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! Official Deluge Organised Warfare (Every other Sathurday)
« on: March 16, 2014, 07:59:09 pm »

Next battle 29.03.2014


General: Matim
41st Regiment of Foote (10+)
Niebieskie Pasy (8-12)
Habsburg Tercios (5-10)
The Lucky Dogs (5-10)


Hetman: Zbaraski
Hakkapeliter (15+)
ChorÄ…giew Wolentarska (20-25)

After a nearly two-year break weekly Saturday Battle of The Deluge back! Every week the army Quarter of the Republic , the pack Zaporozhian Cossacks , troops of the Kingdom of Sweden and the Crimean Khanate headlands will fight for glory on the battlefield . Do not wait , join us and have fun on maps specially created for this game ! In order to make the best organization we register clans , which will be permanently involved in battles (registration is declaring a desire to participate in more events, it is not mandatory. Clans who occasionally want to take part in the battle can simply sign up in the normal way for one particular battle ) . Registration perk is much easier access to the battlefield and a greater probability of obtaining the individual horse ! In the case of registered clans sufficient acknowledgment to participate in the upcoming battle. Clan registration is not required ! Saving the clan so . In addition to the normal battles from time to time will also be organized staged battles to historical mapping clashes . Soon will be amended with the new patch .


In order to sign up you have to:
  • Send a private message to TiCzPL. It has to look as presented below. Also, we encourage regiments so sign up as a whole.
  • Read rules of the event!
  • Download a voice communication software: TS3.
  • If you want to sign up a clan and register it as a permanent participant you have to declare it in your sign-up PM.
  • If your regiment is already registered, all you need to do is to confirm its participation in the next battle by writing to aforementioned user TiCzPL. In the message you have to include info about number of clan-mates which are to take part in the battle and preferred faction.
  • Clan leader! Remember! Before each battle all registered clans must report the preferred fraction, the unit and the number of players. Just send a message to Ticha ( example message below)
Application form:
For new clans (first application or unregistered):
[b]Regiment name:[/b]
[b]The number of people (min.5):[/b]
[b]Preferred faction:[/b]
[b]Preferred unit:[/b]
[b]Do you want to register the clan as a permanent participant: yes/no[/b]
For registered clans: (choice of fractions and the number of people):
[b]Regiment name:[/b]
[b]The number of people (min.5):[/b]
[b]Preferred faction:[/b]
[b]Preferred unit:[/b]
For players:
[b]Preferred unit:[/b]
[b]Preferred faction:[/b]

General rules:
  • All info about the event and upcoming battles will be in this topic.
  • In order to sign up your unit to play as an infantry unit you'll need at least 8 people + a banner bearer.
  • In order to sign up your unit to play as a cavalry unit, you'll need 6 people + a banner bearer.
  • There can't be more than 30 cavalrymen per faction. The choice of clan who will play as cavalry is made by the event organizer. Every week a new clan will be chosen to play as cavalry.
  • In the end, units will be chosen at a commanders' meeting 30 minutes before the battle starts..
  • Every unit has to have it's own commander.
  • Every clan/regiment needs to have it's own TS, with the exception of battles where commanders will be imposed by even organizers. In such a case everyone will be on one TS server. Clans that do not own their own TS server can make use of Tawerna's TS where appropriate channels will be made..
  • Every clan will have one engineer available.
  • It's allowed to use cannons.
  • It's allowed to make trenches.
  • A clan commander will be informed of server password.
  • In accordance with tradition, units of random players will be formed.
  • Remember about teamwork, as it might be crucial for victory!

  • Uniforms and weapons as chosen by clans..
  • It's allowed to move in formations of at least 6 people. If a unit has less than that, they will have to follow another unit(clan).
  • Any abuse of glitches or bugs will be "rewarded" with a 1h ban.
  • We call for personal culture, as lack of it will result in being thrown out from the event.
  • Trolling, running away from the fight, too much camping and tactics unworthy of a team play will be seen in just one way. As unwillingness to play together. It will result in being thrown away from the event!

We introduce a few new types of formations. We ask clans to try to employ them. This way we want to show the character and dynamic of these battles(as well as it's possible in a game).
  • Cavalry- Preferred formation for heavy cavalry (such as Sipahis and Hussars) is a dense line. Light cavalry should stay in a loose formation and use skirmish tactics.
  • Dragoons- Dragoons will be able to use horses, but will have to dismount in order to shoot.
  • Infantry- We suggest to avoid "Napoleonic era" formations, in XVII century infantry used loose formations and formed up only to fire a salvo. We count on commanders' imagination and invention, so that you wont use stiff columns or "blobs". Good example of a formation is Swedish countermarch. Although Swedish troops, if they want to, are allowed to form stiff blocks and lines. Tercio is also a good formation. Not very useful, but historical and nice.
  • Pikemen- Pikemen formations have to be very dense. In case of a big number of people, in 2 or 3 lines. When it comes to smaller clans, we suggest joining other formations as a support.
Unit of randoms:
  • Will be formed from players who are not in any clan.
  • Unit can't be bigger than 20 people + 2 commanders.
  • Players in random units have to listen to their commanders.
  • Disobedience to commander's orders can end in being expelled from the event.
  • Clan-less players have to come to TeamSpeak, as given at the bottom of this post.

Server TeamSpeak for today:

The total number of players: (150/250)
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Re: ! Official Deluge Organised Warfare (Every other Sathurday)
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2014, 11:13:49 am »
Those events are truly epic. Sign up lads!