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Everytime I want to post something new I have to click sometimes 8 times before the message gets posted because it gives 5-7 times an error. When I want to change my avatar another error occurs every single time. I have tried to delete my cache numerous of times but it doesn't seem to help. Does anyone else have these problems or know a fix for this?

This is one of the errors I get when posting something on a thread.

Translation: An error occurred while sending this message. Your session has expired. Send your message again.

I don't personally ever have this issue but it might be worth letting us know which browser you are using and if you're on mobile or PC in-case it's specific to a device/browser.

I'm just on my Desktop using Google Chrome. I have always used Chrome and never had any problems until now.

That's the same as me so not too sure at that point I'm afraid. Probably something Vince would be able to figure out.

Hmm, I switched to Edge and somehow changing my avatar worked. I guess maybe I should do a re-install of chrome.


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