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Forum & Website / URL for videos not working
« on: January 20, 2019, 06:59:04 pm »
Can't seem to make a video fit in an URL without showing up.


The code I have:


what I get:

Cavalry Champions League / [CCL] Medias
« on: January 20, 2019, 06:25:38 pm »

This thread is dedicated to the different medias about the Cavalry Champions League.

Cavalry Champions League / [CCL] Discussion Thread
« on: January 19, 2019, 11:13:41 pm »

This thread is dedicated to all non-serious discussion about the CCL. Banter is allowed as long as it is in a friendly and a light-hearted way. The day I have to start moderating people on this very thread means it has lost its purpose. Remember that for discussions about specific matches, the weekly fixtures thread can work very well too.

Cavalry Champions League / [CCL] Betting Corner
« on: January 18, 2019, 09:57:03 am »

Welcome to the official betting corner of the Cavalry Champions League. In order to spice things up and compare our knowledge of the cavalry community or in a simpler way, gamble together about the upcoming matches of this competition, I have decided to open a dedicated thread for this activity. Will you decide to burn all your cash in one evening of crazy bettings or will you prefer going for the long-term and more tactical approach in order to get the number one spot in the rankings? The choice is yours!

Basic concept:

- Anyone is welcome to participate in this betting corner, wherever or not you'd find yourself playing in the CCL.
- Every participant will be given a starting sum of 20 coins.
- These coins will be called 'Napoléon', in reference to the currency used during the First French Empire.
- This currency doesn't carry any particular value, real or virtual, except it helps to rank each participant. If you have 10 Napoléons, and someone else has 12, this person shall appear above you in the rankings.
- The betting corner is a weekly feature. You can bet on one, two, three or all four matches of the CCL.
- The minimum amount to bet on a match is 1 Napoléon. There is no maximum.
- A public excel tabler will be used to display the current results of each weekly bettings, current rankings and participants.
- You cannot give your Napoléons to a friend.
- The bettings for a match close 5 minutes prior to its starting time.
- If you wish to change one of your bets, always re-post a message including which one you'd like to modify. If you post a bet and edit your message later on without saying anything, your bet may be deemed as null and void.

Odds Mechanism:

Because not all matches have the same stakes due to the strength of each participant, each of them will have their own odds. These odds effectively represent the multiplicator impacting every single bet.

Example A


In this example, this encounter opposes two regiments of arguably similar strengths. Because they are in theory of the same level, the odds are gonna be rather similar. With that being said, the 7e Hussards still has a small edge compared to the 15th and this edge shall be represented in the odds.

The '1.40' represents the multiplicator applied on the bets which give the 7e victorious. Effectively, it means that if you did bet 10 Napoléons on the 7e, you will receive 14 in case of a victory on their side.

Example B

In this example, this encounter opposes two regiments of very different strengths. To reflect this skill-gap, the odds are very different. You gain pretty much nothing if you bet on the Nr3 because they are pretty much certain of taking the victory against the Pontoniers. If you decided to take a risk and bet on the Pontoniers, you reward in the case of a victory will reflect the risk taken as it will be multiplicated by 6 in case of an upset.

Off Topic / From novels to films.
« on: December 06, 2018, 11:49:29 am »
I don't think such a thread exists but if it does, just lock this one.

This is mostly a place to discuss novels/books you'd like to see adapted to a series or a movie but if you wish to discuss existing series or a movie taken from a book you like, I don't see an issue with it.

With the upcoming Witcher series (not sure wherever or not it will follow the story from the books or invent a new one), I realized this was pretty much a dream coming true as the books are probably my all-time favourites when it comes to the fantasy genre.

However, I recently found myself enjoying reading a series of books I got when I was way younger, from David Gemmell. I was rather surprised to see that something I read at the age of 15-16 still managed to give me the same feelings at 22. For instance, at the same age, I enjoyed reading the novels part of the Inheritance cycle from Christopher Paolini, following Eragon's story. But that's something I wouldn't go back to. Gemmell's Drenai tales are for me the second best fantasy saga I've got the chances to put my hands, by far.

A part of me regrets that it was never adapted to a movie or a series however the universe he created is so amazing that if it ends-up because something mediocre, I suppose its better that it remains books only.

