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Regiments / 41st Regiment of Foot
« on: May 06, 2014, 01:35:18 pm »

                                                                                                                             Teamspeak IP:


What you may be interested in

The 41st Regiment of Foot was an infantry regiment of the British Army, formed in 1719 and
 amalgamated into The Welch Regiment in 1881.

The regiment was raised by General Edmund Fielding in March 1719 out of independent companies of
invalids and Chelsea out-pensioners - soldiers incapable of normal service through disease, age or injury. 
They were renamed the Royal Invalids in 1741, and in 1751, they were numbered the 41st Regiment of Foot. 
In 1782, when other regiments took county titles, they were denoted as the 41st (Royal Invalids) Regiment of Foot; in 1787 they ceased to
comprise invalids and became a conventional line regiment, dropping the title.  They finally received a territorial affiliation in 1831, becoming
the 41st (Welch) Regiment of Foot.

The 41st regiment served with distinction in Canada during the War of 1812 where it gained more battle honours than any other British unit
during that period.  It participated in the capture of Detroit under Major General Isaac Brock.  They were involved with the siege of Fort Meigs, the
battle of the River Raisin and took part on board British ships during the Battle of Lake Erie.


Roster and Ranks

Commissioned Officers

Colonel: Hadaki
Major: Nesko
Captain: Skittles
Lieutenant: USE4life

Non-Commissioned Officers

Serjeant Major: To be decided
Serjeant: To be decided
Corporal: Vanleeuwen


Lance Corporal: To be decided
Private: Furiar
Private: Hervard
Private: Jolly
Private: Fontskiy
Private: Presidente
Private: Nutty Pig
Private: Boon
Private: Ninja
Private: Reaper
Private: BloodAxe
Private: Soda
Private: CannonFodder
Private: Attila
Private: Keenter
Private: Skiip
Private: Jorge
Private: Dersim
Private: Meister
Private: Artex
Private: JohnnyZhu
Private: Monsnic




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To be decided - Tuesday

Wednesday - Warm up before an event 
To be decided -  Wednesday
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To be decided - Thursday

Friday - 7pm (GMT)
To be decided - Friday
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To be decided - Saturday

Sunday - Warm up before an event 
To be decided - Sunday

Regiments / The new 91st Argyllshire Highlanders
« on: October 05, 2013, 09:22:59 pm »
Working Progress - Sorry i can't provide all information at the moment.

Legions / Has anyone considered using the Numidarum class yet?
« on: September 23, 2013, 05:34:46 pm »
Just out of pure curiosity - has anyone at all considered just making a "legion" of some sort, of numidarum infantry?  Not even too sure if that's how you say it but there you go.  If so i'd just like to hear suggestions.

ps.  I may steal the idea soon enough.

Community / Abusive KOA_Nr 7_FieldMarshall_Klink
« on: June 30, 2013, 02:33:30 am »
This boy came into the teamspeak and started calling us "anti-semitic" and "faggots" and any other homophobic slurs.  Afterwards he sent these messages to a by stander who won't be named:

 Nr7 Klin: I actruly hate them,if they were in my school,i would have fucking puched them
Nr7 Klin: .
Nr7 Klin: Cunts

Personally - this man i wouldn't follow into battle.


Off Topic / Two Word Story from the Gryffindor Common Room
« on: April 06, 2013, 01:59:31 am »
Picnic hour at the whore house is very special and full of hot girls with willys and dildos and treble's horsey sister who always likes to fuck him with her lardish penis.  Then he got out the gaybar with his dignity shattered he made a promise to cum on his nike trainer that he trains sex.  He bought a lifelike doll of baby Ste with several copies of mini INvesters aka minions that looked really gay as they enjoyed doing kinky stuff.  However it only worsened the tension between him and his...incest sister fucked him up the wrong hole, which meant he couldn't pull it back out again.  This means that it's stuck due to huge amounts of gold being shoved down his tight hole.  Sexy treble treble's sister is lesbian with the mother called bulmer aka bummer for good reasons unkown to man and people and penises.

Authors : Skittles
               Jack Spears

If you wish to join in on our future TWO WORD STORIES - Add Xkirederfx on steam and speak to me there.

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