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The Mess Hall / How were you recruited into the community?
« on: January 23, 2022, 12:40:23 am »
I was on a pub server when 22e Portals asked me to join a reg in 2014.
I thought regs were like super hard to get into and thought I was super lucky getting.
Little did I know they just look for  someone with a pulse lmao.
Anyways share you stories

The Mess Hall / Icelandic Servers For NAs and EUs
« on: November 30, 2021, 09:17:00 pm »
NA and EU both have sizeable communities and a lot of the top competitive NAs are from the east coast. I believe  Icelandic servers would enable both communities to actually be competitive with each other. For NAs some like yoloswag could get 50ping while others like myself could range from 60-80ping. EUs would likely get 25-50 in central and western europe. I believe both parties would benfit a lot.
Myself 80ping and less is actually really playable and I think would enable a great influx in active competitive players in Europe as well as being able to do GFs between top NAs and EUs.

So far several people have come together to help get this sorted. Biggest thing right now is funding and technical help with turning a VPS into a live server that players can connect too. Once things get going I think we will have server donations open and if you want help with setting up the server message me on steam or reply on forums.

Tell me your thoughts on Icelandic server I think it would be great fun.

If you have any website you recommend for a VPS let me know right now I have two.

It looks like by Saturday we may have the server setup. Atm Scottish Unicorn is working hard to get it done and I plan on paying for the first month to see if everyone takes a likely to it.

Ping Times
As Iceland is geographically situated in the mid-atlantic, it has shorter ping times to locations in Europe than North America. Here are a few examples of nominal ping times from Iceland:

Amsterdam: 17.8ms

Budapest: 26.0ms

Glasgow: 13.0ms

London: 18.9ms

New York: 40.6ms

Halifax: 33.7ms

The Mess Hall / Anthony's Dueling Guide
« on: October 12, 2021, 02:29:31 am »
Dueling Guide

Dueling: Think of dueling in its purest form as a game of pingpong. Player One attacks and Player Two counters, then Player One has an option to counter Player Twos counter and so on and so forth. Thus the true meta of dueling is learning how to counter counters.

This is done with primary stuns. Although during the course of a duel the enemy player will also be fainting or holding their attacks and you will be attempting to counter their holds or feints by trying to use secondary counters to punish them. You will run into players who will not want to throw attacks and will attempt to hold for prolonged periods of time and then either wait to do a secondary counter on you or simply stab into your block after much holding. Ie. Drake is a good example of a player who utilizes this method. In order to combat that you must be able to learn to constantly spam players and be prepared to primary stun whenever they attempt to secondary counter you.

My meta is broken down first into a general 3 step system.
1. Throw attack at enemies block
2. Primary stun
3. Repeat until the enemy dies.
Secondary stunts are useful and have their place, however they entertain more risk leaving you open to getting one shotted and are sometimes inconsistent due to a variety of factors that make them inferior to a primary stun.

So the next thing is within my meta there are techniques and in order to use those techniques you need to understand the details that make them work.

What options do you have when you're holding an attack on the enemy's block?
Stab their block and bait them into a primary stun. Also it tends to be the case that either the enemy is able to successfully counter you but you kill them with a primary stun, or the stabs that you will tend to throw in order to do a successful primary stun are the same kind of stabs that are extremely difficult to secondary stun in the first place. Leading them to a catch-22 where they will either die if they counter you, or they will die attempting to counter you.

What options do you have when the enemy is holding upstab and keeping range like Drake?
Throw a block up then down, attack then throw the block up again.

What options do you have when the enemy is fientspamming like extazz?
Stab right into them but make sure you are looking down far enough that your not stabbing directly into their hitbox so they can stun you. You only need a very small amount of space for the attack to make that swish noise and enable your primary stuns and fastblocks.
What options do you have when the enemy stunblocks you?