Community / Native Nations Cup - Crossed Event
« on: September 04, 2018, 11:36:13 pm »
Hello everyone. Just a small message informing you that the Nations Cup 2018 will officially start soon on Native. I know not many people will care about it but something which may interest some of you is the big event/battle (on native) we'll be hosting a bit prior to the NC start, crossing with different warband community. The idea is to promote the Nations Cup to other communities obviously but also - and more importantly - to make people acknowledge that due to the particular format of this edition of the NC, this is the best chance you have (as a non-native player) to give it a try and play in the actual event as multiple teams from the same country will be allowed and many teams/nations will be looking for players to fill their roster.

Every information is to be found on this particular thread and if you have any extra questions, I will be more than glad to help you out.

I know that many active and competitive players often personally asked me if there were big event such as NW Linebattles on Native, unfortunately, this is no longer a common practice so even if the Nations Cup doesn't interest you, it still is a chance to meet and play with people from your country in a huge scale battle event.

To keep up with the number of people interested in this event, I'd just ask you to fill-in this small template. The event will be taking place around two weeks before the Nations Cup starts.

[b]Did you read the above post and understand what it is about?[/b]

Community / It's been a pleasure.
« on: January 15, 2018, 05:57:20 am »
I doubt it will come as a surprise to most of you after the recent events (me backing up from the 7v7 Tournament, leaving the 85e etc ..) but I'm going to stop Napoleonic Wars actively (and all other warband modules for that matter). Now I know that people saying they were 'leaving' has been a thing pretty much since the birth of the community and making a post to 'announce' it, can be seen as highly pathetic by a few. But I've always been one from cringe topics and it actually kind of bothered me to go without saying a lil' good bye.

I have been playing warband for nearly 7 years now and never really completed stopped it, only gave more focus to certain communities like native when I was a bit tired with NW in 2016 for instance. In every communities I've played in, warband wise, I've always felt the need to involve me as the best of my communities because I don't know any other way to do it, simple as. But despite me thinking at some point that Native was going to have the upper-hand on NW, forced to admit that it wasn't the case. Napoleonic Wars will always be my first and best community despite the amazing experiences and encounters I've made on Native too (also part of the reasons why I don't post a message on Taleworlds for example). I've also always told myself that the day I wouldn't feel the vibe, even not a little, I would stop. And this day has come. There is only very few stuff left to clear such as who is going to replace me as moderator of the French forum and its something Carabino and I have already been looking into but for the rest, my posts on the forums and my in game activity have already been decreasing by a large margin those last few days/weeks and it won't become better as the time goes.

I know many people are going to expect a 'Tardet's novel' or something along that line, with me thanking all the people who mattered in those seven years. Well you're going to get a novel one way or another because I can't summarize things for shit even if my whole life depended on it however, true is that to give to those people the recognition they actually deserve, it would take me approximatively the same time needed to write an actual novel, like a book one.

However, a question which often came back when I was discussing with people throughout the years was to explain what were the reason(s) which kept me interested and motived to involve myself in different aspect of the M&B communities and especially on Napoleonic Wars. Among all the answers I could have think of, from the weird-but-unique gameplay which has always fascinated me, to the high competition which never cease to existed, and the diversity of the events that are organised, there is one which always stood out more than any others.

Mount and Blade Warband effectively represents 7500h of my life, the time spent on Napoleonic War being approximatively 50% of it if not more. 7500h. 325 days. 450000 minutes. 2700000 seconds. Nearly a whole year playing that game. And if I don't regret a single second of it, this is mainly because I was given this unique chance to encounter thousands of exceptional people which all impacted my gaming experience in one way or another. I've never been part of the greatest players, never the most talented leader, certainly not the best event organizer. And despite what people may think, I do strongly believe there are hundreds of people who contributes daily into making this community a better, more enjoyable and more interesting place; way better than I will ever do, but who get eventually unnoticed. However, if there is one thing I've always been good at, it’s always seeing the best in most people. Or at least trying to.

My last message is dedicated this to all the wonderful members of this community I had the chance to meet. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Words will never do enough justice to your greatness.

