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Rei & Llano’s Duel Server

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Rei- “you should make a forum post”
Me- “we don’t need a forum post for a server”
Unitater- “yeah it seems kind of redundant”

Also me- makes forum post

Are you a fan of melee but want to take a break from groupfighting? Do you want to impose your melee dominance on other players without being picked by Stryker out of nowhere? Come and duel on our server for the premier 1AM melee experience!

P.S. thank you to all the big melee names who keep this all alive. You all know who you are.

Spicy new map incoming

Boy, this sure is a great server that everyone should definitely play on.

there be a admin app process?  ???


--- Quote from: WilliamWallace on May 26, 2022, 05:21:48 pm ---there be a admin app process?  ???

--- End quote ---

Not Officially, primarily up to out discretion… I’ll dm you on discord  ;D


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