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The Mess Hall / SerWall is a bully and liar
« on: May 10, 2021, 09:50:15 am »
Recently, around 12:45 AM my time (Mountain time), SerWall was among a number of suspects whom unjustly accused me of not having a lot of muscle relative to my weight and height. Stryker, SerWall, Johnnyboi, and Camden(Vertildr) were the ones in the lineup. After extensive interrogation from myself and my representation(Cwater), the just judges of cowlikenuts and Lawbringer came to the decision that SerWall was the culprit. I will disclose that my mental instability did come into question but was dismissed by the court. I would like for everyone to recognize the crimes that SerWall has committed and to condemn him for these actions.

Thank you and have a nice day.

The Mess Hall / feet pic thread
« on: March 20, 2021, 07:52:18 am »
hey guys post your feet pics and rate the one above you

Regiments / [1KL] 1. Konigliche Linie von Sachsen [NA]
« on: October 21, 2020, 10:19:51 pm »

Commissioned Officers

| Oberst Jazz
| Major Nartu
| Leutnant Pickle

Non-Commissioned Officers

| Adjudant Worrer
| Unteroffizier Arrowsords
| Unteroffizier Spartoniou
| Korporal Hess
| Korporal Bdof


| Vize Korporal Watspoon
| Vize Korporal Robin
| Gefreiter Lazai
| Gefreiter Antidote
| Grenadier Proskky
| Gefreiter Brave Sir Robin
| Gefreiter Rabbid Robot
| Grenadier Noob
| Gefreiter Manbearpig
| Gefreiter Arcanine
| Grenadier Tim
| Gefreiter Snowball
| Fusilier Robert
| Fusilier Red
| Fusilier Felniir Icewolf
| Fusilier RockMonstr1
| Fusilier Azlow
| Fusilier HAGMAN
| Grenadier Thegan
| Fusilier Raptor
| Fusilier Anoobis
| Grenadier Beans
| Fusilier Sipho

| Soldat Booth
| Soldat Pawker
| Soldat KryptiCast
| Soldat Allen
| Soldat Miller
| Soldat Zachthegreat6
| Soldat Caleb007
| Soldat Meiji
| Soldat SengokuKiddo
| Kadett Hey
| Kadett Razzy
| Kadett Boxcutter
| Kadett TheLastItalian
| Kadett Jameson
| Kadett Ssumbra
| Kadett Jager

Commissioned Officers: 3
Non-Commissioned Officers: 7
Enlisted: 43
Mercenaries/Reserves: 0
Overall Strength: 53

The 1KL was initially formed on July 17th, 2017 as the 2nd Virginia in North & South but switched over to Napoleonic Wars on October 11th, 2018. After that, the regiment went through 3 stages of development. Initially as the 1st Pommeresches Infanterie. On November 9th, 2018 the regiment transferred into the Holy Roman Empire as Saxony and grew to become one of the largest regiments there. Finally, on February 6th, 2020 the regiment left the collapsing Holy Roman Empire in order to be independent and more effective. After that, the regiment has been known as the 1st Königliche Linie von Sachsen [1KL]. In March of 2020, the 74th merged into the 1KL. In early August, the 1KL formed the IX Korps "Armee du Rhin" with the 8e. At its height, the IX Korps would consist of the 7te, 1KL, 26p, 2HR, and the 42nd. In early October the 1KL acquired a merge from the 2HR. Following the 2HR, the NA side of the 7te merged into the 1KL.

This regiment, lead by Jazz, is a semi-serious regiment that participates in primarily NA public events as well as the competitive scene. Many of the members of this regiment including those from the merge were from the North and South mod or Holy Roman Empire. The 1KL usually plays as line infantry, but will often get specialties such as cavalry and skirmishers while occasionally playing artillery. As for activity and attendance, this regiment brings 12-25 an event, and is organized into 2 companies, 1 that is lead by Leutnant Pickle and the other is lead by Major Nartu while overseen by Jazz and his Adjudant Worrer. With this being said, this regiment primarily uses TeamSpeak for events as many other regiments do, but has a very active discord with 90-100+ members. Outside of NW, this community plays many games such as Among Us, Total War Series, HOI4, EU4, and many other games. We are also proud members of the IX Brigade and the BBG Community