I had a blast.

Forum Français / Du changement dans la modération.
« on: January 07, 2018, 02:09:09 am »
Je vais probablement laisser ma place de modo dans les jours / semaines à venir, faut encore que j'arrive à capter Cara d'ici là qui lui même n'est plus actif. Ça serait l'occasion d'avoir un renouveau dans la modération.

Je fais juste ce topic pour vous tenir au courant, pas pour discuter du pourquoi je pars, on s'en fout royalement et c'est pas le sujet. Je précise aussi que Cara fait bien ce qu'il veut et que cette décision n'engage que moi.

Je vous dirais bien que vous allez me manquer, mais enfaite ça va, je pense que je vais arriver à gérer l'émotion au final. Donc voilà, votre futur est entre vos mains, à vous de décider ce que vous en ferez. Et comme au final, ça m'en touche une sans faire bouger l'autre, vous pouvez aussi en profité pour régler vos compte ou lâcher votre sel, je viendrais pas vous taper sur les doigts cette fois, promis.

La bise.


Last Changing Times tournament has been hosted long enough ago so we can think about another edition to happen. While being really happy with the current state of the community where many events are currently being hosted, back to back, it also forces me to announce my tournament a bit sooner than I had wish to make sure the date doesn't conflict with another competition. I considered all the different formats and eventually had to rule out 1v1, 2v2, 4v4, 5v5 or 9v9 as they have been played too recently or are yet to be hosted this month.

Without further ado, I'm happy to present you the 7v7 Groupfighting Tournament - 'Changing Times', third edition of a series which I hope being able to pursue for quite some times.

Event Date : Saturday 13th of January | Time : 19:30GMT | Sign-up Deadline : Friday 12th of January | 23:00 GMT | Co-Host: Lone.

Number of participants is fixed to 16 teams | Prize : The usual E-fame going with the tournament title.

Tardet Steam | Lone Steam
Steam Group

1. Be respectful towards the member of the staff and the other players.
2. Line Infantry | Ranker is the only class allowed. Bayonet is the only weapon allowed. No shooting.
3. Tournament Format is Single Elimination. Round 1 - 2 are First to five. Semi Final and Bronze match are First to seven. Grand Final is First to ten
4. Melee speed will be in medium.
5. No delaying in combat.
6. Only enter the arena if the name of your team has been called, not before.
7. If you break a rule, you will be warned. There will be no second warning.
8. You're requested to use normal in-game name to sign-up your players. Fakes won't be allowed. You can use alternative nicknames such as historical names as long as you also sign-up players original nickname alongside their alias. You can however use any name you wish for your team as long as it remains respectful. Failure to do so will result in your instant denial from the tournament, or removal if found out after being accepted.
9. You're allowed three sub per team.

Steam (Captain):
Team Name:
Did you read and accept the rules :
Steam :
Nickname :
Why would you like to become a referee :
Prior experience :

Herishey, Ledger, Troister, Dren, Axiom, Kore, Blackbeard, Spacekiller, Tib & Maurice.

2. All-Stars | Legendary Edition
Drake, Fwuffy, Maharbaal, Stark, ExTaZz94, Bagins, LeBrave, Cr3a, Marquez, Muha.

3. TBE
Speculas, Hursty, MightyPaiN, Rydhs, Cletus, SpicyDwarf, Hercules, Rikimaru, Hypno & ThrowUptheX

4. Ifn
Foxtrot, Rzr, Airsoft, Gontran, Ulysse, Planta, Centurion and Eespike   

5. 72nd GF Pros
DarkTemplar, Rommel, Zero, MrGerher, Felix, Laurens, Phoenix, Wüstenfuchs, Freaki

