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NA is not yet dead

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Big update! Were not dead yet!

The event this Saturday will be the last NA event of 2023 wud be cool to see you bros there

Dw NA isnt going anywhere, we will see you at 2024  8)

Well S&M just made the server files public. So I think if all things go well, we will be able to have at least some community to play events at Bannerlord S&M. I dont expect a super big community, but at least it will be something where hopefully at least 8-10 regs in NA can consistently play together. We have been getting consistently 90+ at the S&M events, so its looking good so far. Since this is the case, we will stick to hosting only 2 events a week in NW which will be the Saturday NA event and the Biweekly Sunday NA & SA event.

It depends on how well the S&M community does if whether we do more or less events in NW.

I will try to keep at least 1 NA event up on at NW until 2025 for ppl who cant run BL on their craptops.

Things are looking decent now though, so I am optimistic.


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