What options do you have when an enemy blockchambers you?
Instant Chamber, Forcepoke, Instant feint

What options do you have when enemy is trying to fientchamber you?
Same things mentioned above

What options do you have when the enemy is trying to regular chamber you?
Same things mentioned above

What to do when you're holding a block on the enemy?
You can go for a blockchamber with the recovery feint as a backup.
You can go for a feint chamber
However you can simply hold a block wait for them to stab then throw a stab yourself baiting a primary stun

What options are open to you after you stab a block?
Normal Fastblock
Instant Feint block
Instant Feint attack
Instant Chamber
Instant Chamber into block

What are the biggest mistakes you can make in dueling?
Stabbing against the block or throwing a long stab. Stabs should be thrown in between the arms of the enemy and as soon as you release the stab and hear the noise of the swish flick into the enemies block. This prevents you from stunning yourself for a long time that will lead to your death. It also prevents you from poking against them.

Stabbing then blocking. You should always be queuing up the next attack as soon as you release your lmb because that enables instant chambers, instant fients, and fastblocks.

Important Terminology and technical details to enable the techniques *See MindMap*

Primary Stuns: Instant Feints, Instant Chambers

Secondary Stuns: Block Chambers, Feint Chambers, Regular Chamber, Stunblock, Recovery Feint



Objectives: The Core Spirt of Dueling is based in warband's Attack and Counter Attack mechanics. One of warband's most interesting qualities is the skill involved in having a sophisticated ability to counter an attack and put on pressure leading to the death of your enemy. In the spirt of the game this tournament has created a ruleset to incentives players to take risks and go all in. Your ability to throw an attack and survive, while at the same time searching for a counter attack on your enemy is the pinnacle of skill you can reach for in Warband. 

Second is that dueling has never been a spectator sport. This is because the players in a previous ruleset seek to avoid the most exciting part of the game. KILLING AND DYING, by taking the safest and least riskiest path to victory. Spectators are often bored at the lack of action and commitment from the duelists.

Lastly, Dueling is awesome, its mano el mano two players pitting their skills together and seeing who is able without doubt to crush the other. Do your best to live up to the spirt of the game and seek to not just win in the least effort possible, but to take the hardest path, the path of utter domination of your opponent and do it with style!

 The contestants will have to fight through multiple rounds in order to make it to the finals and become victorious. Good luck and fight well! We will have 64 slots. (The date will be the 19/06/2021 at 8GMT.)


Rules: 45 second rounds, 3 blocks in a row limit (4 Blocks in a row results in a slay) After 3 blocks player must make contact with enemy
If a Judge Deems a player is stalling and purposefully avoiding stabbing the block they will call 2 warnings and after the round will go to the enemy.
If goes to draw player with more hits wins (Hits defined as regular stabs with flesh piercing sounds)
if draw with no damage done on either side both players suicide and restart


Format: Ft5(GroupStage), Ft7(Semi Finals), Ft10(Finals)
Game will be set to Medium Speed


Co-Organizers: Anthony, HiReaper



1. lonedoge
2. eastwind
3. Wolpi
4. Maskman
5. Achilles
6. Mech
7. Saxon
8. Nedim
9. Lebrun
10. Herishey
11. Twister
12. Retamar
13. Flusha
14. Snikkel
15. Blitzkrieg
16. Vegi
17. Wursti
18. liza
19. Jakob
20. Zeyden



You have to sign up on this thread with the following format: 
For Player
Community Name:
Name to be used:
Steam Link:
Do you agree to rules stated above?:

For Admin
Community Name:
Why you should be admin:
Previous Experience:
Steam Link:

Make sure to add HiReaper on Steam if you are accepted.

If you have problems signing up on the forums you can also contact me on steam and sign up that way, but that is only a last resort. My steam name is:Anthony

Thanks goes out to Scottish Unicorn for hosting the servers :D
Disclaimer: Rules Subject to Change

Duel tourneys are boring, slow, grindy, and painful to watch as a spectator.

I am one of the top North American Duelists and I have thousands of hours in the game. Yet even at a high level and extremely interested in the game, I cant even sit down and enjoy watching two players compete at the highest level in the old ruleset. I however think the players in this video should be praised at playing to the rules and getting to the top in spite of them. I know as someone who enjoys dueling the dedication, patience, and focus that is required to win in this ruleset. However like any sport like UFC rules change to make the game more engaging for spectators and to draw out different skillsets within players. Thus here are the simple ideas presented to make dueling once again more fun enjoyable and prestigious in warband.

