if any of you guys also have regimental memes that you like to make. I am open to suggestions but I am currently thinking of having some sort of meme off for the nw community where we would vote for the best memes of the week/month/whatever.

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