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14th Mississippi Light Artillery [NA] [Recruiting]
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14th Mississippi Light Artillery

About Us

Company A, Wards Battalion, was included in the list of commands particularly distinguished at the battle of Chickasaw Bayou, December, 1862. General Lee reported that a section of guns commanded by Lieut. J. A. Tarleton, of Ward's Battalion, aided effectively in thwarting the attempt of the Federal troops to throw a pontoon bridge across the lake, on the morning of the main attack, 29th. C.B. Vance's and J. H. Yates' Batteries, Maj. M. S. Ward commanding, on the Vicksburg lines, Gen. J. C. Vaughn's Brigade, April, 1863.
Company C, McLendon's Battery, with Tilghman's Brigade, Loring's Division, January, 1863. This battery of four guns, two 6-pounders, one 12-pounder howitzer, one 3-inch rifle, participated in the battle of Bakers' Creek, with Tilghman's Brigade. In taking the second line of battle one section, under Lieut. P. W. Merrin, was ordered to the rear as there was no position for it, and subsequently joined in the retreat to Vicksburg. The remainder of the battery lost several men and horses and were exposed to such a heavy fire as to render the use of their guns exceedingly hazardous. On the retreat, in which the brigade was separated from Pemberton's army, the guns were abandoned, by order of General Loring, during the first night's march, on account of the impossibility of taking them over the roads the brigade was compelled to follow, but Captain Culbertson brought off his horses, harness and men, of his section of the battery. (Report of Colonel Reynolds, commanding brigade).
Two pieces of Ward's Battalion were in action on the left of Baldwin's Brigade during the assault by Grant's army on the Vicksburg works, May 18-19. Two other pieces were sent to Baldwin, but could not be placed on account of the Federal sharpshooters. Part of the battalion was with Vaughn's Brigade and the State troops at the northernmost part of the line in June. Marker 93 on the Vicksburg lines is at the site of one piece of Battery A and one of Battery B, 12-pounder Napoleons. This place is known as the forlorn hope, the orders being to hold it at the sacrifice of every man. Lieut. W. W. Perkins, Company B, surrendered with his section at this place July 4, 1863. Marker 94 is at the site of two 12-pounder Napoleons, of Company B, commanded by Lieut. W. J. Shelton, one of which guns was later placed at 93. Marker 95 is the site of a 24-pounder siege gun, commanded by Lieutenant Perkins, until one trunnion was shot away, after which it was left loaded with canister to be used in case of assault. Marker 98 is the site of the right gun of the four 12-pounder Napoleons of Battery A, Capt. C. B. Vance. This was a temporary location, the protecting works being of cotton bales which were destroyed by the enemy's fire. Marker 100 is the site of the left gun of Battery A in this temporary location. Marker 99 is the first site of a gun of Battery A, Lieut. B. T. Matthews commanding, moved back to 105, where it was served' until the surrender. Marker 101 is the position of two 12-pounder Napoleons, commanded by Lieut. R. B. Jones during the siege. Markers 200 and 204 are the sites of two 12-pounder Napoleons commanded by Lieuts. T. H. Cunningham and D. H. Hanson, Company A, the guns being moved to this place from the north front.
After the surrender Companies A and B and part of C were in parole camp at Enterprise until exchanged. They were in the battalion of paroled men under Colonel Beltzhoover, sent to Mobile when Sherman advanced to Meridian, May [February] 24, 1864. Major Ward not on duty with battalion, only one company being equipped. June 3, 1864, paroled men in camp at Cahaba. November and December, 1864, Company C, Capt. F. W. Merrin, in district of Central Alabama, Gen. D. W. Adams.
Culbertson's Battery with Featherston's Brigade, Loring's Division, July, 1863. Lieut. D. A. Richards, with one rifled gun, took part in the engagement at Lockhart's Mills, on the Tallahatchie, October 6, 1863; at Salem, October 8, and at Collierville, Tenn., October 11, with General Chalmers' Cavalry. October 18, McLendon's Battery of two 6-pounders attached to Slemons' Brigade, Chalmers' Cavalry, Captain McLendon commanding. They were on duty with Chalmers during the Meridian campaign, February, 1864.
November 28, 1863, Smith's (Culbertson's) Battery, Capt. James T. Smith, at Clinton, 211 men, four 12-pounder Napoleons, four 12-pounder howitzers. January, 1864, with John Adams' Brigade, Loring's Division.
Company B, Capt. James H. Yates, was ordered from Mobile early in 1864 and attached to Cantey's Brigade, which arrived at Resaca, Ga., May 5, 1864. Lieut. R. B. Jones was commanding in June, Capt. James H. Yates in July, Lieut. W. J. Shelton in August, in the Atlanta campaign. The battery of four 12-pounder Napoleon guns was part of Preston's Battalion. Mentioned in reports of battle of Peachtree Creek, July 20, and battle of Ezra Church, July 28, supporting the desperate assault of Quarles' Brigade. Listed September 20, 1864, Captain Yates commanding, Trueheart's Battalion Artillery, A. P. Stewart's Corps.

Regimental Roster and Ranks


Commanding Officers (COs)
Lt. Colonel
First Lieutenant
Second Lt.

Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs)
Sergeant Major
First Sergeant
Corporal First Class
Lance Corporal

Enlisted Men/Volunteers
Private First Class


Commanding Officers (COs)

Colonel Jozef Poniatowski
Lt. Colonel Scots
Major Gavin
Lance Corporal Snappington

How to Enlist
To Enlist in the 14th Mississippi Light Artilley, add 14thMS_Col_Jozef Poniatowski on Steam.Upon Acceptance, Your tags will be 14thMS_RANK_NAME and The TS Server IP will be given to you. Please, also, Comment on this Thread to catch the attention of the Colonel.

Source of Information:

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Re: 14th Mississippi Light Artillery [NA]
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Good luck!

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