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Hello everyone !

My name is Mackovich and I host M&B servers as well as Teamspeak 3 servers at very good prices without sacrificing quality !
2015 just started and for me it is my 5th year as a server hoster.
You may have noticed I already have a thread regarding my offer.
Since my servers changed a lot, I decided to have a fresh and proper start to show you how awesome my services became.

Server Specifications
Server specs :
- Windows Server 2012 64 bits
- INTEL Xeon Quad Core @3.8GHz
- 32 GB of RAM
- SSD or HDD
- Bandwith : 1Gbps.

Server Locations
Paris, France
Canada, North America

Control And Customization
Yes we all enrage because of Windows' quirks and bugs, but don't well all love it for its desktop and its friendly user interface?

All my servers are running Windows Server 2012 64 Bits.
Mount & Blade games are  developed under Windows environment for Windows. Then what better operating system than Windows itself ?

Windows Servers are light, stable, enhanced and powerful versions of Windows.
They are dedicated to run server-based applications with performance and control in mind.

Have a look!

No you did not just hallucinate: you just saw a full Windows Desktop with all usual windows and controls

-Starting your server is like starting an app on your computer.

-Stopping your server is like killing an app on your computer.

Really easy to use! What is it?

This is Windows Remote Desktop and it is really awesome, you can ask my customers!

You can access ALL your files WITHOUT any restrictions whatsoever.

What more can you do then ?

Here is a non-exhaustive list of features :

 -a great deal of modules you can install simply by copying and pasting
 -manage your ban list files directly
 -install custom maps by copying and pasting them over the Remote Desktop Access (yes, that easy)
 -switch in less than 10 seconds between configurations for training, fun events, official events and other

Server Prices!

You would think that the performance of my servers and all of Windows Server features will cost you a fortune.

I am happy to inform you that you are wrong.

My aim is not to empty your wallet.
My aim is to provide you with servers that satisfy your needs while sticking to your budget.

This is why, as before I do not really have prices.
All you will want to know, is that a 200 slots server should never cost your more than 25€ per month.

Other hosters show you prices and you have to stick to them.

But what if you need 100 slots sometimes, like two times a week but the rest of the time, you will be using less than 50% of its capacity ?
Would it be fair to charge you a 100 slots full time ? I think not.

So i basicallly set a price depending on how you will use the server (Events,Public Usage,Private Usage)
and how much you will use it ( The population of the server everyday).

Also you can have a server for a week for free just to test it out!

Try it and lov' it !

Payment Methods

Contact Me :

Design by Nicos

Hello everyone !!

Today I come bearing good news and gifts.

How does "a completely free 200 slots M&B (Warband and modules) server until April the 14th further notice" sounds ?

This offer is limited to one by person. First come, first served !!

How does it work ?

I need people to test a new machine I acquired.
It is located in North of France and so far the ping is amazing (a customer from Essex close to LONDON has less than 20ms !!).

Server specs :

Location : North of France (great pings !!)
Ubuntu Server 12.04 64bits
32Gb DDR 3
INTEL Core i7 4770k @ 3.5GHz - 4 cores | 8 threads

What control do you have ?

Well, that's the catch : you're limited to your admin password. For any other requests such as custom maps, other modules, you'll need to ask me first.
I will do it, granted it is possible to do it, but you'll have to be patient. I can deal with requests within minutes up to within hours according to my availability (I have a job).

What do I ask in return ?

Not much. Only patience, respect, that's all !
Well, perhaps you could take a closer look to my "real" offer here (servers starting at 0.12€ and TS at 0.15€ per slot !) :

Here are my contact info :
On Steam look for : Mackovich Server Hoster
I have a public group, consider joining ! -> Mackovich Hosting Group

You may also leave a message with your contact info or send me a private message, I will grant your request as fast as possible.

But please do remember, this is completely free for you ! I will never ask anything from you ! So please, do enjoy to your heart's content !!!

Hello there !

You might have heard of me, my name is Mackovich.
I am about to start my 4th year as a private server hoster and manager.

So I come here to propose my offer in hope it can help out people in need of games and voice servers.

Here is my history (resume) if you want :
  • lthe French IVe Corps when they've just started and were the 7Th Hussard beforehand ;
  • More than one year with Aldemar and Malakith 77y Regiment. They hosted great conquest LB I hear ;
  • The French IXe Corps for about a year ;
  • The French Ve Corps which became the LV afterward ;
  • Mackbossmann's 59th Regiment ;
  • The Great Empire from Benelas ;
and a few more modest french and foreign regiments like the 6e Pie or the 4Th Hussard!