Objectives: Making dueling Spectator friendly
Making dueling rely on aggressive fast paced spilt second mechanical ability

Rules: 30second rounds, 3 blocks in a row limit
If goes to draw player with more damage dealt wins
if draw with no damage done on either side both players suicide and restart

Right now I'm looking at finding a person to create scripts to have these ruleset automated.
Continuing to simplify ruleset and make it more effective to encourage the previously stated objectives.
Gather attention of community and streamers.

Future Concept: Make a NWWC style tourney with NWWC teams having livestream matches with proper hype go along with it. With winners of those tournaments battling it out on a finial grand stage to declare one nation victorious at creating the best duelist in Europe

Augment: Its normal for sports that involve 1 on 1 competition to change and develop rules with the interest of making it spectator friendly and also take a elite level of skill.

However in warband just like in early UFC's people would use tactics to slow down the fight to draw things out and make it defeat the point of fighting in the first place.

Example of Skeying, blocking, and holding in UFC

Example of New ruleset reducing the time of the fight and making it more entertaining and draws out skills of players more.

I am totally open to novel ideas on how to change the ruleset to achieve the goal of making it more spectator friendly and competitive for players. Let me know your thoughts and message me on fse or steam if your interested in helping me make this happen.
Atm I am looking for people interested in adming, scripting, streaming, and creating a fse thread.

Thanks! -Anthony

The Mess Hall / Fundraiser For Chantakey's family and Sister.
« on: May 07, 2021, 10:28:54 am »
Hey Guys

Chan is a really great friend of mine and his family had a tragedy recently occur.
He is hosting a duel tourney to fundraise but as a community I want us to help him out even bigger.

So far I have reached out to the Czech, Polish, French, Russian, Turkish, English, German, communities and many others. This is a tragedy however, we can make it better.
by ourselves we dont make a difference but if we come together and help out just a bit. If you can only give even 5$ we can help them hit their goal of 10k. Already NW has raised over 1k dollars.
If you cannot make a donation please share this with your friends and regiments.

Ive always seen NW as a small tight knit community. There are many gaming communities out there but none like us, we are the most dedication, awesome, community out here. Do not leave our brother behind in his time of need. Lets make this terrible situation something a bit better by helping out in whatever way we can.

Imagine the shock and surprise of his mother, sister, niece, and family members when they see random people from the internet helping them out in this way?
Please help Chan and his family out and consider making a donation!

Link to Gofundme:

The Mess Hall / Melee Myths
« on: May 05, 2021, 07:57:09 am »
Write your beliefs on common aspects of melee that you think are BS theories that dont work.

For me I think anyone who suggests that pokes are random are flatout wrong.

CHANGE MY MIND  >:( >:( >:( >:(

Suggestions & Bug Reports / Static noise playing game
« on: February 23, 2021, 04:17:16 am »

The Mess Hall / NA tournaments
« on: February 09, 2021, 08:27:53 pm »
Can we get someone to host like tounries on a rotating bias.
Ie like every 6 months 1 duel torune
every 3 months a 2v2 toruney
every month a 5v5 toruney.

Or something to look forward to do in the commuinty on a consistant biais?

The Mess Hall / Hi EU
« on: January 15, 2021, 05:29:53 am »
here is an observation for my fellow NA's and you EUs listen well.

1.EU has a larger player base
2.They do more tourneys
3.They have gf teams that allow a player to do 3-5 gfs a day
4.Europeans overall have lower ping
5.They play on medium combat speed

1.Play on fastest speed
2.Very hard to do many Gfs a day
3.Our tourneys happen randomly and we can go a long time without one


1.Dueling is 1v1 so you can practice all the time
2.As players get better they learn how to combat each other
3.NAs did a ton of dueling
4.Godfried innovated anti-stun and chamber method
5.A lot of people on NA copied Godfried
6.We spend a ton of time dueling
7.Therefore NA dueling was able to devolpe futher because you dont need a 12 people on to do a duel only 1 person

If you wanna add other points im missing go ahead
But with the data on the books we can all see this isnt a NA vs EU thing. This is a matter of overall hours put into the game along with some other details.

