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6th Louisiana Company B/Recruiting for Members
« on: January 15, 2017, 01:03:00 am »

                                                                                                  Hey There,My name
                                                                              Wilhelm Johnson and im looking for new members
                                                                                       on my company inside the 6th Louisiana

            History of the Regiment
6th Louisiana Infantry Regiment
The 6th Louisiana Infantry Regiment enrolled 1,146 men during the Civil War. Of these, 219 were killed in battle, 104 died of disease, 5 were killed in accidents, 1 drowndedm and 1 man was executed for desertion. Over 20% of the regiment – 232 men – deserted during the war.

May 23 Organized at Camp Moore near Tangipahoa under Colonel Isaac G. Seymour, Lieutenant Colonel Louis Lay, and Major Samuel James.
June 4 Mustered 916 men into Confederate Service, two companies for twelve months and eight companies for the duration. Lieutenant Colonel Lay resigned and Joseph Hanlon was elected lieutenant colonel.
June 9 -14 Companies A,D,F,H & I moved by train for Lynchburg, Virginia under Lieutenant Colonel Lay.
June 11-16 Companies B,C,E,G & K moved by train for Lynchburg under Colonel Seymour.
June 15 -18 Moved in two sections to Manassas, Virginia.
June Went into camp at Fairfax Station and
June 20 Assigned to the Second Brigade, Army of the Potomac, under Brigadier General Richard Ewell.
June 21 Moved to Fairfax Station.
July 17 Stationed at Union Mills.
July 18 The regiment’s pickets were driven in and it was withdrawn to the army’s main position behing Bull Run, burning the railroad bridge after it crossed. The regiment’s first fatality was Sergeant Francis Demaign, who was shot by friendly fire of a Mississippi regiment.
July 21
First Battle of Manassas (Bull Run)

The regiment was ordered to advance across Bull Run and then was to withdraw, taking no other part in the fighting.

July 23 Moved to Sangster’s Crossroads
July 25 Assigned to the Eighth Brigade, First Corps, Army of the Potomac. Colonel I.G. Seymour took command of the brigade as senior colonel.
July 28 Moved to Camp Bienville at Centreville.
September The regiment was brigaded under Brigadier General William H.T. Walker with the 7th, 8th and 9th Louisiana Infantry Regiments and Wheat’s Battalion and was assigned to Ewell’s Division.
October Captain Tenney of Company D was mortally wounded when his pistol discharged into his stomach as his company tried to settle a drunken revel by the men. In another incident, Private John Travers murdered Private James McCormack, and four men died of disease during the month.
October 21 General Walker was replaced as brigade commander by Harry T. Hays. He was the youngest of the four regimental colonels and the only one with no military experience but was the son of a President and brother in law to Jeffereson Davis. Walker promptly resigned.
November 22 Major James resigned. Captain George W. Christie of Company G was promoted to major.
Mid-December The brigade went into winter quarters at Camp Carondelet near Manassas.
March 8 The brigade was ordered to break camp to withdraw south of Manassas. The 6th Louisiana would be among the last of the army to leave and served as the rear guard.
May 9 In the reorganization Major Christie did not seek reelection. Captain Henry B. Strong of Company B was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel. Captain Arthur McArthur of Company C was promoted to major.
Shenandoah Valley Campaign

                                                             We are part of the Shelbys Iron Army


                     6th Louisiana Roster                                                           Event Schedule
                     _____________________                                            Tuesday - Line Battle

                                                                                                           Wednesday - Training
                         Commisioned Officers                                                 
                                                                                                           Friday - Line Battle
                                                                                                           Saturday - Line Battle
                              Colonel - Ian                                     
                                                                                     With some random events and trainings some time

                       Non Commisoned Officers
                           Staff Sergeant - Wilhelm Johnson                            Company Roster
                           Sergeant- Le Miku                                             
                                                                                                    Company A - Led by Ian
                                                                                                  Company B - Led by Wilhelm
                      _____________________                          You can choose what company to join when     
                                                                                       entering the regiment but the B one is needing
                       Lance Corporal - Nichols                                                     members                                       
                       Veteran Private - Crazy
                       Private - Corgi
                       Recruit - Huggybear
                       Recruit - GutsyO


If you are interested in joining the company/regiment add me here on steam:Wilhelm Johnson

Our ts3:

Contact of the regiment leader on steam:[SIB] Ian


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Re: 6th Louisiana Company B/Recruiting for Members
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Best of luck! :P