6. PohuiNahui
MarxeiL, KOBZIK, Golden, Mandar1nchik, janne, Desant, Metalsie, Fotin, Moskito & Zork.

7. Snappers
Maccle, Butler, Gi, Melsyo, Dayboul, Moussolini, Shgounai, Carlitos, Sadman, Alatriste

8. SimonGoBack
Knightmare, Midnight, Fruitcoino, Kroglog, RikRekt, Lone, PT

9. IVe "Les  Élus"

10. 5e
Napo, Sean, TheDead, Hopper, Radulf, Helvete, Deathwing, Zombrax, Weezoo

11. Deh Cheese
Adam, Ricky, Destiny, Rico, SacrificialLamb, R1bazZz, Porkins, Smallest, Henri

12. Wardogs

13. BBA
Salakien, Rebelioushit, Fralla, Epic Pizza, Hokej, Patruk, Xartil

14. Professionals Groupfighting Team
HerculesTP (Grime Artist), Hertz (Burger Flipper), Voluble (GayBarPlumber), Water (TBA), Unai (Pensioner), Nero (UdderMilker), Asiyan (Unemployed)

15. Les Chefs
Henri, Krog, Caskie, Chriseh, Ophion, Bidbig, Alucard, Draken






  • Gathering interest

I know it might come as a surprise for most of you that a EU (and moreover not quite known within the NA community) posts such a thread but I've joined the 3eVolt for quite sometimes already and since I've been playing with them and got to know the NA community a bit better, I've been quite saddened by the fact not many people really seem interested into hosting big competitions again.

Morraine just decided to host his own League given there apparently won't be a new season of the NANWL anytime soon so it appears the 1v1 LBs side of things is covered. But would any of you guys be interested into having another edition of the RGL hosted anytime soon?

I've talked to Asian and Wastee and I believe both their respective regiments would be up for it. But you can't quite make a competition with only two regiments so I'd be interested to know if there is any other regiment looking forward to that sort of competition. I don't expect a massive participation obviously but 6-8 different structures would be probably enough to make the whole thing worth it.

I've already talked to a few people about which all been positive towards the idea but as a matter of transparency I figured out a FSE post would probably be the best idea to get to hear everyone's opinion. The name is a place holder, I'm yet to ask Label wherever or not he would allow me to use it but if he doesn't, I would probably be able to come up with something, would people still be interested in it. Also got in touch with Amit who offered to help me with advices and potential contacts he could gave me so that's a start.

Just throwing this out to see your reactions. Hopefully they will be mostly positive as I strongly believe the NA community could benefit from it.

Changing Times
A 2v2 Tournament

With Holdfast coming closer and closer as the days go, some already think about what is going to be the future of the Napoleonic War scene, atleast on its competitive side. It is unclear on how good of a game Holdfast will, nor if the melee system will be decent enough to make it interesting and developp the same sort of competitive events we currently have on Napoleonic Wars but one thing remains certain, which is that until the NW community makes a massive move to HolfFast, I intend to continue hosting tournaments on Napoleonic Wars, as long as there is an interest for it.

Without further ado, I'm happy to present you the 2v2 Tournament - 'Changing Times', the second one of a serie which I hope being able to pursue for quite some times.


Event Date : Sunday 3rd of September | Time : 20:00 BST | Sign-up Deadline : Saturday 2nd of September | 23:00 BST

Number of participants is fixed to 32 teams for now | Prize : Nothing for now other than fame. If you wish to donate to the tournament to increase the cash-prize, feel free but I don't think its really important.

My Steam -> Link
The Steam Group -> Link


1. Be respectful towards the member of the staff and the other players.
2. Line Infantry | Ranker is the only class allowed. Bayonet is the only weapon allowed. No shooting.
3. Tournament Format is Single Elimination. Round 1 - 2 are First to three. Round 3 and 4 are First to five. Semi Finals are First to seven. Finals and bronze match are First to 10
4. Melee speed will be in medium.
5. No delaying in combat.
6. Only enter the arena If the name of your team has been called, not before.
7. If you break a rule, you will be warned. There will be no second warning.
8. You're requested to use your normal in-game name to sign-up. You can however use any name you wish for your team as long as it remains respectful. Failure to do so will result in your instant denial from the tournament, or removal if found out after being accepted.
9. You're allowed one sub per team.


