Author Topic: Pseudos d'Arbuste  (Read 3428 times)

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Re: Pseudos d'Arbuste
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Re: Pseudos d'Arbuste
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Sur ce va casser les couilles avec tes messages de gamins provocateurs ailleurs p'tite merde.

de ne plus poster non plus,

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Re: Pseudos d'Arbuste
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Bonjour, c'est qui arbuste.

pour une fois qu'on parle ici je connais plus personne putain ....

Au pire si tu souhaites le ban Ts, tu l'ajoute comme ami TS afin de toujours le reconnaître.

J'ai fais la même chose pour toi et ça a toujours marché.

t'as toute la commu fr en amis matt non ?  ;D :-*
Adjudant Kennedy: When I last played with Kennedy, years ago, he couldn’t get a streak of three blocking together. Looking at how much he had improved when I joined the regiment honestly had me speechless. Playing alongside him was a huge pleasure as I’ve hardly saw someone willing to team-play and offering himself so others can take the kills more than he did. He was also an honest figure within the regiment, always saying what he thought without ever sounding mean or arrogant and for that I know he was extremely well appreciated by the other members and also the rest of the NW community. It’s definitely not the place to talk about such things but what happened to him in real-life and the way he reacted to it showed me that Kennedy was certainly one of the strongest person in the regiment and that there is not much capable to take this man down.