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19th Mississippi Infantry Regiment
« on: March 08, 2022, 03:18:10 am »
Initially, it's one of my firsts post here. Apologies for how this'll look, but to good men aesthetics ain't all that important.

Now to business,
The war of Northern Aggression has begun, men claim to love the union and preserve it. But what of the love of your home, our nation has split in two. With this we will build a new nation, and no ones gonna take my guns.

Hereby, I declare the official mustering of the newly formed 19th Mississippi Infantry. What we may lack in experience we'll make up for in our desire to kill every Blue bastard who steps on our farms, enters our homes, and looks at our sisters. Give 'em nothing but cold steel boys!

History of the 11th Mississippi
Fighting under Colonel Christopher Mott, a veteran of the American-Mexican Wars, the unit was placed with the Army of the Potomac fighting in such battles as Sharpsburg, Manassas, Siege of Yorktown, North Virginia Campaign, Maryland Campaign, to name just a short few.

A passage about their Brigades in the Battle of Sharpsburg
'The regiment was commanded by Captain Nathaniel W. Harris, but he may have been still absent from his Second Manassas wound during the battle. It lost 6 men killed and 52 wounded.

From the War Department marker for Anderson’s Division at Antietam:

Anderson’s Division comprising the Brigades of Cumming, Wright, Pryor, Mahone, Featherstone and Armistead crossed the Potomac at Blackford’s Ford about daybreak and between 8 and 10 A. M. arrived upon this part of the field. Armistead’s Brigade was sent to the support of McLaws in the Dunkard Church Woods and the other five Brigades were disposed in the Apple Orchard and on open ground either side of it, between this and Piper’s Lane. The Division advanced in support of a part of D.H. Hill’s Division, then heavily engaged and after a stubborn contest in which portions of the Division reached this point, it was repulsed with heavy loss and fell back to Piper’s Lane and the Hagerstown Pike.'

Wish to enlist? Contact those below!

Regimental Leaders:
A Company "Storms Fury"
1stSgt Storm

Regimental Discord -
pop in request recruit or guest tags and we'll get you gentlemen started.
First class's training is yet to be decided, likely be dependent on who can do it when.

A Company / Line Infantry: "Storms Fury"
B Company / Skirmishers: Pending members with interests

Ranks of the Regiment

     Regimental Staff Officers:
O-6: Col.    Colonel
O-5: LtCol. Lieutenant Colonel
O-4: Maj.   Major

     Company Grade Officers
O-3: Capt.   Captain [Cpt]
O-2: 1stLt.   First Lieutenant [Lt]
O-1: 2ndLt.  Second Lieutenant [2Lt]

      Senior Non-Commissioned Officers
 E-10: SgtMaj.  Sergeant-Major
 E-9: 1stSgt.    First Sergeant
 E-8: PSgt.       Platoon Sergeant

     Non-Commissioned Officers
E-7: Sgt.        Sergeant
E-6: Cpl.         Corporal

E-5: LCpl.     Lance Corporal
E-4: CPvt.     Chief Private
E-3: SrPvt.    Senior Private
E-2: VetPvt.  Veteran Private
E-1: Pvt.       Private
E-0: Vol.       Volunteer


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Re: 19th Mississippi Infantry Regiment
« Reply #1 on: March 08, 2022, 03:20:16 am »
good luck
Also, I'm not friends with HiReaper, dudes a complete weirdo

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Re: 19th Mississippi Infantry Regiment
« Reply #2 on: March 08, 2022, 03:23:32 am »
Best of luck.