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Cape Trafalgar: Naval Mod for Napoleonic Wars

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Lilja Mariasdóttir:
I suggest to not use more than 2 ships and 30 people each side (4 ships and 60 people in total).
You could try 3 ships each side, but with less cannons then, 6 cannons for example.

Great work, I checked out the mininaval server the other day and I must say that's some very well thought out code right there. I a lot neater than my attempt at a naval mod at any rate. It's a pity that there can be so few cannons at once but that's the limitations of warband I suppose.

I like the conquest mode with the moving respawn flags especially. I assume you end the match by setting the losing team to zero tickets when all the ships are sunk?

How many shots does it take to sink your ships, by the way? I wasn't able to do it when I was in the server the other day as I didn't have the time.

Lilja Mariasdóttir:
Thank you for your feedback :)
Some time after the last ship sunk, we just drown the survivors :D

The hitpoints of the ships depend on the amount of the cannons on the ships. 10 cannons survive about 20 hits and 2 cannons about 10 (the rest in between)

Oh interesting  :o


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