If you put a NA on EU he will learn to play like a EU
If you put a EU on NA he will learn to play like a NA
If he didnt have prior experience with NA

Ive learned a lot playing on EU and Ive learned a lot playing on NA. Lets share our knowledge so we all become more OP ezzzzzzzzzzz
(Or most likely flame each other in the comments  ;D)
BAM have a nice day  8)

Groupfighting Teams / Crusaders Groupfight Team
« on: December 13, 2020, 08:02:25 am »





Thread from COCO

Regiments / 55th "Westmorland" Regiment of Foot [EU] Est. 4/9/2020
« on: October 12, 2020, 04:26:01 pm »

55th Westmorland Regiment of Foot Victories

🥇| RGT |11th Regimental Group fighting Tournament - 10v10 20th June 2021

History of the Regiment

The regiment embarked for North America for service in the French and Indian War and arrived in Nova Scotia on 8 July 1757 with the objective
of taking part in the abandoned attack on the Fortress of Louisbourg. Following the death of Colonel Perry, Lord George Augustus Viscount Howe was appointed
Colonel of the regiment in September 1757. After the regiment arrived in Albany, New York in November 1757, Howe accompanied Major Robert Rogers,
commander of His Majesty's Independent Companies of Rangers on a scout, to learn the art of "bush fighting." Howe's willingness to learn from the American
rangers and his interaction with subordinates won him the respect of both colonist and British redcoat being described as the "Idol of the army." In the spring of
1758, Howe began to train and accoutre the men in the regiment more like rangers to better adapt them to warfare in America. He was killed in a skirmish the
day before the Battle of Carillon in July 1758. After Howe's death John Prideaux was appointed commander of the regiment. In an unfortunate accident Prideaux
was killed by the blast of a cohorn while walking through the entrenchments during the Battle of Fort Niagara in July 1759. The regiment, as part of General Jeffery
Amherst's army, participated in the Battle of Ticonderoga and the capture of Fort Crown Point later that month. In 1760 Colonel James Adolphus Oughton took
command of the regiment and led it up the Saint Lawrence River: the regiment witnessed the Montreal Campaign between August to September 1760. William
Gansell became the colonel of the regiment in 1762. In summer 1763, volunteers from the regiment were sent to reinforce the British post at Fort Detroit, which
was under siege from neighbouring Native Americans led by Pontiac. The British force was ambushed and badly mauled en route at the Battle of Bloody Run in
July 1763. In 1764 many surviving members of the regiment were drafted into the 17th Regiment of Foot. Anne Grant, whose father was an officer in the
55th Regiment, wrote; "they were going to become part of a regiment of no repute; whom they themselves had held in the utmost contempt when they formerly
served together."

Napoleonic & Victorian Era

In 1793 the regiment embarked for Flanders for service in the French Revolutionary Wars and saw action at the Siege of Ypres in June 1794. It then moved to the West
Indies and took part in the attack on Martinique in February 1794, on Saint Lucia in April 1794 and on Guadeloupe later that month as well as the capture of Saint Lucia
in May 1796. It also helped suppress an insurrection by Caribs on Saint Vincent in June 1796. After returning to England in 1797 the regiment landed at Ostend in 1798
for service in the Anglo-Russian invasion of Holland. It saw action at the Battle of Bergen in September 1799 and the Battle of Alkmaar in October 1799. After returning
home in 1800 the regiment was deployed to the West Indies again in 1800 and went to the aid of Britain's new-found Spanish allies during the Spanish reconquest of
Santo Domingo in July 1809. The regiment returned home in 1812 and, having been sent to Holland in 1813, took part in the Siege of Bergen op Zoom in March 1814.
The regiment sailed for the Cape of Good Hope in 1819 and saw action in the Fifth Xhosa War. It also served in the Coorg War in 1834. In 1841 the regiment was deployed
to China for service in the First Opium War. It was selected as part of the expeditionary force that moved north from Hong Kong and participated in the Battle of Amoy in
August 1841. The regiment was the first to land when British forces disembarked from boats at the Capture of Chusan in October 1841. It landed on a beach and then
assaulted an enemy strong point called Guards Hill, where it ascended under heavy fire but eventually took the hill. It then proceeded to take the heights overlooking
Tinghai and then immediately descended and placed its regimental colours on the walls of the city. After the battle, a detachment of the 55th and 18th Regiment of Foot
were left to garrison the city. On 10 October 1841 the 55th again was part of the force that engaged Qing troops at the Battle of Chinhai: the regiment was left to garrison
the city after the battle and remained there for the remainder of the year. In 1842, the regiment saw action at Chapu in May, and Chinkiang in July. It then garrisoned
Chinkiang until the Treaty of Nanking was signed. Part of the regiment remained in Hong Kong after the war. For its service during the war it was allowed the addition of a
dragon badge superscribed "China" on its regimental colour. The regiment saw active service in Turkey and Russia during the Crimean War.



