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« on: May 21, 2022, 10:34:44 am »
77th Saturday Public Linebattle

Day & Time: Saturdays at 19:00 UTC
UK = 8pm
Central Europe = 21:00/9pm
East Coast USA = 3pm


With the launch of AoN we will be launching our new saturday event into a new format.
Specialists in BCOF are too op with smaller numbers so we have opted for a line only linebattle till we get a bigger population going in the event.
We are also making the event public for players so regiments can have a chance to recruit and get new members.

We are also looking for admins from other units who would like to help.

Contact Aztir for more Info.

Era: Age of Napoleon
Units: Line Infantry
Server: 77th AoN Public saturday event
Password: -NONE-

Specialists will have a chance to return should we get a decent stable attendance going again.
Auto-Admin will be enabled in the event

The event will last for one hour.
Gamemode will be “Battle”.

All Unit Leaders are expected to have signed up in the event-signup Channel in our event discord prior to the event.
This sign-up should be edited with estimated numbers as soon is possible to allow for initial team balancing.

Further team balance will be mitigated with public players.

Event Discord

Join the #Event-Signup Channel and fill out & post the following format to sign up.

Regiment Name:
Expected Numbers:


Line Infantry rules

Formation Strength of 4+. 2 Officers maximum.
Must remain in a close order formation (shoulder to shoulder), breaking into open order only prior to entering melee or rout.
Officers may break out of line to scout, but have to stay close by. Not allowed to crouch in combat except for double/triple rank formation.
One Flag bearer and up to Two Musicians per regiment if desired

Critical Strength: Any line unit not currently engaged in melee failing to reach critical strength (less than 4)
must retreat to a friendly line infantry unit and be absorbed into their numbers.

General rules

Fire in charge: Firing your weapon while your unit is engaged in melee (FIC) is NOT allowed.  Charges may not be initiated over a distance of more than 25 meters.

Garrisoning: Infantry may garrison and fortify buildings at will, breaking formation to do so. Assaulting Infantry may break formation at charge distance from the building.
All measures (FiC / Shooting out of Windows etc) are allowed between these two sets of Infantry whilst fighting over the garrisoned building.

All Charge: At the admins discretion "All Charge" may be called upon to bring a round that is taking a long time with slow progress to a final resolution.
All units must halt firing and proceed towards the nearest enemy unit and engage in melee.
This will be announced via in game Admin Chat at the time, prior warning will often be given.

Firing from Cover: All Shooting must be from the Standing position and must adhere to the formation rules above.

Rules can be changed at the admins discretion
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Re: 77th Saturday Public Linebattle
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