Steam (Only one player) :
Team Name :
Players :
Did you read and accept the rules :
Steam :
Nickname :
Why would you like to become a referee :
Prior experience :


1. 2 guys 1 cup | Stark (SK) & Murphy
2. RoundTable | Freddie (Mordred), Python (Arthur) & Fwuffy (Percival)
3. Yager Bombers | janne, louizzz & macmac
4. ThrowLoneUpDoge | ThrowUpTheX & Max1m
5. Los Colchoneros | Marquez & Alatriste
6. Uchiha | Lone & Heinz_Ludwig
7. FruitNinjas |  Ananas (eXt_kill) & Peach (Melsyo)
8. DeLaStreet | Cece, Gimli & Huski.
9. Kirin-Tor | Centurion (Khadgar) & Plantaquatix (Antonidas)
10. AgglessS.R.O. | AggofanCZ & Achless
11. De_Google | Sheytalio & EeSpike
12. TBA | tjiener & Wolpi
13. Ifn | Rzzz & Foxtrot
14. Los Merengues | Francisco & Héctor
15. Stimmed | Tallest & Munj
16. Prideisaweeb | Flammeus & Frittentime
17. YP | Shogunai & Monsni
18. The Triplets | Hertz & Hercules
19. Lover team | retamar and niko
20. kAkA_Legend | Tigere & bunter_igel
21. Kissed by Fire | Ledger (Sandor Clegane) & Dren (Tormund Giantsbane)
22. Gogeta IV | GogetaIV_Songoku (Drake)& GogetaIV_Broly (ExTaZz94)
23. BGMEDIAV2 | Piercee (Dylan Brewer) & Spicydwarf (Clarko)
24. Old 23e| Fotin, LeBrave & Maharbaal
25. 99_Points_Rate | Chicken (Saf) & Maia (Dave)
26. TBE | Hursty & Irish
27. Bolsheviks MarxeiL, Zork & Desant
28. ValencianWarriorsb | MrDixon (MrD) & MrT
29. srsly | Jammo & Moskito
30. Polish Pierogies | Stasiulek & Czarixxx
31. RRF | Golden, Chris & Zappy
32. Catharsis | Cr3A (Vanity) and Michal
33. NotSwedisch |  Stockholm & Vemon
34. Nordic | Henny & Rainer
35. Weebsrus | BlackBeard & Troister
36. Yellowskins | Asian and Bagins
37. Ifeqevron | ONeil & 19-J-SH-A-09
38. Les gallinacés | Owindd (Dindon) & Bastille (Faisan)
39. The Birdguard | Kukuk & Simcoe
40. Russke | Archangel & Falcon
41. Felotista | Artista & Felociraptor
42. 1pp "First best" | Jarl & Popowicz
43. Refugees_Welcome |  Destiny & Phoenix
44. Drabanterna | Carolus & Svensson
45. WemadeFax | Tegmark,Uchiha MightyPaiN & NiKa
46. 13 | faser & monmon
47. 40YıllıkRomalıyımBöyleSütunGörmedim | Timurid & RebelliouS
48. Redheaded Bagietka | Vortex & Dayboul.
49. TKTHC | Cookie (NoStomach) & Movement (SeedBoi)







Modifications / Modified / Improved Textures Pack
« on: June 30, 2017, 09:55:50 pm »
I'm looking for a mod which is public and improve the general textures (not uniforms but element of the maps such as fields, trees, deserts, houses etc ..).

I have seen many people recording events where textures are highly improved and I know its not possible to get such resutls through simply changing your options in-game so I was wondering if anyone know a mod which would be public as some exist but are to the only use of their creators.

Thanks to anyone taking the time to answer ! :)

Community / Community Chronicles
« on: May 15, 2017, 10:26:46 am »
Community Chronicles

The tales of a guy with maybe a bit too much free times on his hands.

This is rather simple. For quite a while (since I involved myself in the NW community), I always wanted to relate all those events that only a handful got to play but that so many more would have loved to play in. The wikipedia thingy was such a great idea but sadly got left a bit behind for some reasons. This is a similar idea but rather than creating a whole website for it or even a wikipedia page, which I personally don't feel confident with, I simply decided to make my own topic and tell stories.

