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Forum ranks explained & February 2016 forum changes

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Forum Rankings
You can achieve the ranks below by spending a specific amount of time actively browsing or posting on our forum. Please do note that leaving the browser window open will not increment the time spent and therefore won't help you with achieving a higher rank. We have decided to refrain from using a post count based ranking system to encourage you to post only when it matters and therefore reduce the number of off-topic posts.

       Ranks Based on Time                 Insignia     Rank     Time     Volunteer     0 Hours     Private     5 Hours     Corporal     20 Hours     Sergeant     30 Hours     First Sergeant     50 Hours     Sergeant Major     70 Hours     Second Lieutenant     100 Hours     First Lieutenant     200 Hours     Captain     400 Hours     Major     500 Hours     Lieutenant Colonel     700 Hours     Colonel     1000 Hours     Brigadier General     1500 Hours     Major General     2000 Hours     Lieutenant General     3000 Hours     General     5000 Hours     Commander in Chief     10000 Hours     President     26300 Hours

February Forum Changes
Hello everyone,
as you may have already noticed, we did some changes to the Forums.
These include some requested features, such as Soundcloud functionality and draft saving, as well as various changes to make it easier to distinguish forum staff from regular users and a couple of other improvements. Full changelog below.

Please use this thread in the future to suggest features that you would like to see added/removed.


* Removed “Groups based on time spent online” from users other than regular users.
* Added colours based on membergroups when posting.
* Added colours based on membergroups to “Last post by”
* Added colours to username based on group to basically everything
* Added new colours to all membergroups. Except like only one. But yes.
* Added a slightly more detailed profile menu.
* New icon for FSE devs, staff and associates to easier distinguish them from regular users
* Signatures can now be previewed when editing them in the “Profile” field.
* The “Profile” field now displays ALL of the users positions, i.e. membergroups.
* Added a “Topic Solved” Icon/Button to the “Technical Support” Boards. Users can now mark their Topic/Problem as solved.
* Added the ability to save/load Topics/Replies as drafts
* Added the ability to assign custom tiles.
* Removed “Awards”
* Enabled Custom Titles
* Added new Soundcloud functionality. Soundcloud Usage:

--- Code ---
[soundcloud]<song url>[/soundcloud]
[cloudset]<set url>[/cloudset]
--- End code ---

(Or use the big red button on the top left)

Member Group Colours:

* Crimson/Bright Pink/Whatever - FSE Developer
* Blue - FSE Associate (Managers, contributors and such)
* Red - Head Moderator
* Various Greens - Other Moderators
* Dark Cyan - Community Representative
* Gold/”Orange” - Donators
* Same boring colours as before - All other users

Did you have a stroke again?


--- Quote from: Furrnox on February 25, 2016, 03:29:56 am ---Did you have a stroke again?

--- End quote ---

No. Two.

I want to have my own custom color. Please senpai, anything D:

Let users create forum groups!


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