Commissioned Officers

| Oberst [Oberst]
| Oberstleutnant [ObLt]
| Major [Mjr]
| Kapitän [Kpt]
| Oberleutnant [OLt]

        Non-Commissioned Officers
| Feldwebel [Fwb]
| Unteroffizier [Uffz]
| Korporal [Kpl]


| Vize Korporal [VKpl]
| Gefreiter [Gefr]
| Fusilier [Fus]
| Soldat [Sdt]
| Kadett [Kdt]
| Landwehr [Ldwr]





NW Siege Event
NW Linebattle Event
NaS Event
NW Linebattle Event
Free Day
NW Linebattle
NW Linebattle



8:00 PM EST
8:00 PM EST
8:00 PM EST
8:00 PM EST
8:00 PM EST
8:00 PM EST
8:00 PM EST


North and South Screenshots

Note: It will be way easier to join the discord if you are interested in joining rather than adding them via Steam.

We use TS for events, but discord for communications/announcements. All members should join the discord!

Template provided by Rival/Edited by Hess

Events: NA / Concept Event: 3v3 Linebattle - Hosted by Pickle
« on: June 13, 2020, 05:50:50 am »
General Information
Whether this stays as a 3v3 event or turns into a 4v4 is based on sign-ups/demand. The below information is assuming the event is as 3v3 but can easily be scaled up.

Two regiments(per team) will play as line. The remaining regiment will play as a specialty role, which will be rotated weekly. Specialty unit numbers will be limited enough for a regiment to also field a line.

All Charge should only be called if there is a clear victor of the round(i.e. 40 vs 10).

Here is how the weekly specialties will be rotated.
Week 1. Line Only
Week 2. Artillery
Week 3. Skirmishers
Week 4. Cavalry

Specialty Role Limits and Rules
  • No FoC/FoL
  • No RoC
  • Spacing should be shoulder to shoulder
  • Must use Muskets
  • No Officer Aim
  • Limit of One Officer per line
  • No Light Infantry
  • Only One cannon is allowed
  • No Howitzers
  • No Rockets
  • More than One reloader is allowed
  • One Sapper is allowed
  • No TNT
  • No Towering
  • Any Arty Guards must act as a standard line
  • Maximum of Ten man spacing from any line
  • Skirms should not exceed Five man spacing
  • Maximum of 6 Skirmishers
  • May crouch
  • May be Light Infantry
  • If All Charge is call, Cav must dismount
  • No Dragoons
  • Maximum of 8 players
  • If Cav has 2 or less men, they must dismount unless continuing a charge
  • Must stay within 30 man spacing of a line
  • Must stay as a group
  • Must all be the same Cav type

All terms, rules, and details are subject to change. Feedback is very welcome.

Ideas to Discuss:
  • Every fourth event is line only(to begin and end new rotation)
  • Spec limit

Pickle, Karpov, Jolly, Kay, and Theodin
Participating Regiments

Sign-up Format
Regiment Name:
Leader's Discord or Steam Code/URL:
Expected Attendance:
Preferred Day(Thursday or Sunday):

Admin Sign-up
Discord or Steam Code/URL:
Admin Experience:

Let's get this up and running soon. Contact me or reply below with any questions or feedback.

I have run/helped numerous events in the past and consider myself a fairly unbiased figure in the community. If you're curious about my credentials feel free to ask.

My Steam

Developed By - Pickle with the help of Jolly, Kay

Servers / NA Groupfighting ??
« on: February 28, 2019, 05:51:16 am »
There have been secret meetings happening of late to determine what should happen moving forward with the North American Groupfighting scene. These meetings have been attended and supported by present BoB Moderators, BoB Admins, and prominent community members. We have entertained the idea of creating a new NA Groupfighting but decided to hold off until we heard comments from the community.

The main reason behind holding these meetings was the fact that it was unacceptable to continue to let Pedro run the only populated groupfighting server. BoB Groupfighting has been a cesspool in the community for too long and should be replaced. Pedro's recent actions have been somewhat concerning as he has been banning for no particular reason, giving admin to questionable characters and it is believed that he has sold admin and has tried to do it other times. Example: Vetro giving Pedro a graphics card for admin.

We have no issue creating a whole new server but would prefer if Dan or Pedro handed the server over to us.