Mount and blade is a series of skills that all form one overarching skill. Your ability to perform. In the regiment we train beginners to pros using
effective, but strategies. First we teach the fundamentals of blocking, chambering, blockchambering, footwork, force glancing, and holds.


Out of all the things you can learn to become the most effective player in the regiment you must have two things in mind.
Teamplay is the core and foundation of all we do. We live and die by our weakest player.



People never truly are taught warband they can only be encouraged and guided. However the path to becoming the best is laid out simply.
First master the game by practicing it in pieces rather than the whole system. Once you have joined the regiment the Leading officers will
give you suggestions on how to improve.


We have the audacious goal of becoming the best EU. We will make a fundamental mark on the community and this regiment will create
many high level players in a short period of time. If this sounds like fun, join through adding any of our CO's and NCO's on steam.


Introduction To Our Community

The 55th Regiment of foot is second to none. Our mission goals and beliefs are clear. we are to become the best regiment in the European community. Every single month we are focused on improving our ability to groupfight and utilize teamwork to create an extremely dominant advantage over our teams so that we are successful. Training and dedication to the game is an integral part of the 55th. Also we have tons of fun the people in this regiment provide plenty of laughs throughout the day.  We are very clear who we are and because of that it gives us an advantage over every single other regiment. Within the game we are serious, disciplined and deadly. Outside of the game we have fun, we laugh and we enjoy life with each other. Especially during the time of the coronavirus with everybody inside this regiment provides an compelling story to enjoy in the meantime. We do not accept players who not excited about this game. We do not accept players who are not committed on seeing this regiment grow and become the best that it can possibly be. This regiment is not for the weak minded this regiment is for people who want to be the best.

Regimental Leaders
Col. Rayleigh

LtCol. Quenouille

Lt. Anthony

Grenadier Core No.1

Commissioned Officers (COs)

LtCol. Quenouille

Non Commissioned Officers (NCOs)

LCpl. Mikey


VGren. Chuckster

Gren. Lulu

Gren. Attila

Gren. Valentin

Gren. O’Neil

Gren. TheDead

Gren. HiReaper

Kgm. Trexons

Gdm. Coco_Ayala

Gdm. Horse

Pte. CWater

Pte. Witcher

Pte. Micheal

Pte. Natsuu

Rct. Angrynerd

Rct. Ase

Centre Company No.2

Commissioned Officers (COs)

Lt. Anthony

Non Commissioned Officers (NCOs)

CSjt. Stoiki

SSjt. Cookie

SSjt. Hunteh

LCpl. Smok


Kgm. Zhao

Gdm. Godfather

Vet. Tinki

Vet. Lima

Vet. Phnx

Pfc. Blee

Pfc. Chambering

Pfc. LenoX

Pfc. Giorno

Pfe. CSS

Pte. Straw

Pte Oatmeal

Pte. Laurens

Pte. Sheun

Pte. James

Pte. Svenypoo

Pte. SavageHenri

Rct. Mixi

Rct. Rommel

Rct. Evan

Rct. Piktonss

Rct. Rey

Rct. Atlatan

Rct. Conquerer

Rct. Orhan Bay

Rct. Vexis

Rct. Azur


Centre Company No.3

Commissioned Officers (COs)