It has been three incredible years with amazing clients that I would like to thank!  :D

Before getting into more details, I would like to make something cristal clear : my aim, since the beginning, is not to have a huge clientele.
All I want is to form a safe and longstanding small clientele through a good relationship based on trust.   ;)

This is why I rarely post my offer on the web like I am doing right now: I managed to "survive" among the "sharks" for 3 years through word of mouth only!

So let's get down to business, shall we?  8)

I know people like them (and I do like them) so here are they:

Server Sepcs'
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 DataCenter 64bits --> you'll see why it's an awesome OS !
  • INTEL Core i7 3930K 3.8GHz 6 cores| 12 threads
  • 64Go de RAM DDR3
  • 2To HDD

Happy? Satisfied?  :P

Then let's move on with what I hold dear:  :)

Server Management & Customer Service

When you deal with a small base of customers, you want a close and continued relationship.
So you also want to attend to their need by any necessary means!

I want to go even further. I want to satisfy both neophytes and advanced clients and there is solution for that: Windows Remote Desktop!

Basically, Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2, which is based on the excellent Windows 7 kernel, comes with this awesome feature: Windows Remote Desktop.
The server simply emulates and provides the end-user with a classic windows desktop. A more sober version, if you prefer.

It comes with all the usual Windows UI:
  • a complete Windows GUI with windows, folders, start menu, tasks etc... purely Windows ;
  • a total direct control over the server just as if it were you own computer, but you can't shut it down ... we wouldn't want that, would we ? ^^ ;
  • as a user you have your own private session with you personal files. No one can pry, it's yours and yours only to do whatever you desire !

This feature is available on your computer, right now just like that. Nothing to install! (provided you have windows of course ^^)

When it comes to deal the customer directly, I like the idea of a Customer Service that is always available, courtuous and helpful.
This tree aspects are at the core of my services. Therefore I tend to have a great availabilty with a short response time to any request.
This is what my three years of experience have taught me!

So now you know how I feel and how I do business, here comes the real deal.

My offer

Mount and Blade - all games - all versions - all modules : 0.20€ per slot.
Need more than 100 slots ? Let's negociate ;-)

Minecraft - plugins allowed - unlimited map : 0.25€ per slot.

Arma 3 : soon (thinking about 0.30€ per slot !)

Chivalry Medieval Warfare : 0.20€ per slot.

And the TeamSpeak offer ?

Well, when it comes to voice servers, it's pretty straightforward: 0.15€ per slot. This is almost half cheaper that most of the hosters out there!

Nonetheless, when clients need a game and voice servers package, I can throw in a free TS server!

Satisfied or Satisfied!

With me, there shall not be unhappy customers. But if you don't find my service satisfying or if you are dubious regarding my offers, then why don't you come try out?

Yep, here is the deal: one completely free week trial! And nothing asked in return! You can even try for fun and I won't blame you! '^^

So, tempted? Do you like what you read? Then PM me whenever you feel like it!

Finally, last but not the least:

Ad vitam æternam...
... forever! ...For eternity! Loyalty or nothing!

As I previously said I truly look for longterm relationship (what? Isn't this webiste a dating service??? xD)!
Therefore I want to reward my loyal customers. How can you be loyal?
1) Time. Time is simple and generous ;
2) Have you ever heard about sponsorship? Have you heard about Mackovich's sponsorship?? NO ?!?
Whenever you find a new client, you get a monthly debate as long as the one you sponsor stays. By the way, he will also get the same debate but only once! Ain't that sweet??
So if you're good enough you can even get money provided you find enough customers. That's right: you won't pay but I'll pay you!!

Join my Steam Group !

PS: My only condition is PayPal only without commission. Thanks.

Forum Français / Service de location de servers de jeux et TS 3
« on: March 08, 2014, 02:25:10 pm »
Bonjour à tous !

Je me présente, je suis Mackovich.   :)
Certains d'entre-vous ont probablement dû entendre parler de moi...

