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Hi Need help with code, I am trying to put "code" into a spoiler which is in a table but it doesn't work. Any ideas?

Here is my code for the whole thread

Here is the result

Tango's Workshop
Helloooo! So I am back on FSE forums after a bit of time off and ready to do more signatures!
Here is my old thread if you want to snoop around
I try to make the signatures as soon as I get a request but it takes a bit of time to make and depends how busy I am.
I have also moved on with my programs and now used a broad range of Adobe software and have also improved my graphic design skills massively so don't expect the same stuff like my old thread unless you want that.
Request Form

Any Writing:
Extra info:
--- Code ---
[b]Any writing:[/b]
[b]Extra info:[/b]

--- End code ---


Some of my work

Black Fysh[close]
17e [close]
Dazzer [close]
Thread is WIP as I have mostly forgotten how to do tables and everything else.

I thought it was something to do with having too many /spoilers but I can't find anything, thanks in advance. I am putting the request form in a table as to he right of it I will have a list showing what I am working on and my job list etc if anyone is wondering.

Nvm fixed it.

Does anyone know if there is a "Live" BB code editor? I mean this preview button works fine, but it would be nice to see your progress actually whilst working.
Because it can be hard finding the codes sometimes after you scrolled the whole page down for example.



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You're a legend. Thank you. :)


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