2ndLt. Desdeasr

Non Commissioned Officers (NCOs)

Sjt. Vixtro


Fus. Hifi

Fus. DonLeon

Fus. Adamek

Chsm. Cortinas

Mksm. Pinkdolphin

Mksm. Jo Yuri

Mksm. Bluedolphin


Shrp. Herr Obrit

Shrp. KnoXoPrussian

Shrp. Xispas

SRfl. SoLoDoLpHiN

SRfl. SaschaPollert

SRfl. Capitao Colhao

SRfl. Rodriguez


Rfl. Kamieltoe

Rfl. George

Rfl. Dries

Cdt. Adpad5

Cdt. Robeiler

Cdt. Tom1k

Reserve Company

Commissioned Officers (COs)

Non Commissioned Officers (NCOs)

SSjt Chris

Sjt. James


Rsv. Retamar

Rsv. Ragn4r

Rsv. Gmg

Rsv. Spooky

Rsv. Purin

Rsv. Hybrid

Rsv. Imperial


Match History

1v1 Matches

1v1 Record 34-14-41

4/15/2020 55th 2-8 45thN
4/16/2020 55th 1-9 15thYR
4/24/2020 55th 9-1 42nd
4/25/2020 55th 4-6 10th
5/07/2020 55th 1-9 45thN
5/08/2020 55th 6-4 64RegGal
5/25/2020 55th 6-4 [RG]84th
5/26/2020 55th 2-8 98e
6/06/2020 55th 2-8 92nd
6/17/2020 55th 5-5 19th
6/18/2020 55th 3-7 96y
6/22/2020 55th 3-7 2lr
6/24/2020 55th 6-4 FKG
7/10/2020 55th 7-3 3pp
7/20/2020 55th 6-4 2lr
7/24/2020 55th 1-9 96y
7/27/2020 55th 7-3 92nt
7/31/2020 55th 2-8 45thN
8/03/2020 55th 2-8 67thKGL
8/06/2020 55th 3-7 CI
8/17/2020 55th 5-5 2ndHess
8/20/2020 55th 3-7 96y
8/26/2020 55th 5-5 47th
8/27/2020 55th 4-6 Nr56
9/10/2020 55th 7-3 92ndNT
9/11/2020 55th 4-6 45thN
9/17/2020 55th 3-7 92nd
9/21/2020 55th 5-5 17pp
9/23/2020 55th 7-3 LG
9/30/2020 55th 6-4 96th
10/08/2020 55th 7-3 17pp
10/18/2020 55th 3-7 17pp (hunteh leading :D)
10/21/2020 55th 4-6 45thN
10/25/2020 55th 2-8 FKG
11/04/2020 55th 10-0 18pp
11/05/2020 55th 9-1 Cohortis
11/06/2020 55th 2-8 17pp
11/10/2020 55th 5-5 96y
11/17/2020 55th 9-1 FKG
11/20/2020 55th 10-0 25pp
11/25/2020 55th 4-6 45thN
11/27/2020 55th 5-5 17pp
12/01/2020 55th 8-2 FKG
12/02/2020 55th 6-4 18th
12/10/2020 55th 6-4 3pp
12/11/2020 55th 5-5 45thN
12/15/2020 55th 3-7 FKG
12/18/2020 55th 5-5 17pp
01/05/2021 55th 5-5 75pp
01/06/2021 55th 4-6 3pp
01/18/2021 55th 5-5 2ndTB
01/25/2021 55th 5-5 FKG
01/31/2021 55th 3-7 15thYR
02/01/2021 55th 3-7 96y
02/02/2021 55th 3-7 92nd
02/05/2021 55th 9-1 5e
02/12/2021 55th 9-1 67thKGL
02/15/2021 55th 7-3 32ndBL
02/15/2021 55th 4-6 92nd
02/19/2021 55th 5-5 45thN
02/21/2021 55th 3-7 15thYR
02/22/2021 55th 4-6 16th
02/26/2021 55th 8-2 17pp
03/03/2021 55th 3-7 15thYR
03/05/2021 55th 7-3 25th
03/06/2021 55th 6-4 7pp
03/08/2021 55th 4-6 96y
03/09/2021 55th 8-2 92ndC
03/10/2021 55th 4-6 71st
03/12/2021 55th 4-6 45thN
03/15/2021 55th 8-2 17pp
03/20/2021 55th 3-7 15thYR
03/27/2021 55th 4-6 96y
03/29/2021 55th 4-6 77y
04/06/2021 55th 9-1 7pp
04/13/2021 55th 5-5 45e
04/14/2021 55th 0-10 15thYR
04/19/2021 55th 6-4 96y
04/20/2021 55th 9-1 25pp
04/26/2021 55th 3-7 45thN
04/30/2021 55th 7-3 7pp
05/03/2021 55th 5-5 16th
05/07/2021 55th 8-2 25pp
05/09/2021 55th 3-7 45e
05/15/2021 55th 8-2 7pp
05/26/2021 55th 7-3 92nd
06/02/2021 55th 4-6 96y