I'd like to start off by saying thank you to the community for giving me the chance to represent all of you.

I have a few new ideas for linebattles and tournaments that I will be posting here and talking to community members about to get feedback on. I will also be having meetings with different groups of the community and some that will be open to the public so be on the lookout for those dates.

If anyone would like help running any sort of event please feel free to ask me. I will be more than willing to try and help all sorts of events succeed.

As I stated in my Application, I will be working with the other candidates to make sure every single one of you is represented to the fullest possible extent.

Here is my Steam feel free to add me to discuss anything.

If any of you have any suggestions or concerns please post them here or message me on Steam so we can discuss them.

I will be updating this post regularly and will be posting polls occasionally.



To have a recurring, well run, League during the off-season of NANWL.

Start Date:
June 20th

Sign-up Deadline:

1st Place: To be Announced
2nd Place: To be Announced
3rd Place: To be Announced

Rules (May change)

1. No Shooting.

2. No other units than normal Line Infantry can be used.

3. Only ranker classes are allowed, meaning bayonets only.

4. No fistfighting.

5. Matches will be first to 20

6. This is a Regimental Groupfighting Tournament, so teams must be made up of players from one regiment.

7. Respect your oponents and the referees/organizers.

8. Referees and organizers will use common sense throughout the tournament, their calls count, so respect their decisions.

9. Matches will be played once every week, and must be reffed by an approved ref

10. Players may be in two regiments so long as only one of them is in the RGL.

Signing Up

Regiment Name:
Regiment leader (Steam Profile Link):
Expected attendance (10 minimum):
Do you agree with the rules?:

Participating Regiments



Leader's Steams

League One
15e - Unitater
AEF - Anthony
24e - NickCole
98e - Godfreid
78th - Dodge
HRE - Shadow


League One

Head Organizers



Moderator Application

Community Name:
Steam Link:
Regiment(If applicable):
Admin Experience:

Referee Application

Community Name:
Steam Link:
Regiment(If applicable):

Credit to Zzehth for the thread design. Permission to use thread granted by Label.
*Number of Leagues will be determined on number of participating regiments.
*Prize will be determined within the next week or so.

Community / Meeting the guys at Anvil Game Studios
« on: June 24, 2017, 10:31:41 pm »
If this would be better somewhere else please move it or ask me to move it.

My post on AGS forums:

The Holdfast: Nations at War Discord

Let me start out by saying that the guys at Anvil Game Studios are some of the nicest dudes ever.

So my friend(some of you may know him as Mustang) and I are traveling around Europe and knew we would be in Malta. We decided to message AGS on Facebook asking if it would be possible to meet up and ask a couple questions. They responded fairly quickly and Andrew(Refleax) agreed to meet us for lunch near their headquarters. After introductions, he took us to a little restaurant down the street where we had Maltese food and beers. While we ate and drank I berated him with questions and Andrew answered all of them fully. He also gave us extensive explanations behind the reasoning of his decisions.

Refleax and everyone else at AGS really stressed how important feedback from the community was to them. They really want to make the best game they can and they want to make a game that community will enjoy as well as themselves.

Refleax also stated many times that they will keep working hard to improve the game after the initial Early Release. They are all working tirelessly to get to an acceptable point for Early Release within 2017, which is the goal they have set for themselves and I believe will achieve. They all quit their jobs and are using their life savings to fund Holdfast. They are not taking donations or having a publisher. All their time and energy is going into this game so they want to keep working on it and improving it. It is going to be an ongoing project.

He and the rest of the gang were nothing but friendly to us and were very hospitable. After lunch Andrew invited us back to his apartment to take a look at Holdfast. We were introduced to Julian and Andreas and they showed us their setup and workspace. Mustang and I got to test out the infantry on a groupfighting map where we played with the melee and shooting. In my belief, Holdfast is different from NW in a unique way. They coded it from the ground up and are using Unity since it's a versatile engine and they will be adding things like cavalry after the game is out on Early Access. We also got to play a ship battle which was extremely fun. Holdfast’s concepts was originally intended to be naval focused but since the announcement they have shifted their focus on the land based content due to the feedback they received. They are very excited to see organized play take place on both the ships and on land.

I would like to thank Andrew, Julian, and Andreas again for meeting us and showing us their amazing game. You guys rock.

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