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Looking for a new smartphone



My iPhone 11 actually is totally destroyed. The repair shop said it can't do anything anymore. So I am looking for a new one but other than iPhone I really don't know which brands are good. Also, I am not interested in giving more than 1000 euros on a phone anymore. Can you guys recommend me one with a good battery, and one that is very trustworthy and good build quality?


Scottish Unicorn:
Go samsung. You can get a cheaper model that's more basic but still has good functionality.

I've got a S21+ and I'm entitled to upgrade this summer but I'm gonna keep it, basically brand new and still holds a charge amazingly well.

John Price:
I never upgraded from my Samsung Note 20 Ultra, no need.

Yeah I was thinking of cancelling my contract now I'm on an S21 and just going for a sim only deal, don't feel any need to upgrade atm.

I just went to the store today and got the Samsung Galaxy S21 for like 600 euros. Thanks for the recommendations. :)


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