GF Match

Groupfighting Record 55-0-41

4/18/2020 55th 15-8 56e
4/24/2020 55th 15-14 19th
4/25/2020 55th 15-13 56e
4/27/2020 55th 15-14 Nr13
4/28/2020 55th 1-15 92nd
4/30/2020 55th 6-15 Cazarodres
5/08/2020 55th 15-8  Elysium
5/08/2020 55th 15-14 Slavic
5/11/2020 55th 15-9 64e
5/11/2020 55th 14-15 [RG]84th
5/12/2020 55th 11-15 33rd
5/13/2020 55th 6-15 45e
5/14/2020 55th 12-15 92nd
5/28/2020 55th 14-15 2lr
5/30/2020 55th 15-6 NSS
6/08/2020 55th 15-7 2lr
6/12/2020 55th 14-15 Nr13
7/09/2020 55th 8-15 CI
7/30/2020 55th 15-10 FKG
8/05/2020 55th 13-15 FKG
8/06/2020 55th 12-15 56e
8/27/2020 55th 15-3 Nr56
9/09/2020 55th 11-15 56e
9/16/2020 55th 15-5 45thN
9/30/2020 55th 15-14 56e
10/04/2020 55th 15-14 45thN
10/07/2020 55th 15-4 CI
10/14/2020 55th 3-15 27th
10/22/2020 55th 9-15 92nd
11/01/2020 55th 15-2 CI
11/03/2020 55th 7-15 33rd
11/11/2020 55th 9-15 92nd
11/13/2020 55th 6-15 45thN
11/19/2020 55th 15-10 2lr
11/19/2020 55th 6-15 18th
11/26/2020 55th 15-14 92ndC
12/03/2020 55th 20-9 FKG
12/04/2020 55th 15-9 45thN
12/08/2020 55th 5-15 96y
12/09/2020 55th 5-15 45thN
12/15/2020 55th 15-11 FKG
12/17/2020 55th 13-15 2lr
01/03/2021 55th 15-2 91st
01/04/2021 55th 15-9 17pp
01/07/2021 55th 4-15 96y
01/10/2021 55th 4-15 18e
01/11/2021 55th 15-12 2ndTB
01/12/2021 55th 15-2 75pp
01/12/2021 55th 15-12 88th
01/15/2021 55th 15-8 2lr
01/19/2021 55th 12-15 92nd
01/20/2021 55th 15-14 18pp
01/22/2021 55th 15-3 25th
01/27/2021 55th 15-13 88th
02/03/2021 55th 15-13 88th
02/14/2021 55th 15-4 17pp
02/14/2021 55th 15-14 67thKGL
02/16/2021 55th 8-15 88th
02/23/2021 55th 9-15 45thN
02/25/2021 55th 15-2 32ndBL
02/28/2021 55th 15-3 IVe
03/01/2021 55th 9-15 71st
03/02/2021 55th 15-14 88th
03/16/2021 55th 11-15 CR
03/17/2021 55th 15-12 Nr13
03/21/2021 55th 8-15 45thN
03/22/2021 55th 9-15 92nd
03/30/2021 55th 15-11 CR
03/31/2021 55th 15-3 13e
04/01/2021 55th 6-15 71st
04/02/2021 55th 15-5 25th
04/07/2021 55th 14-15 CR
04/07/2021 55th 6-15 19th
04/08/2021 55th 15-9 17pp
04/10/2021 55th 15-11 92nd
04/11/2021 55th 15-11 17pp
04/21/2021 55th 9-15 92nd
04/22/2021 55th 15-4 88th
04/23/2021 55th 15-13 2e
04/29/2021 55th 15-6 71st
05/08/2021 55th 15-5 17pp
05/10/2021 55th 15-9 71st
05/11/2021 55th 12-15 96y
05/13/2021 55th 15-8 17pp
05/14/2021 55th 15-3 3pp
05/16/2021 55th 15-4 3pp
05/17/2021 55th 15-5 45e
05/18/2021 55th 15-9 71st
05/19/2021 55th 15-12 13e
05/20/2021 55th 10-15 92nd
05/21/2021 55th 7-15 45thN
05/25/2021 55th 15-9 88th
05/27/2021 55th 15-13 96y
05/31/2021 55th 11-15 71st
06/01/2021 55th 4-15 15thYR