It can be anything, important LBs I've watched, refeered, played, Gfs Matches, Big Events, Nation Cups matches, anything. It will or won't interest you, I can't guarantee anything, but with the game being on its last days/weeks/months/year(s?), I doubt there is a more appropriate time for that. I might talk about some old regiments, current ones, give my opinion about it, my personal experience with them, could talk about players aswell. The whole idea is simply to narrate 5 years of this amazing experience which was playing NW for me. On many, many, many subjects, there will be several people capable to relate those events way better than I do, with more details, more accuracy or vocabulary so I encourage them, would they've time, to give their own experience of it. That's the whole idea of such a thread.

I don't pretend my opinion is better than anyone else on his forums cause it truly isn't. I don't pretend the idea is a good one, and finally I don't pretend what I will say is interesting. It will be up to you guys to judge of that. But in the worse case scenario, if you don't like it, just say it, and explain me how you would improve it. Eventually, if you hate the idea, just don't comment, it will die on its own from the lack of interest, it has been proved in the past. I'm not omniscient, stories I relate will be given from my own perspective and my perspective only. Some stuff will be accurate, some a bit less, some will be even wrong but hopefully someone will point them out so they can get fixed. My english isn't that great but it should be understandable for anyone who knows the basics. I'm always happy to get my stuff proof-read by people willing to do it.

Finally, I don't want to make this drama making. We all got different opinions, you may disagree with some stuff I will say, you actually will disagree with stuff I say but that's what the topic is about, discuss, exchange, share your experience and best moments on NW. Anyone, no matter who they're is is free to come and write something as long as they actually put a minimum effort behind it and remain respectful. If you respect those really simply rules, I will be glad adding your stuff to the OP. If you come here to bitch only, then refrain yourself cause you will be wasting your time, honestly. I'm playing since 2011-2012, all the tricks you could come up with, I've done them before.

Also if you except me to rank people, regiments or LBs bewteen them, then you actually got the whole thing wrong. So I'm just gonna leave it here so its said once for all, you know it and we can jump to something more important ; the greatest regiments of all times to my eyes are the 91st, 92nd, 8lr, 14e, 17e & Nr24 (in no particular order). The greatest player, Clash & JackieChan. The greatest community members? Actually don't have enough time nor space on this topic to quote all of them. Lets get to what matters.

Media / Tardet's Youtube Channel
« on: April 30, 2017, 08:23:28 am »

Didn't really want to bother with a fancy name for something which is relatively similar to many other warband channels. I just wanted to record the events I play for quite a long time (since I recall playing the game tbf) as I've always been within regiments, clans or structures relatively successful.

Been playing since 2011-2012. Recording Mercenaries, PW, Native and obviously NW events. You can find any other infos about myself on my steam.

At the moment I'm fairly active within the 85e and also playing the EFL on Native, so most of the videos will be about those events, but it often quickly changes.

Latest Video

European Infantry Cup vs 66th

Changing Times
A 1v1 Tournament

This is basically the re-edition of an old 1v1 tournament I tried to host a long time ago and which unfortunately couldn't happen due to a major server issue I wasn't capable to fix on the spot back then. Since then, two years and a half have passed and I believe its time to give this another try.
While I'm aware it might create an 'accumulation' of tournaments in the eyes of some people, its been a while a 1v1 tournament hasn't been hosted within the community and I believe it would be interesting to have one before the summer break (which means many people will be in vacations).


Event Date : Saturday 13th of May | Time : 19:30 BST | Deadline : Friday 12th of May.

Number of participants is fixed to 128 for now | Prize : Nothing for now. Will try to get you guys a little something to make it somewhat worth it but I know its not really what matters in the eyes of many anyways. If anything, either money or a steam game of an equivalent value.
When registered, you will receive an invitation to a steam group. I don't have enough space to invite each of the participants on steam, so make sure to be the one adding me if you don't receive any invitation or encounter any issue regarding the tournament. A MP on FSE can also work quite fine aswell.

My Steam -> Link
The Steam Group -> Link


1. Be respectful towards the member of the staff and the other players.
2. Line Infantry | Ranker is the only class allowed. Bayonet is the only weapon allowed. No shooting.
3. Tournament Format is Single Elimination. Round 1 - 2 and 3 are First to three. Round 4 and 5 are First to five. Semi Finals are First to seven. Finals and bronze match are First to 10
4. Melee speed will be in medium.
5. No delaying in combat.
6. Only enter the arena If your name has been called, not before.
7. If you break a rule, you will be warned. There will be no second warning.
8. You're requested to use your normal in-game name to sign-up. Failure to do so will result in your instant denial from the tournament, or removal if found out after being accepted.


