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The Mess Hall / Re: All-Time Leaders (NA)
« on: March 21, 2023, 03:56:17 pm »
It has been a while since this thread has been posted but i enjoy coming around to relive ssome of the moments of NW. I hold those days dear to heart

Alexander's regiments namely the 7y and 5th dominated the underground scene while they were active. They didn't really have the player base to compete with a lot of these high skilled regiments but it was mostly through Alexander's leadership and cohesion as a unit that led them to be able to compete with these regiments as well as keep dominating the "league 2" scene. Alexander managed to form a larger group with more experienced players in what would be his pinnacle in the 75th. He managed to lead his regiment to a league title which is an impressive feat no matter the time period, though it was against a practically fallen apart 18th squad. His workhorse attitude and commitment led them to that title and few can deny him that TNWL win. Unfortunately Alexander didn't find much success in NW after this as his future attempts at putting together a solid regiment failed and he was basically squashed out of the scene.

Though many had bad things to say about me, i appreciate what was said here. It may have been Mount and Blade but in our regiments we trained hard. Our players had..questionable personalities to say the least but the compromise was that we trained hard and if you didnt show up, you didnt play in league. I think thats what made us a solid opponent for some of those heavy hitting regiments. I would have done some things differently if i had the chance to go back, but i regret nothing! thank you.

lil bro came out to give a speech from the retirement home

Off Topic / Re: now the dust has settled
« on: February 09, 2023, 10:31:59 pm »
Lets see if I get in trouble on here like I did their discord.

Lets make it simple as can be.
The community that propped up the game was basically told to fuck off after the testing process. Instead of doing what they succeed at they went for a different approach. We've seen the failure of holdfast outside of the memes and the retention rate of the game is lower than most NW players IQ. Instead of focusing on the things that kept the previous game alive they seem to have thought that going down the roleplay side was better. Welllll I can tell you first hand NW wasn't kept alive because of getting to RP as some Napoleonic soldiers, and native warband wasn't kept alive for that reason either. Most people came and stuck around because of the one of a kind melee system that was easy to learn hard to master. Gave people some itch to be better than the next guy and get better at the game, as well as fostered some pretty great communities of large group competitive play.

BCoF had some pretty decent melee in the early days when I first tested the game. When I returned to it on release it was like it was running a completely new melee system that was just slightly better than holdfast. So you've lost most of your competitive players and long term players right there, noone wants to play a game where 99% comes down to RNG. It felt like your best bet was to either out range and S key and just swing, or spam as hard as you could. Most players from NW would simply laugh at it because those things were easily blockable, but with blocks only being 30/70 not even 50/50 on working those dumbass little things worked in a broken system.

Then we can get over into the side of event host, no one knew how to host a damn thing, I've went to many other games since this game fell apart and honestly they're the same way. After seeing these many large group events on different games, NW was a gold standard in how they were ran, much quicker easier etc. The event hosting and overall catastrophe of arrogance and stupidity by most groups caused a lot of excess bs that hurt the game in the long run, but that is just part of a game with no anti-cheat and people being competitive for being the best.

The era the game is placed in is a very touchy subject for most Americans and most of the world right now. When making the game it wasn't such a big issue but as time went on that issue became larger and larger. There were many things done by different games that wished to portray this era to sorta censor some of the things seen as grotesque by most normal humans. (Most people of this community are not normal) For the game to succeed it needed media attention, because so far we're 0/2 on good things, now when you start basically pulling the "Its history not hate" card you're sending yourself down a rabbit hole that usually ends with you on the losing side. Most media won't even allow you to make videos on the era for that reason, so for it to even have a chance of making any media attention it would have to have been dumbed down slightly. While you would scare away some people with that move, I think all people that really cared for the game and the community would not have given a fuck about that side as long as the game was good. (I mean fuck we played Nw and there wasn't anything of real meaning outside of colored uniforms) Now we know what Im talking about is the flag that the confederacy had used, though it was a flag in use during the period it had been taken and changed into a symbol of hate that no media wanted around them, they're a business so money comes first to them. Without media attention, any combat that interested people longer than 30 minutes, and no real good events it was doomed to fall from there unless there was a niche group similar to the later years of NW.

The final thing goes off of my last sentence there, the niche community that had played their DLC and supported them from day 1. it seems as though instead of listening to them and caring about the actions needing to be taken for that community, they were more worried about taking holdfast players, taking WoR players, and introducing people into the community. Which I understand they're a business as well that needs to make money. But when those decisions hurt their own community and loyal supporters it starts to look pretty foolish, it was sad the day they basically were like, nah we'd rather have the 3 guys from another game come help things around so they can attract more players from that game. With the decisions being made and fought by them to keep that nice 20 players around rather than expanding to a larger audience in media it was soon to fail just due to no players.

At the end of the day for a large community/group based game to succeed, you have to have a good overall community that will support it, you have to have media that can attract new players to these groups, and you have to be able to work with that community to step in the right direction. That final step you can see hasn't even been worked on as horses are more important than making the game playable.

Alright back to never using the forums again and enjoying RPing and cowboy and playing WW2 game with MG that go brrrrrrr


Had like 25 for HLL tonight, shit was wild :)

Community / Re: I am Ralph, and I am coming.
« on: June 23, 2022, 06:55:15 am »
I still fear the day ralph comes for us


It's good to be back :)


Uhhhh ohhhh stinky

did someone say shotgun

Regiments / Re: Royal Scottish Lowlanders [NA] *Recruiting*
« on: May 20, 2022, 07:00:23 pm »
uh oh stinky

I lost my voice screaming again :(

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