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Gg, was a good tourney,
It's a regret for the gameplay that some of the rules traditionally applied in 1v1 tournaments were not, however well done to HiReaper, he made his move and he succeeded, so respect.
Also we want more 1v1 tourney.

Username : ExTaZz94
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Player application.

The Mess Hall / Re: Hall of Fame - Coming Soon
« on: November 02, 2021, 07:00:15 pm »
Y'all EU's play on a slower speed because you can't handle faster attacks like come on bro 😂😂😂

Bill beat Bagins on EU 5-1'd (2018? or 2019?) I can't remember. Bill is the King.


Suns, a very good NA duelist 5-0'd ExtaZz (they had very similar ping) #RIPBOZO


Alf you're literally the reason Shadey's team loses all the time bro like come on man just uninstall ape BOZO


They’re missing the screens where I put 5-0 in Mapple on NA and EU and the screens where I put you in multiple times 5-0 on NA veTROG

I’m not saying I didn’t eat defeats, but if we listen to you I was destroyed by the superiority of NA. Oxymoron.


European Groupfighting Series / Re: EGS | Teams and Sign-Ups
« on: September 07, 2021, 06:42:35 pm »
Team Name: Legends

Transfer IN:
@1135334 #Shadey

Transfer OUT:
@775097 #ONeil

Competitive EU Events/Tournaments / Re: The Fighting Pit - 3v3 Tournament
« on: September 05, 2021, 04:28:22 pm »
Steam (Captain):
Team Name: KillerZ
Team Tag: KZ
Players: ExTaZz94 - 396961 | Drake - 335479 | Tiberias - 1521691 | Maximou - 1521691
Did you read and accept the rules? Yes

European Groupfighting Series / Re: EGS | Teams and Sign-Ups
« on: August 25, 2021, 09:20:20 pm »
Team Name: Legends
Team Captain (Steam Link required):
Team Co-Captain (Steam Link required):
Did you read the rules?: yes
Team Logo (Required): 
Roster (IDs required, 9 max):

@396961 #Legend_ExTaZz94
@335479 #Legend_Drake
@1521691 #Legend_Maximou
@278973 #Legend_Gibby
@472961 #Legend_Tiberias
@62821 #Legend_LeBrave
@775097 #Legend_Oneil
@1474976 #Legend_Clash
@499798 #Legend_Elsse

Captain Name: ExTaZz94
Captain Steam Link:
Captain GUID:    396961
have you read and agreed to the rules including of what is considered a mid-low tier player? yes

Groupfighting Teams / Re: ChimpZ | Est. 2017
« on: June 24, 2021, 08:19:37 pm »

If I can give my opinion, as someone who has actually triedhard 1v1 and knows a minimum of the subject, compared to 90% of the clowns who talk about it, I would say that the rules are currently irrelevant.

Let me explain. Anthony wants to implement new rules for 1v1 tournaments to make them more attractive, more fun and faster following the observation that the current meta is cancerous and leads to excesses like the famous Ledger vs Hokej fight.

But in reality this diagnostic is totally outdated. The meta is not the same as it was 2 or 3 years ago and most of the current players don't even know how to play a 1v1 anymore simply because the format has been decried a lot by a certain fringe of the community, who, while accumulating defeats, have insidiously spread their venom on the duels by explaining that they would become more and more boring. Which is rather funny, considering that it never took them more than 5 minutes to get them 5-0.

The last EU tournament organized by Saphyro went very well, from memory the rules he had set up allowed to limit some excesses like the famous Skeying + block while not restricting the style of play and the skill of each player. The final I played myself against Rune didn't last more than 10 minutes for an ft7.

So what are we talking about? Organizing a real 1v1 tournament, with real duels or organizing a "show" in a game with no spectators?
There are no economic stakes that justify restricting the game and making it lamentably simple and accessible to the greatest number. Everyone is able to make 3 blocks and play a duel for less than 45 seconds, there is nothing competitive about it.
I know that the golden age of dueling is over on the game and that this one will not come back, with the many players who accompanied it and who are definitely part of the most skilled players in the history of the game and whom I respect the most, this period has also finished the air of polyvalent and complete players as could be a Drake or a Hokej.

Anyway Anthony, I don't know your perception of this tournament, but it's hard to see it as a serious tournament in the current state of things. I'm planning to attend because it looks like fun to play, but in any case serious and competitive. If you are in the first category then there is no problem, if you are in the second category then you will have to be more lucid and make better choices for your tournament.

Nickname: ExTaZz94
Steam Link (required):
Where you from (Country): France
Do you agree to rules stated above?: no but go

M.Tournaments Board / Re: M. Tournaments | TRT II | 13th of June
« on: June 06, 2021, 05:51:48 pm »
Nickname: ExTaZz94
Steam Link (required):
Where you from (Country): France

I think that before adding a new era that doesn't interest many people, it might be time to put your balls on the table and do a ranking in each tier.

14 pages, but no one noticed the hypocrisy of Marxeil who sweats rage in every post  ??? ?

Our choke detector
by drake foundation
was able to identify it and obtain its picture precisely at midnight 19.
Here it is in exclusivity, for you, do not reveal it to anybody under reserve to make you ban by pingBOZ :


During [2015-2018] , MBOZ, you're big guy : "french win because ping"
[2021] , MBOZ, big guy again : *leave the server because 30 ping*

MBOZ head a infinite potential of color :=)

I actually left the server last to start with, everyone else decided they were done first and I can completely understand that.

But why would I say that in 2015 when you guys couldn't win shit until 2016 when half the good players starting quitting? ;)
The M-NWWC 2015 must have been a collective illusion


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