Steam :
Nickname :
Regiment :
Did you read and accept the rules :
Steam :
Nickname :
Why would you like to become a referee :
Prior experience :

1. [17e] RebelliouS 2. [17e] MaThiEu 3. [85e] Maharbaal 4. [66th] Fatkoala 5. [85e] Fred 6. [K-KA] Frittentime 7. [66th] Lone 8. [K-KA] Fungus
9. [66th] LeBrave 10. [85e] Maximou 11. [72nd] Falk 12. [17e] Patruk 13. [15thYR] Moussolini 14. [66th] Marxeil 15. [66th] Fwuffy 16. [N/A] ExTaZz94
17. [18e] Sleepy 18. [18e] Jerrick 19. 20. [17th_JR] Archangel 21. [17th_JR] Desant 22. [59th] Krytenn 23. [15thYR] GI 24. [12pp] Max1muS
25. [3rd] ThrowUpTheX 26. [17e] SkY 27. [15thYR] Dayboul 28. [9eHuss] OuRaNos 29. [66th] Drake 30. [13te HG] ~Angel~  31. [72nd] Kinderjaeger 32. [12th] MrDixon
33. [17e] Cletus 34. [12th] Comolokko 35. [17e] Fotin 36. [66th] Madara 37. [Saints] eXt_kill 38. [85e] McPero 39. 40. [K-KA] Maia
41. [59th] Tommy 42. [66th] LesakJ 43. [66th] Pankake 44. [66th] MightyPaiN 45. [66th] Apollo 46. [66th] SharZ 47. [59th] Rexcentx 48. [66th] Thor
49. [3rd] Petl 50. [66th] Muha 51. [17e] Zappy 52. [66th] Wencosa 53. [17e] Artista 54. [18e] Jane 55. [17e] Pieter 56. [59th] CREGGEN
57. [66th] Bashful 58. [Nr8] MATT 59. [K-KA] Sleek 60. [17th_JR] MeXaHuK 61. [K-KA] Mr_T 62. [17th_JR] MrNight 63. [66th] Vlades 64. [59th] Kaide
65. [156th] Erwin 66. [K-KA] BlackBeard 67. [Nr5] alax 68. [3eVolt] Vortex 69. [K-KA] Beorning  70. [85e] Centurion 71. [15thYR] Falcon 72. [85e] ClaSh
73. [Conquistadores] Retamar  74. [15thYR] Maccle 75. [3rd] Cookie 76. [N/A] Tjiener 77. [15thYR] Shogunai 78. [66th] Hokej 79. [72nd] Destiny 80. [Conquistadores] Ayla
81. [15thYR] Alatriste  82. [45e] Syrcrim 83. [12th] Piercee 84. [17th_JR] Chackiy 85. [17th_JR] Alex123 86. [Nr5] Ilypa 87. 88. [K-KA] Chicken
89. [17e] Kore 90. [3eVolt] Godfreid 91. [17e] Ledger 92. [18e] Sanders 93. [18e] Bidbig 94. [6e] Titi 95. [K-KA] Barristan 96. [LG] ThePredurrdurr
97. [15thYR] Melsyo 98. [85e] Dren 99. [66th] Nifu 100. [18e] Jeff McBiggie 101. [85e] Gandalf 102. [15thYR] Capri Sun 103. [17e] Ismar 104. [13te HG] Blacktham
105. [66th] EreBoss 106. [12th] Golden107. [13te HG] Skorpien 108. [63e] Tallest 109. [15thYR] Doperade 110. [kk_Ins] Tigere 111. [Nr.52] Heinz_Ludwig 112. [LG] Waste
113. [18tes] Twilight 114.  [18tes] NeoMJay 115. [12th]SpicyDwarf 116. [77y] Nomad 117. [MoskovGren]Puppytron 118. [66pp] Messius 119. [2ndQF] Vetro 120.
121. 122. 123. 124. 125. 126. 127. 128.



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