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As there was positive feedback regarding the idea of having a list of server admins available to the public, we decided to create a list that NW_Official server admins can request to be on. Only those who wanted to be listed are on here, so don't be surprised if you see other admins on. In addition, admins may at any time join under a pseudonym. They are in no way obligated to reveal any name(s) they play under.
Steam names have also been listed alongside those who wanted theirs to be known, so feel free to contact anyone on this list if you need an admin on, or add them pre-emptively. Again these are only listed with their permission, and may be removed at an admin's request.
There's also an indicator of the region, so as to better know when they might be online, but note that they may admin in either region's server, depending on the need.

And so, in no particular order:
29th_A_Lt_William (NA)
[2teGarde]Orcaryo (NA)
27th_A_Rgl_Killington (NA)
[2teGarde]MackCW (NA)
Viktard (NA)
29th_B_Sjt_Apollo (NA)
00th_Overlord_Thundersnow (NA)
[12th]Col_Tico (NA)
19te_Olt_Nixa30 (NA)
Nr24_Gren_Gefr_Sleek (NA)
4teSLR_Major_Walko (NA)
Loc (NA)
24th[Sgt]Getty (NA)
[2teGarde]Slick_Dick_Rick (NA)
Griffith (NA)
IXe[1erPLG]Szwol_Pickett_Pie (NA)
Stubbs (NA)
Junedragon (NA)
Allasaphore (NA)
Sandford (NA)

17th_Lt_MrTiki (EU)
17th_Cdt_Onii (EU)
17e_Cad_TheNorseman (EU)
MaHuD (EU)
The_Dane (EU)
_1stRddt_E77_Savs (EU)
MrLyle (EU)


Ah, yes! Stickied.

Nice job Tiki!

I think we should un-sticky it for a bit first.

Maybe it's just the way I forum, but I didn't notice this was here until I checker the other thread in our special area. I think a lot of people just skip by the stickied threads, especially since they're used to always seeing the same ones there. I don't know, might be a dumb idea of something that only happened to me.


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