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Servers shut off days ago even though the devs keep saying they fixed it. I'm not sure if this is the case for everyone internationally still (I'm in Australia), but its starting to get a bit crazy. I would be interested to hear what started this in the first place and why they still haven't managed to fix it?

Modifications / Webserver
« on: November 01, 2018, 01:19:53 pm »
 I'm trying to look into setting up a webserver for warband, to save player's gold, and return it to them upon re-entering the server.
I'm having difficulties getting it to work probably. I am basing it off this tutorial:

The two main issues i'm having are first, it only seems to work when i use the "host game" option, but not on the server (rented server through Oasis). I was wondering, does having a online rented server change anything compared to if I was using a dedicated server? Or is there something different I would need to do to make it work on the server?

Second, even when I do it on the "host server" option, it keeps returning me only 1 gold. It syncs with the php, as i can see the gold change there, but it just won't affect the game itself.

If anyone could help I''d really appreciate it. I noticed with The Village RP server that they have it working fine + saving clothes data and so on. Maybe the people who set that up would have an idea on how I could fix my issues, or set up something that works?

Modifications / White List
« on: July 11, 2018, 09:05:22 am »
Does anyone know how the admin white list system works in NW? Or where you are meant to enter the player's ID.

Tried entering this into my config file:

admin_white_list_enabled 1
admin_white_list_key 1223513 (example ID)

and it didn't do anything.

Also, was wondering how you would normally go about banning a player without being in game? Is this done via console or somewhere else?


Servers / PUBG_Official | Napoleonic Wars
« on: June 06, 2018, 02:48:01 pm »

The Aim Of This Server: The aim of this server is simply to provide a different game-mode. It is not aimed at completely recreating PUBG or the Hunger Games, but instead combines a mixture of these and other ideas, to create something (hopefully) unique and interesting. Weather you are interested in just playing around with a few friends, or organizing a larger event with your community, this should be suited to you.

The Basic Scenario:  Players spawn on a platform in the sky. After 12 seconds this platform begins to move across the map like an airplane. Players can then jump off whenever they prefer and press the down arrow key to release their parachute. (This gives them the ability to steer and control their direction of travel in mid-air). Once you land on the ground, you must find weapons, horses and uniforms, and fight it out with other players. Every few minutes visible barriers will begin to close in on, and limit the player area. If you get caught behind  a barrier you get auto-slayed, so watch out! The last man standing is the winner.

Unique Features of the server:

*  Reload muskets on the move for increased game speed (no more standing in one place to reload).
*  Player speed and health have been buffed up.
*  A variety of weapons located around the map with only a 40-60% chance of spawning (so they won't always be in the same place).
*  Chests which will give you a uniform, gloves or hat (giving you speed, armor, and accuracy bonuses).
*  Glass bottles work as smoke grenades.
*  Two large maps (so far), one snow based, and another on 2 linked islands.
*  The ability to actually fly (as if in a parachute).
*  Visible barriers limiting the player area (which will also slay those who cross them).
*  The server can be run fully without admins.

How to Join In:

Join our steam group for updates, and events.

Steam Contact:  DrummondC

Otherwise, the server PUBG_Test or PUBG_Official is always up (unless it is being upgraded).

SIDE NOTE: As this is still an experimental game-mode, I would really appreciate any feedback and advice, or any cool ideas you would like to be implemented. Thanks.

Regiments / AUS 12th [Queensland Scots] Regiment of Foot
« on: May 18, 2018, 07:47:38 am »
Who are we?

We are a beginner Napoleonic Wars and Anglo Zulu Wars Regiment based in Australia. We are pretty laid back, but still take our part in battles seriously, trying to always act in a professional manner as a team on the field of battle.

What do we do?

As well as trying to participate in weekly line battle events, we also host our own events (primarily in the Napoleonic Wars and Anglo Zulu Wars Mod, but also in a number of other mods).

Who do we accept?

We accept all players regardless of where they are from or what age they are, as long as you act mature, and follow the rules set in the Teamspeak and Steam Group.

How to join?

We have recently updated our steam group which you can find here:

You will also find details for our Teamspeak here.

Related Links:

Hunger Games Survival Server forum thread, which we also run, and sometimes have events in.

Modifications / Custom Keys; Directional Keys
« on: May 07, 2018, 03:16:11 pm »
I have been looking into using the custom keys script in Napoleonic Wars to trigger a particular animation in game. However, while it works when the game is simply in multiplayer mode, it doesn't seem to work on my server.

I tried using the same .txt files for server and client side, but it still doesn't work. Here is an example of the type of code I am using:
            (eq, ":action_type", player_action_key_down_held),       
(get_player_agent_no, ":player_agent"),
(agent_set_animation, ":player_agent", "anim_unused_human_anim_64", 0),
           #   (multiplayer_send_string_to_player, ":player_no", multiplayer_event_return_admin_chat, "@DOWN"), 

Are these custom keys unusable on a hosted server, or is there something I have missed or need to change/add?

Modifications / Fall Damage
« on: April 28, 2018, 08:17:11 am »
Is there any way to take away fall damage in the module files, so no health is lost when a player falls?