C'est tout-à-fait possible ! ^^   8)

Après tout si vous voulez mon "CV" :
- j'ai participé aux débuts du IVe Corps lorsque celui-ci était encore connu sous le nom du 7e Hussard sur le jeux Mount & Blade : Warband avec le module mm_russia3 (puis NW) ;
- j'ai hébergé de nombreux servers à titre gracieux pour le IVe Corps ;

Lorsque je me suis sérieusement lancé dans la location en 2010 de servers M&B : W j'ai eu de prestigieux clients tel que :
  • le IVe Corps un certains temps ;
  • plus d'un an avec le 77y régiment de Aldemar qui organise de grandes LB conquest ;
  • le IXe Corps de Hammer et Matt ;
  • le Ve Corps de Sercoof et la Légion de la Vistule avec Aexos aussi ! ;
  • le Xe Corps ;
  • le 75e (avant : 29eregiment), mon plus fidèle client (2 ans) ;
  • Un gros clan sous Native du nom de TKOS ;
  • Le Grand Empire de Benelas ;

Mais aussi, de nombreux régiments plus modeste comme : le 1erRIMA, le 20ème (Godieu), le 32e (destructor), 4Th Hussards, la Garde Impériale etc...

En trois ans, j'ai connu un grand monde et ça été une sacré expérience alors merci à vous tous !

Trois longues années d'expérience en étant tout seul.
Seulement j'ai été "écarté" par des personnes plus ambitieuses que moi : bravo à eux pour avoir formé la clientèle qu'ils ont.

Je tiens à dire que ça n'a jamais été mon intention d'avoir une pléthore de clients.
Dès le début j'ai fixé une ligne de conduite : une base saine et sûre de client à long terme.

Aujourd'hui je reviens sur le devant de la scène pour vous proposer mon offre qui est l'aboutissement de mon expérience.
Elle est particulière mais c'est à vous de juger ! ;)

Spécifications Server :
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 DataCenter 64bits
  • INTEL Core i7 3930K 3.8GHz 6 coeurs | 12 threads
  • 64Go de RAM DDR3
  • 2To HDD

Service Gestion & Client

Je veux contenter ET les débutants ET les experts demandeurs. La solution existe et elle s'appelle : Windows Remote Desktop - Bureau à Distance Windows !

C'est quoi ? C'est simple : mon server vous met à disposition, où et quand vous voulez un bureau Windows sobre, simple, et léger.

Retrouvez donc le meilleur de Windows :
  • un GUI complet avec les fenêtres, les dossiers, le menu démarrer, les tâches etc... enfin bref windows ^^ ;
  • le contrôle direct du server : vous voyez le server et vous avez mains-mises sur lui ;
  • l'intégralité de vos fichiers à vous et que pour vous : vous avez une session et vos fichiers servers alors amusez-vous  ;)

Voici mon tutoriel complet en vidéo ! Celui explique tout !

Quant aux services clients, je réponds à toutes les demandes, par Steam, TeamSpeak, et téléphone (SMS & Appel) pour les clients les plus sérieux et demandeurs !


Voici maintenant le détail de mon offre sur les servers de jeux.

Je propose du sur-mesure si besoin :
Vous avez un besoin spécifique et un budget précis : on négocie et on se met d'accord.

Voici ma tarification :

Mount and Blade - tous les jeux - tous les modules supportés : 0.20€ par slot.
Besoin de 100 slots ou plus ? On négocie ;-)

Minecraft - plugins autorisés - map illimitée : 0.25€ par slot.

Arma 3 : prochainement (je pense à 0.30€ par slot !)

Chivalry Medieval Warfare : 0.20€ par slot.

Et pour le servers TS ?

Si vous voulez coupler un server de jeu + TS ou prendre un gros server de jeu, le TS peut-être offert !

Sinon voici la tarification de base : 0.15€ le slots.

Satisfait ou Satisfait !

Chez moi, vous pouvez tester le service sans débourser un seul sous et sans engagement. Oui, vous pouvez même tester le service pour le fun ! ^^

Ad vitam æternam...
... à jamais ! Pour l'éternité ! La fidélité ou rien !

Je récompense les clients fidèles à tous les niveaux. Comment être fidèle ?
- Le temps : le plus simple et le plus généreux ;
- Le parrainage : une réduction mensuelle pour le parrain et une réduction immédiate pour le parrainé !

Et des surprises, vous verrez ;)

Paiement uniquement via PayPal !

Merci d'avoir lu et à très bientôt j'espère !!

---> Contact par PM ;)

Nouveau ! - > Groupe Steam !

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