RGL Match

RGL Record 4-0-5

RGL season 1, League 2

5/15/2020 55th 9-15 98e
5/23/2020 55th 15-2 10th
5/30/2020 55th 15-2 IVe
6/3/2020 55th 15-12 19th
6/10/2020 55th 7-15 33rd
6/18/2020 55th 15-6 5e
6/28/2020 55th 4-15 kk

RGL Season 2

24/10/2021 55th 0-15 15thYR
31/10/2021 55th 4-15 96y


MRGL Match

MRGL Record 2-0-3

11/15/2020 55th 2-15 15thYR
11/22/2020 55th 4-15 92nd
11/29/2020 55th 15-13 77y
12/06/2020 55th 15-4 Nr13
12/13/2020 55th 15-8 33rd

Community / Ft7's Challenge
« on: September 23, 2020, 05:03:37 pm »
Im always up for a ft7 having done much with new people recently.
If you wanna do some dueling for fun and have it be competitive too add me on steam.
Ill fight on NA, EU, AU, SA.

Here is my steam if you wanna throw down:

The Mess Hall / Make a meme about the person above mk.1
« on: September 16, 2020, 04:02:19 pm »
Post your best memes about the person above you

Make sure its lighthearted and fun, but prepared to get roasted.

Rules 1. Have fun
2. Be considerate of others
3. Dont post if you cant take a joke ;)

The Mess Hall / Did you learn a language playing NW?
« on: September 09, 2020, 01:01:22 am »
Anyone learn a language from being in a NW regiment?
See Video games are USEFUL
Take that parents

Template: For Czech I joined 56e and got to a basic 10 minute conversation level of very basic ideas. Barely A1
For french joined 45e and was a huge game changer in being able to practice and gain motivation for learning french. As well as a lot of funny conversations.

Learning Czech I also found out my love for eastern europe and slovaks as well ;).
One of my best friends "Shout out to achless" is a ceske kluci (Czech boy). And it was a awesome experience being in that group of awesome people.

Learning french was a whole different experience in the IVe. For sure a few rude people when I attempted to speak french, and I found them to be overall less enthusiastic and friendly. However, ive come to learn this is most likely because the french in general have a high respect for their language and while some are very happy you decide to learn, other can be quite harsh.
Though my boi aurde  and syrcium as well as others in the 45e and IVe were the main reason why my french is about a A2 level now.

At the moment my next adventure is off learning Russian (For school reasons) but leading a regiment ive been lucky and got myself a wonderful rusky named GongL. Leading for my first awful attempt speaking Russian, but he was very kind and supportive of my feeble attempts.

Overall who would have thought NW helped lead me to become a more openminded person, interested in a variety of cultures and languages. When I was in Highschool I barely passed my Spanish class with a D- and I thought it was impossible to pick up any ability to converse with another person in a different language.

Im curious to hear your stories of how  NW gave you the chance to learn another language and how that affected you.
 :o 8) ::) ;D ;D ;D ;D

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