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Regiments / 69ème Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne [EU/FR]
« on: July 31, 2014, 08:55:41 pm »

Welcome on the official thread of the 69e Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne.

This regiment fight for the IIe Corps d'Armée Français.

LLe 69e Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne came from the Major Riken, the Adjudant Murat, the Sergent Haze,the Sergentr Zamorak join by the Sergent Jessaor and some from the 23e Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne in a trouble period in french communauty. So we are in majority formed by old members of the 23e, line before us, plus other older formations.
Le 69e Régiment d'Infanterie is been created the July, 14 2014 by the Capitaine Riken,the Sergent Murat and the Caporal Haze.
Our regiment establish arond a little group of veterans welded and united, who wants too grow up in the future, spite of the youth of the regiment, we can bring between 20 and 25 members (and more) in events. We play essentially for the pleasure to be together and also for the pleasure of the game
We find the fun provided by playing the game in the regiment comes through discipline, cohesion and professionalism.
This last point insn't incompatible with our ambitions. Indeed we decided to launch in competitive adventure with several purposes:
First of all, created a regiment of soldiers overtrain and supervised at best to allow them to arrive individually and collectively at the best accomplishments and exploits. 
Second of all, promote a healthy atmosphere and of encouragement, far from any forms of harmful intrigues, stinginess, the mistrust of the soldier to the officer or arrogance of the officer to the soldier.

The officers, NCO and corporals forming the central body of the regiment put a lot ardently into the regiment with any soldiers of the rank, into the educational frame in the fight or into the ranks in the effort to favor the integration of the members and the success of every soldiers.

Le 69é Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne require results and seriousness, all this was combined in a good atmosphere. We so advocate the respect between our members, the discipline, the activity and the motivation by wanting to put a lot into the group as well as the personal training.
The regiment made the choice to use RP pseudos.


Colonel (Col)

Major (Maj)

Aide de Camps (AdC)

Capitaine (Cpt)

Lieutenant (Lt)

Sous Lieutenant (Slt)


Adjudant-Chef (AdjC)

Adjudant (Adj)

Sergent Major (SgtMaj)

Sergent (Sgt)

Elève Sous-Officier (ESO)

Caporaux et Hommes du Rang:

Caporal Fourrier (CplFo)

Caporal (Cpl)

Grenadier (Gren)

Fusilier Vétéran (FusV)

Fusilier (Fus)

Cadet (Cdt)


Major Riken
Aide de Camps Nataf


Adjudant Murat

Sergent Haze
Sergent Zamorak
Sergent Jessaor
Sergent Instructeur Zarger

Hommes Du Rang:

Caporal-Fourier Eric Adam

Caporal Arthur Malet
Caporal Felix Lagarde
Caporal Victor Montfort
Caporal Dumoussaud Francois

Fusilier Vétéran  Jean Antoine
Fusilier Vétéran  Louis LaGarde

Fusilier Jean Delard
Fusilier Pierre Kein
Fusilier Joseph Hauffman
Fusilier Bruno Maillard
Fusilier Valentin Leduc
Fusilier Jean Lafourchette
Fusilier Ignace Lepied
Fusilier Mathieu Engel
Fusilier Noel Portier
Fusilier Vidal LeBelliqueux
Fusilier Adam Baron
Fusilier Nathan Gateau
Fusilier Xavier Desfort
Fusilier Colin Bacon

Cadet Henri Favre
Cadet Lazarre Ponticelli
Cadet Thibault Duplan
Cadet Vincent Fournier
Cadet Thomas Thiffler
Cadet Jacquet Antoine
Cadet Louis Kieffer
Cadet Vincent_Eckenfeld
Cadet Leopold Rapp
Cadet Maximilien Maillard
Cadet Paul Nolland
Cadet François LePecheur
Cadet Louis Mercier
Cadet Pas encore de pseudo RP
Cadet Olivier Gautier (Altair)
Cadet Pas encore de Pseudo RP
Cadet Ben Melon
Cadet Archier Bacon
Cadet Henrich Vass
Cadet Ory Texier
Cadet Charles Cucu
Cadet Valentin Griffon
Cadet Jean Labbé
Cadet Paul Lefranc
Cadet Arthur Dieuleveux
Cadet Pas encore de pseudo RP
Cadet Pas encore de pseudo RP

Total: 55 Hommes

You can go on our forum:
Our Teamspeak:
For any informations, this is the Steams of our Etat-Major:
Capitaine Riken
Aide de Camps Nataf
Adjudant Murat
Sergent Jessaor
Sergent Haze
Sergent Zamorak

FSE Thread
Le 69e Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne have is own skin pack remplace the 84e by our personal uniformes. He remplace also the flag of the 84e by our own.




Porte Aigle


Nous recrutons !
Join us

I apologize for any grammatical mistake in english, I try to do my best  ;D
Thread desing by Jessaor and Riken
Maghreb represent  8)

Media / 23e Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne Videos
« on: June 13, 2014, 10:47:45 pm »

Hello everyone,
Welcome to the official 23e Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne videos thread.  :D
So today I present to you, the 23e Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne YouTube Channel!

Finaly we have decided to relaunch our Youtube channel with some new fresh blood ;)

On this thread you will find all of our new and featured videos that we will update as much as possible.
If you like out videos, don't forget to subscribe and to like!

Our Trailer:

(made by Wargy)

Watch it ! ;)

If you want to join our regiment check on this links
Regimental Website:
FSE Thread:

A lock merci.

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