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United Kingdom - DONEInfantry

88th Regiment of Foot - Line Infantry
Loyal Lusitanian Legion - Line Infantry
79th Regiment of Foot (Black Watch) - Line Infantry
Coldstream Regiment of Foot Guards - Foot Guard
71st (Highland) Regiment of Foot - Light Infantry
95th Regiment of Foot (Rifles) - Rifleman


Corps of Mounted Guides - Hussar
23rd Light Dragoons - Light Horse
1st (The Royals) Regiment of Dragoon Guards - Heavy Cavalry
Royal Horse Guards Blue - Heavy Cavalry


Royal Horse Artillery - Horse Artillery
1st Rocket Troop - Rocket Artillery
Sapper - Engineer
Ship Crew - Infantry (HMS Neptune)
Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington - Commander
French Empire - DONEInfantry

45e Regiment d'Infanterie de Ligne - Line Infantry
36e Regiment d'Infanterie de Ligne - Line Infantry
Legion de la Vistule - Line Infantry
Legion Portugaise - Line Infantry
1er Regiment de Grenadiers de la Garde Imperiale - Foot Guard
2e Regiment d'Infanterie Ligere - Light Infantry


3e Regiment de Hussards - Hussar
Vistula Uhlans - Lancer
15e Regiment de Chasseurs-a-Cheval - Dragoon
13e Regiment de Cuirassiers - Carabinier
Regiment de Grenadiers a Cheval de la Garde - Heavy Cavalry


L'Artillerie - Artillery
Sappeur - Engineer
Ship Crew - Infantry (Intrepide)
Maréchal d'Empire Nicolas Soult - Commander
Kingdom of Portugal - DONEInfantry

12º Regimento de Infantaria de Chaves - Line Infantry
15º Regimento de Infantaria de Olivença - Line Infantry
16º Regimento de Infantaria de Vieira Teles - Line Infantry
24º Regimento de Infantaria de Bragança - Line Infantry
Companhia de Granadeiros - Foot Guard
Tiradores de Castelo de Vide  - Rifleman


5º Regimento de Dragões de Évora - Dragoon
1º Regimento de Cavalaria Ligeira de Alcântara - Hussar
Volúntarios de Henrique de Mello - Lancer
6º Regimento de Cavalaria de Bragança - Heavy Cavalry


Artilharia - Artillery
Sapador - Engineer
William Carr Beresford - Commander
Kingdom of Spain - DONEInfantry

26º Regimiento de Infanteria - Line Infantry
Regimiento de Infanteria de la Reina - Line Infantry
1º Batalhão de Infanteria Ligera Catalanes - Line/Light Infantry
Granaderos de la Real Guardia Valona - Foot Guard
Guerrilleros del Corso Terrestre de Navarra - Rifleman


Regimiento de Húsares Espanoles - Hussar
Cuerpo de Lanceros de Carmona - Lancer
Regimiento de Caballaria de Línea de Argarbe - Light Horse
Regimiento de Dragones de Almansa - Dragoon
1ª Compania de Reales Guardias del Corps - Cuirassier


Real de Cuerpo de Artilleria - Artillery
Regimiento de Zapadores-Minadores - Engineer
General Francisco Javier Castaos - Commander

It might not be written accurate, but in the mod they will be written right.
Independent Forces - DONEInfantry

Peasants - Peasants
Ordenanza - Line Militia
Spanish Guerrilla - Guerrilla
Portuguese Guerrilla - Guerrilla
Batallón de Álava - Guerrilla Infantry
Miquelets - Rifleman


Hussardos de Navarra - Hussar
Guerrilla de Don Julian Sanchez - Lancer
Lancer Guerrilla - Lancer
Perseguidores de Andalucía - Dragoon
Ladrones - Robbers


Artillery - Artillery
Engineer - Engineer
Guerrilla Leader - Commander
New update v1.2 for v1.1

New stuff:
- 28th Regiment of Foot replaces the 88th, thank to Kochi for the skin!
- Kilts for all Highlander units.
- Portuguese Colours

Patched stuff:
- Pants and pants and pants!
- Some texture stuff
- Other minor details, thanks to usnavy30 for the help!


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Very cool !

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Sounds a great mod, is there some pictures ?

Muy completo el mod ,gracias por esta aportación  ;)


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