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Regiments / Re: 12th "South Essex" Regiment of Foot
« on: July 11, 2024, 08:09:49 am »
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i arent do that

Thanks guys. Tomorrow, I expect to have more time to work on the thread throughout the day and the evening. I have made some adjustments to the thread. The rest will follow shortly.

Here are the regiments currently on my list. If I've missed any, please let me know. Additionally, feel free to suggest any other regiments you think should be included. Also let me know if I made any errors related to the commanding officers.


91st 'Argyllshire' Regiment of Foot - From Tavington
6te Garde Grenadier Regiment - From DasBrot
8te Leib Grenadier Regiment - From Vampyr
54e Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne - From Hadaki
77y Pehotniy Polk - From Aztir
84e Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne - From Aldemar
5. Pułk Piechoty - From DaPietro
K-KA, Kaiserlich und Königliche Armee - From PrideOfNi
Infanterie Regiment Nr. 24 "Freiherr von Strauch" - From Hekko
2. Leib-Husaren Regiment - From Cooper/Ipoa
72nd 'Seaforth Highlanders' Regiment of Foot - From DarkTemplar
Infanterie Regiment 'von Braunschweig-Oels' Nr. 12 - From ExoticFail
66th 'Berkshire' Regiment of Foot - From Salakien
32nd 'Cornwall' Regiment of Foot - From Lance and Gurudenis
59th '2nd Nottinghamshire' Regiment of Foot - From Kaide
33rd 'The Duke of Wellington's 1st Yorkshire West Riding' Regiment of Foot - From Lowlander, Leonidas, MrSt3fan, Gurkha, Spoons and Kincaid
17th 'Leicestershire' Regiment of Foot - From MrTiki
17e Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne - From Pieter
21o Sacred Band - From Revan
25th 'King's Own Borderers' Regiment of Foot - From Eazy-E and Pumti
15th 'Yorkshire' Regiment of Foot (The Snappers) - From Falk and Gi
IVe Corps
14e Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne - From Verdieb
85e Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne - From Gandalf


12th 'East Suffolk' Regiment of Foot - From Tico
3e Régiment de Voltigeurs de la Garde Impériale - From Grimsight and AsianP
63e Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne - From Karth
30th 'Cambridgeshire' Regiment of Foot - From Purplepanda
71st 'Highland' Regiment of Foot' - From CheeseyPants
Nr. 8 Leib-Grenadier-Regiment "König Friedrich Wilhelm III.“ (1. Brandenburgisches) - From Wastee and RussianFury
Pontifical Swiss Guard - From KnightofStJohn
111e 'Les Léopards' Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne - From Marceaux
5th 'Northhumberland' Regiment of Foot - From Alexander
58e Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne - From Lawbringer
6te Silesian Landwehr Regiment - From Irish
16th Middlesex (London Irish) Rifle Volunteer Corps - From Jetch, NickyJ and Ajax

u forgot the KGL again :'(

and for 2Lhr it was Cooper, Ipoa and Pilophas as staff COs

Would love to see something about the 5th Kings German Legion :)

Great work as always!

Regimenter / Re: ♚ Das Kaiserliche Heer ♚
« on: April 09, 2024, 08:52:36 am »

Hallo Herr Kampf "Kampfbulette" Bulette,

was hat sich denn geändert?


Community / Re: 23rd and 71e terrorist activities
« on: March 29, 2024, 11:21:50 pm »
lmfao what the fuck am i reading

Community / Re: The 63rd Issue
« on: March 25, 2024, 08:26:23 am »
Well this is just sad to see and not what i expected in the current state of the game in 2024

M&B: Warband - Napoleonic Wars / Re: Aktuelles Stand des Spiels
« on: March 08, 2024, 09:53:53 pm »
Gibt es denn noch irgendwelche aktive deutsche Regimenter? Und wenn ja welche?
Gibt einige,
AR Nr1, BIR, 1Rhein, KBLR, MHR, 1stMB, und dann natürlich die kk Regimenter: Nr27, PK, Legion, Nr59, falls ich welche vergessen habe, findest du hier sicher auch noch welche:
Danke für die Antwort wo kann ich denn die aufgezählten Regimenter finden bzw. wie heißen die ausgeschrieben (bin total neu bei NW daher habe ich keine Ahnung)?

Beim Forumlink, den Lilja angegeben hat, findest du die Regimenter ausgeschrieben. Jeder der genannten Regimenter hat in der Regel seinen eigenen Thread bzw. seine eigene regimentale Ausstellung. Einfach den Link folgen, durchstöbern und das Regiment anfragen, was dich am meisten anspricht.

Imagine losing to weak race

they are superior in League of Legends though..

Regiments / Re: 12th South Essex Regiment of Foot
« on: February 28, 2024, 08:34:03 am »

i always knew nighwing's a troll.. he has always been mass teamkilling in Nr13 aswell this traitor

Nr13 teamkills list!

mhmmmmm I wonder who that second guy could be  ::)


photoshop, fake!

i always knew nighwing's a troll.. he has always been mass teamkilling in Nr13 aswell this traitor

Nr13 teamkills list!

i always knew nighwing's a troll.. he has always been mass teamkilling in Nr13 aswell this traitor

News & Announcements / Re: Over The Top: WWI Announced!
« on: February 23, 2024, 08:32:46 am »
I like holding hands and kissing people gently on the lips. Liking these things doesn't make me a bad person.
It does when they don't consent.

Uni is the type of guy who asks 15yo's for nudes (my fake instagram profile with my fake scottish accent worked)

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