Modifications / Automatic Server Messages.
« on: March 22, 2018, 11:52:23 pm »
 Does anyone know how to script in automatic messages/admin messages for a server? Also, I would like to make these messages show up every 15 minutes or something, but i'm unsure how you would add this into the code. Would appreciate any answers.

The Anglo-Zulu War / Anglo Zulu Events International
« on: March 20, 2018, 11:24:39 pm »
Hi all,
I am trying to draw together Anglo Zulu regiments and players into a group where we can organize events, and hopefully bring the mod back to life. This is an international group, so people around the world can join, and hopefully find someone else in their time zone. While we hope to soon get some official events up and running, regiment leaders are also free to post announcements and organize events amongst themselves.

If you or your regiment would like to join, (or if you have a server you would like to offer) here is the link to our steam group.


I have been looking into using the custom button options for the new Napoleonic Wars Patch, but have run into a couple of problems (primarily with getting them to work from a server side).

In Module_Scene_Props I noticed 2 separate custom buttons options.

Five different versions of this, listed 1 second, 2 second and so on....
  ("custom_button_1_second",spr_use_time(1),"0","cannon_button_collision", [
    [        #add custom server side code here..

These I managed to get working fine from the server side by just adding the (multiplayer_is_server) command.

However when i use these ones and upload to my server they don't work--as in there is no 'use' label or anything...

#  ("custom_button_1_4seconds",spr_use_time(4),"0","cannon_button_collision", [
#    (ti_on_init_scene_prop,
#      [
#        (troop_set_name, "trp_custom_button_1_4seconds", "@Use Me"), # Set custom use string here, displayed when looking at button
#      ]),
#    (ti_on_scene_prop_use,
#    [        #add custom server side code here..
#    ]),
#  ]),

I'm assuming you are meant to take away the # which I have done. I also took away the # in front of all the 4 seconds ones in Module Troops.


Yet nothing appears to make them show up on the server.
I can only think it is somehow connected to this part of the script:

#    (ti_on_init_scene_prop,
#      [
#        (troop_set_name, "trp_custom_button_1_4seconds", "@Use Me"), # Set custom use string here, displayed when looking at button

And this leads to my second question: How do you create custom labels?

In Module_troops it talks about changing the troop name....but is the one you change in the custom_strings_[] section, or in this part....


Finally, what exactly would you add/change in this line in the scene_props to make this custom label come into effect?

#        (troop_set_name, "trp_custom_button_1_4seconds", "@Use Me"), # Set custom use string here, displayed when looking at button

Would greatly appreciate any help on these issues and questions.

Servers / Hunger_Games_Official: Battle Royale
« on: March 08, 2018, 10:27:40 am »
Announcement 26/05/2018: Trying out a new PUBG mode for this server currently. Join PUBG_Test server to check it out.  ;)                                           



- This Scenario is basically modeled on the Hunger Games movies. It is set as last man standing. Players start without weapons, on a platform in the sky. They then teleport through hatches on to a platform in the arena. After waiting on your platform for the countdown you can make the choice to go for the center--where you will find weapons--or run for cover. There are weapons, ammo, horses, chests (giving you food) and custom usable uniforms around the map. Last man standing will be the winner.

Scenario 2: PUBG mode (still in early access).

The Basic Scenario:

Players spawn on a platform in the sky. After 10 seconds this platform begins to fly across the map. Players can choose when to jump off, and by pressing 'down arrow' release their parachute--which essentially puts them into a flying mode. They can steer around and have control of where they land.

Once you land you can search houses, villages, and other complexes for weapons, horses, and uniforms. Uniforms give you special bonuses e.g. Gloves: + 10 Accuracy, or Uniform: + 44 Armour - 5 Speed. Weapons and horses only have between a 40% - 60% chance of spawning, so you will not always find them in the same place every round.

On top of this, every few minutes visible barriers limit the player area. If you get caught behind these barriers you get automatically slayed, so always plan ahead and keep your distance.

Try to survive as long as possible, and be the last man standing.


- Can be run fully without admins.
- Custom usable uniforms.
- Weapons/Ammo boxes.
- Reload Muskets/Carbines on the move.
- Increased movement speed.
- Hunger. You will lose life every 2 minutes. Find treasure chests around the map which give you health.
- Caves which you can only get into with a shovel.
- Custom maps (more will be uploaded over time). These often feature a series of caves, tunnels, tree houses and other hiding spots.

How to Join In:

Join our steam group for updates, and events.


Otherwise, the server is always up (unless it is being upgraded).

Important Details:

- This is currently an Australian based server. However everyone is free to join. There are a few versions of it hosted by others based in the EU and Turkey, though I don't personally host them, and therefore can't guarantee they are always available.

- If there are enough players based in the EU or NA who are interested, I will look into personally setting up an EU/NA based server. So let me know if you like it, or join the steam group.

Want to be an admin?

- Steam Contact: DrummondC
- Also check out the admins section in the steam group.

Check out some screenshots for maps.

Check the comments below to see screenshots and details for new maps.

I am also open to any map suggestions! If anyone has a cool idea just contact me and I will certainly keep it in mind.


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