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Video Card Display Crash on certain maps

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This problem seems to be pretty rare that i couldn't find a fix around the old forums, so i figured i would bring it up here. I normally frequent NW_Official_US_1 and in its map rotation is the map "Arabian Harbor". When i join this map (and custom map 10, and another map i cant remember the name of), near instantaneously my display driver crashes, and i am left with no other option but to power down the computer.

I'm running Windows 7 32 bit with 2 Radeon 3870's in crossfire, with an Intel Core2Duo processor. I've checked the integrity of files which turned up nothin, but haven't re installed the game itself yet, because Napoleonic Wars is the only module that has the issue. I've turned down graphic options, but they don't seem to have any effect. I've updated my drivers, but the issue remains. I have yet to force a single GPU on the game, so i will try this and come back with an update.

If anymore details are required i would be happy to find them for you. Since the issue only causes the crash of the display driver and not a fullblown bsod, i'm unable to provide a proper crash dump of any of these occasions.

Any overclocking?

I've also had alot of issues with crashing and system RAM Bios settingswhile in crossfire(exclusively crossfire, not without).

Althoug definitely don't touch your bios unless you know what you are doing.

Forcing a single GPU seems to have worked for me, at least for Arabian harbor. To answer your question i haven't done any overclocking. Thanks for the suggestion though :D

i has the problem with the fail graphics too a few time ago it was because my old pc was not good enough for the game
can it be that yu computer is not good enough when yes you cant do anything ( i think ) maybe direct x7

I had a similair problem at some point too. Though it seemed like it fixed it self (dunno how though...)


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