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Everyone, please welcome Herishey as Senior Moderator!

Everyone, please welcome Scottish Unicorn as a new Junior Moderator!

Tardet has also stepped back from his roles on the team. Please wish him the best and extend your thanks for his help over the years. :)

It’s with huge gratitude and thanks that I step back from my role here on the forums, and hand things off to Herishey.  Herishey has been a longstanding member of the community and has done a lot of things to maintain and improve the community through his time as a member of the community, through his time as CR, and even presently as a Senior Moderator.

In many ways he (as well as some of you) have grown up and been a part of this community for quite some time.  I think we can all appreciate the growth we’ve had, in part, due to this game and to this community.  It’s with these feelings and my full confidence in Herishey’s ability to take this forum into these next seasons I hand things off.  I truly appreciate everyone’s support, and look forward to seeing what the forum becomes in the future.

Thank you all again.

Unicorn is now a Global Moderator after passing his trial period as a junior moderator, congrats.

EDIT: Also NightWing has been added as a junior moderator as well as remaining one of the German board mods.


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