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AIR & RPR for League 2 matches

HiReaper didn't die first

Cone's sample is too small


Fart didn't die first in this one either


These are from last week sorry forgot to post!



The Mess Hall / Re: Theodin's Book of Melee
« on: January 11, 2022, 05:57:27 am »
oh frick the tks were in the wrong line
no one moved into a different category just like a max .03 variation. it's corrected in the spreadsheet but i cba to change all the screenshots

RPR and AIR from 2 L1 matches
Alex with the match MVP for both stats
Me with the tough night award in both metrics

Jedi vs CHC Stats
*Cwater's AIR wasn't able to be calculated properly - he went 8/0 in FBR and that's not a divisible ratio. So to give him a proper number I gave him a first death. scale broken
Regardless he gets match MVP from both
Vlad gets toughest night from AIR and BabyJ & Viper get the toughest night award in a well-deserved tie

Matchweek 1 in L1 by AIR
Matchweek 1 in L1 by RPR

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« on: January 11, 2022, 05:31:59 am »
Stats for BB_G vs GVT

AIR Scale:
0.79 or less is bad - i get the tough night award
0.8-1 is average - Russian, Mikey, Vetro, Camden with average nights
1-1.3 is above average - Rune, Alex, Fireboy, Sven, Horse here
1.3-1.5 is spectacular - no one
1.5+ is elite - no one

RPR Scale:
0.8 or less is bad - once again i collect the tough night award
0.8-1 is below average - Russian, Sven, Mikey, Camden here
1-1.25 is average - Vetro, Rune, Horse, Fireboy here
1.25-1.5 is good - Good stuff Alex
1.5+ is very good - no one

Stats for CHC and Friends vs Jedi Masters
Interesting thing happened with this one - Cwater didn't get killed first once, so his FBR is 8/0, which is not a real number! So he broke the AIR stat:
Since I'd like to fairly represent this change to get an actual number I gave him 1 first death that he didn't actually get:

AIR scale:
0.79 or less is bad - BabyJ, Gavin, Viper, Vlad all had bad nights
0.8-1 is average - Jaax snuck into average. Stryker is here too
1-1.3 is above average - No one was average
1.3-1.5 is spectacular - Wall's here
1.5+ is elite - Triple crown of elite nights from Oatmeal, Anthony and Cwater

RPR Scale:
0.8 or less is bad - Vlad, Viper, Gavin, BabyJ had tough nights
0.8-1 is below average - no one
1-1.25 is average - Jaax rescued an average score
1.25-1.5 is good - Stryker with a solid night
1.5+ is very good - 4 very good nights, with Wall hitting the 2 marker, Oatmeal hitting 3, Anthony 4 and Cwater 5 (almost 6!)

AIR and RPR from last match
Ghostrider gets match MVP from AIR, Yolo takes it from RPR.
Magmar with the toughest night by any metric

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« on: January 10, 2022, 01:12:22 am »
Got the stats for last nights matchup


AIR scaling:
0.79 or less is bad - Rough times for Godfried, Maple and Magmar
0.8-1 is average - Risk, Yoshie and Waste with average performances
1-1.3 is above average - Hawkince with an above-average night
1.3-1.5 is spectacular - Piktonss and Pedro had great nights
1.5+ is elite - Yolo and Ghostrider starting the league off with elite showings

RPR scaling:
0.8 or less is bad - Magmar and Maple had a tough time by any stat
0.8-1 is below average - Godfried and Yoshie here
1-1.25 is average - Average nights for Waste and Risk
1.25-1.5 is good - nothing here
1.5+ is very good - Very good nights for the whole squad - Pedro, Hawkince and Piktonss with impressive numbers while Ghostrider and Yolo break the scale

never thought I would see a goomba highlight
These are strange times

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« on: January 08, 2022, 05:05:00 pm »
How do these metrics relate to the touch-grass spectrum?
They indicate that we really really need to touch grass

The Mess Hall / Re: Theodin's Book of Melee
« on: January 08, 2022, 07:17:51 am »

The Mess Hall / Re: So You Think You Can List v2 (2022)
« on: January 07, 2022, 07:23:48 pm »
since when me jorge hunteh cow and maple are americain?
Cwater hates Canadians
Smh hasn’t put the Turkish flag for piktonss


AIR and RPR released for yesterday's match!


Detailed breakdown of both these stats and comments on scaling/differences/calculation etc available here!

The Mess Hall / Re: Theodin's Book of Melee
« on: January 07, 2022, 07:13:42 pm »
Let's see these stats in action! Last night's League 2 match data has been released, so lets break down how people did!

Scaled we have
0.79 or less is bad - Jolly, Cow and James had tough outings
0.8-1 is average - Dio's FBR brought him down a chunk
1-1.3 is above average - Copot and Wolfe had similar statlines, Killershark's FBR kept him in this category, Phil's great FBR night brings him up here
1.3-1.5 is spectacular - no spectacular performances last night
1.5+ is elite - Goomba and Antidote had elite nights, especially in first blood volume and ratio

I've also done AIR above Match AIR:

Scaled we have
0.8 or less is bad - Both stats reflect tough nights for Jols, James, Dio, and Cow
0.8-1 is below average - Phil's FBR can't save him from this as it does in AIR
1-1.25 is average - No average performances tonight
1.25-1.5 is good - Good performances from Copot, Wolfe, and the Shark
1.5+ is very good - Goomba and Antidote break the charts

Some thoughts:
 - Phil's AIR shows why judging impact from KDR alone is not good - his 4-1 FDR score saved his rating
 - We changed the *adjustment in RPR because league 2 round samples are small
 - RPR rewards good performances and punishes bad ones, while AIR seems to be kinder
 - Dio and Phil are the only ones who changed scaling groups between stats. In both cases it seems to be because their FBR was wildly different than their KDR

Anyways interesting, won't be as many comments in future weeks but I'll do this for every match!

The Mess Hall / Re: Theodin's Book of Melee
« on: January 07, 2022, 06:36:02 pm »
So, Russian's stat! It's got a bit more math in it - but fans of volume-based metrics and FBR will love it.
It's called RPR - Russian's Player Ratings.

This is a screenshot of the doc with the first formula:

The stat does (Kills-TKs-First Bloods) + First Bloods^1.5 / (Deaths-First Deaths) + First Deaths^1.5 to calculate IPR (Initial Player Rating). This is done with the idea in mind that First Bloods should be valued more than regular kills, and vice versa for First Deaths.

Now to add in rounds, the formula is
Which is IPR / the square root of rounds played (in this case 91) *10.

So in this case the sheer volume of rounds played increased Risk's score by 0.06!

This stat would scale like this:
0.8 or less is bad
0.8-1 is below average
1-1.25 is average
1.25-1.5 is good
1.5+ is very good

The Mess Hall / Re: Theodin's Book of Melee
« on: January 07, 2022, 06:31:50 am »
just kidding russian's stat is getting posted tmw along with (hopefully) the ratings from the match between gvt and bbg

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