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General Discussion / New patch, test it before it's out!
« on: August 31, 2018, 05:38:59 pm »
Patch is released;

Hey guys,

Since we got the OK to finish up the patch, we decided to give it to you guys first to try it out and see how it is, if anything needs fixing still and if we forgot something... or made new bugs... :)
Please tell us!

So the changelog is incomplete right now but gives some idea of what happened since 1.2:

New features:
- Added a button to the left of the map selection that when clicked, brings up a menu of all of the available maps. When you select a map, it will take you back to the admin panel with that map selected. this will make navigating the map list easier, especially with number of custom maps selectable in the panel being fixed.
- Added automatic friendly fire on and off depending on when you want it. If you leave the number at 0, it will not toggle the settings off and no. FF will turn off when the round ends.
- Added the ability for admins to ban admins. this will have to be done through scripting by uncommenting the code.
- Added a new admin weapon; Cannonball launcher.

- Improved the player hitbox, should reduce pokes.
- Redone the cannonball hit detection a bit, balls hit much more acurate now both buildings and players/horses. if you crouch it is taken in account and a horse can be shot away under you.
- Revered some of the changes of last patch in regards to melee
- Reduced number of light infantry, partizani, and pirate numbers in cb
- Gave rhine artillery train the correct swords.
- Lights and rifles have the same stats in CB
- All arty troops should receive a buff from the arty officer.
- Bandages swing faster and can no longer do a down attack.(cant block)
- Build props were changed to make it easier to see where they will be when built. also changed their col meshes to make building easier. (example, the fence posts can be hit to build them)

Fixed Bugs:
- Fixed an issue with skirmishers with regards to class limits.
- Fixed competitive scoring. in combination with for instance slays.
- Fixed a bunch of issues with the admin panel setting the wrong settings.
- Fixed an error message regarding highlanders in CB.
- Improved teleporting doors.
- Improved Rambo feature. you have an increase of 50% range of the rambo range when you have less than 4 bots. so if the range was 50 meters, you now have 75 meters. if you are the last one, you can attack where you please.
- Fixed a bug with the royal prop boxes + fixed some strings for them.
- Fixed doors not having physics after reset in some game modes.
- Changed officer bonus to cav to only work on horseback and tweaked the bonus it provides in non CB modes. It now increases the speed of horses.
- Made default custom maps better.
- Fixed issue with the amount of custom maps you can select in the admin panel.
- Fixed preset arty not working on the first round of a map.
- Added some new sapper messages for planting props to show if your planting too fast, or on a bad location.
- Fixed issue with musicians speed changing when it shouldn't while playing a song after getting a speed buff.
- Fixed auto beacon not working properly when there were 2 players left.
- Fixed birds not moving.

To test it, simply download this zip file:

Unpack the mm dev folder in your mount and blade warband/Modules folder
And run the game with the mm dev module selected.

It will work on servers too. in the same way, run the server with -m mm dev

If you wanted to test around with it, here is the current source for this patch; it will change more naturally but you could have a peek and see what is changed.

if you have any questions ask them here:

Forum & Website / Forum moving to new host. Downtime expected!
« on: February 20, 2018, 03:20:42 pm »
Hello guys.

A small notice.

I have finished configuring a new hosting enviroment for the website and forum and soon all will be moved to the new host.
This will mean some downtime especially during switching over the forum.

Things will probably be finished within 24 hours once we start which will be this evening or tomorow morning.

The new host will be in the cloud, which will be much faster and more reliable. so no more forum crashes.

Also were making this step for the future so we are ready for any new wave of new members ;)

Sorry for any inconvenience,


All is up again. on the new place. :)

If your DNS server doesn't update...
here is temporary place:

General Discussion / Official Poll: Sideblock bug fix.
« on: February 13, 2018, 10:46:35 am »
Hey guys.

I'm back from my holiday in Thailand so I have time to fix all the issues you guys are having.

After some research on my part, I know why melee can feel different compared to last patch, Taleworlds changed some things how melee input is handled by the server to fix a often reported bug.

The bug in question was that sometimes on your screen you are blocking for instance up or down, whilst on the server and other people's screens you are blocking in another direction, for instance to the side.
To fix this bug, Taleworlds changed the timings a bit so the server allows the client a bit more time to change his direction.

As a result things might seem a bit more delayed if you have a very low ping, if you have a higher or fluctuating ping, things will be much smoother for you. in any case, things don't react the same as before the patch, and so on.

So the solution is simple. your free to leave your opinions on it.

Should we revert this change, bringing back the sideblock bug, or should we keep things as they are now?

I think in general you guys probably already just got used to it, but your free to say your opinion.
Discuss what you want about it here and vote on it.

We might not do what the poll gives as a result, and make our own decision, but it can give some kind of indication.



News & Announcements / Developer Blog 28 - Napoleonic Wars Patch 1.2
« on: January 17, 2018, 11:57:40 am »

Forum & Website / instability of the forum.
« on: April 11, 2016, 11:27:52 am »
Dear Community.

as you have noticed we're having a lot of problems with the forum and the host machine.

We're slowely moving stuff over to a new box and you can expect some down time a few times this week.

My apologies for the troubles.

News & Announcements / Developer Blog 27 - Alpha Released!
« on: December 31, 2015, 02:41:12 pm »

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